21 Sep 2009

Brazilian newspaper "O Globo" feature

Thanks to one of my followers on Twitter Christine Alves for letting me know I was featured in a Brazilian newspaper called "O Globo" today! She sent me this scan. Click for full size.

Thanks to one of my subscribers, Jenny, for the following translation on the part about me in the article:

The dynamics of the tutorials is similar. The make up artist start the video with a clean face and they show the look they´re going to make. Sometimes, one of the two eyes is already done to give an idea of what's to come. Along the next ten minutes they alternate their eyes between the mirror and the camera, while they show how to do a smokey eye, an innocent bride look or an exotic arabic make up made by the swiss-canadian from the channel MissChievous (<www.youtube.com/user/MissChievous>). The lack of topics is not a problem. The thickness of the eyebrows, the fleshy lips, the graduation, everything can become a class. Specially the requested tutorials that teach how to achieve a celebrity make up. Lauren, for example, taught how to make the Amy Winehouse look..."

Thanks so much to my readers for alerting me and helping me out with a rough translation!


  1. thats so cool. congrats!!

  2. hi. I'm portuguese so i can read this article...
    this article show some people that can teach us to use make up like some famous people (leona, Amy Whinehouse) and some styles from make up...
    This article talk too about Lauren job and how she's famous and how some people follow her and some people have a professional education about make up and other people self-teaching, some brazillian anonymous or famous (like Juliana Paes) that teach too...
    basically it's that...
    sorry my english i hope u understand so congrats and keep with your fantastic work...
    kisses and good luck!!!

  3. Hi Julia, congrats on that! I found the website of the newspaper and google translate does an ok job...however if you want to read articles you have to subscribe (free)...but here is the link to their contact form on the website http://oglobo.globo.com/servicos/faleconosco_jornal/?v=site

    in case you cannot translate this site i will send the translated pop down menu pic via email...lots of love Rebekka

  4. Congratulations!

    I am Portuguese :) The article mostly speaks about the YT phenomena, specially of Lauren Luke. Below your picture, the part that refers to you says "MissChievous shows us her step-by-step of an intricate arab makeup".

    The paragraph that mentions you starts "The dynamics of the tutorials are similar. The girls start the video without makeup on and tell us about the look they will be teaching. Sometimes, one of the eyes is already done, to give us an idea of what's to come. For the following 10 minutes, they go back and forth between looking at the camera and looking at the mirror, while they show us how to do a killer smokey eye, an innocent bridal look, or an exotic arab makeup, like the self-taught Swiss-Canadian MissChievous".

    I can translate the rest of the article if you want. Just let me know :)

  5. Thanks so much everyone!

  6. hello i'm from paraguay and i love your make up tutorials Congratulations!they are really great!

  7. Hi dear, I tried to translate the article. The first two paragraphs are here: (sorry about my english and, please, correct it):
    Lauren didn`t have many friends at school, is a single mother, used to live only with her son and her dog and sold makeup at ebay, til she began to use her webcam to show how to use the products. Two years later and some magic wands touches later she owns the biggest audience of UK Youtube, have had her videos seem by over 50 million people, write to the british newspaper The Guardian and launched, in july, the cosmetic products By Lauren Luke on Times Square`s Sephora, New York - they are avaiable on all USA stores this week. Lauren, 27 years old, still lives in the small town South Shiels, England, and proves the fairy tales can also be real on Youtube era. She also simbolizes the power of this democratic site among real women eager for tips from real people, in a friendly way. Lauren`s nickname is Panacea81 (81 is the year of her birth), and Panacea, in greek mitology, is the godess of healing. She began to post videos on 2007. Nowadays, her channel on youtube has more than 270 thousand subscribitions and Lauren keeps her own website www.bylarenluke.com. She`s not alone anymore at this kind of job: "do it yourself" makeup tutorials on Youtube pop with teachers with several ages, kinds and levels of knowledge - some (like Lauren) are self-taught; other are professionals like Kandee Johnson and Makeup Geek.

  8. The third paragraph (the one that mentions you) was already translated...

  9. Wow congratulations! <3

  10. Bravo Julia, you really deserve it !

  11. haha you should've seen my face the moment I read this post! I mean, at first glance, I caught the word 'espelho', and was like... portuguese? wow!
    that's awesome. congrats!

    ps. yeah, i'm brazilian xD

  12. O Globo is a huge newspaper! Congratulations, I think that so many brazilian girls will visit your blog...

  13. Cool!
    I was going to translate the entire thing for you tonight but I see it has already been done.

  14. Hey Julia, this is cool!
    I was going to translate the whole article for you tonight when I got home from work but I see that it is has already been done.
    Congrats again, as mentioned before O Globo is a major paper, it's like The Province here at home.
    Love, "jenix".

  15. owh my god! this is my country! and I didn't read this newspaper today, just when i needed so much xD I feel so glad to see how you are known all over the world!
    and I was thinkin that i could be the only one brazillian here xD
    sorry for my simple english, but I follow this blog,and i couldn't have left to say how I like you style, your ideas, your make up!
    to me this place means more than a personal blog, but a profissional stuff, and u know that!

    luv u *:

  16. Anonymous12:06 am

    nice!!!! I'm from Puerto Rico and love your videos I also learn some tricks with it
    congrats u deserved it!!!

  17. You really deserve, Julia!! That's the biggest newspaper here in Brazil!! We girls here that are into makeup stuff love all your videos and tips about makeup looks and products...so thank you sooo much for sharing all your knowledge with us! You should now find the time to come visit us in Brazil hehe :)
    Take care!

  18. Thanks for the translation help!

  19. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Congratulations Julia!
    Kisses from Spain :)

  20. Anonymous8:40 am

    Julia this is a bery well known newspaper here in Brazil! I suppose it had reached a lot of people that like us love make up and beauty! Congrats and keep it up so that we can be very delighted with your work! :)

  21. Hello Julia!
    I'm from Brazil and I was sending you the article when I saw this post.
    I'd like to say that here in Brazil there are many people who loves your videos and tutorials!
    God Job girls!
    Kiss anda Congratulations!

  22. Anonymous6:39 pm

    I love your stuff you are so good at doing make up and a i am from Sao Paulo Brasil and i love to watch your videos

  23. hi Julia,
    I am Fernanda from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    I found out your videos on youtube even before this article in newspaper O Globo. i´ve already recommended your blog to many people. my fav look is the pink arab eye.
    keep up the excellent work and maybe i meet you one day in Switzerland (i am often in europe, especially germany,holland and switzerland).

    viel glück (ja, ich kann auch deutsch ;))


    ps:probiere mal auch die brasilianische Make-up Marken Contém 1g (www.contem1g.com.br) und Boticario(www.oboticario.com.br)

  24. oops i posted the wrong facebook url above
    oops ich habe die falsche facebook Webseite oben geschrieben


  25. You doing the best job!!!:)
    Hello from Texas,and Ukraine also :))