9 Sep 2010

Myths and Legends Inspiration Pt. 2

I thought I'd provide some more inspiration for my Myths and Legends Contest on Youtube and this time provide a few more unique suggestions as to characters or stories you can draw ideas from. You don't have to recreate entire pictures, remember you can take elements from any inspiration to come up with a unique makeup design.

First Nations Masks The myths and legends of the First Nations people in North America can be a rich and endless source of inspiration! Not only are the masks colorful and intricate, but they each hold wonderful mythical stories behind them.

Hindu Mythology Hinduism is a religion rife with mythological gods and deities that are not only colorful but also a great source of inspiration. Some more well-known Hindu gods and godesses are Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, Shakti, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Kali and Rama.

Egyptian Mythology The Egyptians believed that the phenomena of nature were divine forces in themselves. These deified forces included inanimate elements such as air, animal characteristics such as the ferocity of lions, or abstract forces like the authority of kingship. The Egyptians thus believed in a multitude of gods, which were involved in all aspects of nature and human society. Many gods in Egyptian mythology represent a different force - for example: Amon is associated with wind, Hathor is the goddess of love, dance and alcohol, Horus has the shape of a falcon with the sun and moon as his eyes, Nut was the mother of the sun, moon and heavenly bodies, Osiris is the king of the dead in the netherworld. The possibilities are endless!

Chinese Mythology Historians have conjectured that the Chinese mythology began in the 12th century B.C. The myths and legends were passed down in oral form for over a thousand years. Some myths survive in theatrical or literary formats, as plays or novels.

Nu Kua (Creation Goddess)

Chang Er (Mood Goddess)

Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy)


  1. I Think I will do something egypcian :D

  2. Amber3:18 pm

    I have an awesome idea! I'm so excited to try it out. I just got a you tube account and subscribed yesterday!

  3. thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. I really love your contest :) I would love to join.I need to learn to make up.Is it ok if not very good in make up?I just love mythology and ancient designs like this.

  5. Sybil8:53 pm

    celtics mythology

  6. Hey great contest!
    I might participate... I'm still ashamed you know... I don't even have what it takes...
    Anyway great contest!

  7. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Great contest...trying to get my sister to enter.

    I know it's a bit early, but are you planning to do any Halloween looks this year? If so, have you thought about doing an interpretation of the Black Swan (new movie - not yet released - starring Natalie Portman)?

    Love all your looks by the way. Take care!

  8. Legend of Er Chang is a MOON goddess!!

  9. as soon as I saw the video I thought of my First Nations culture! I cant wait to enter!

  10. diana8:53 pm

    hi! can I made a look for this contest inspired by fairyes? they are part of the legends in the past too...

  11. crystalz10:53 am

    help?? lol so i made a facebook account to enter ur contest but i have no idea how this works?? can u tell me what to do and i would love to enter your contest =D i love all your videos and discovered them a couple months ago when i was lookin for a cute mohawk look,,anyways soo off topic i need help.. please let me know what to do <3 Crystal Z. youtube name:dc3808

  12. Love the nature of this contest!!!Thanks a lot for your videos, i personally learn so much from you!!!