3 Dec 2009

All my bags are packed...

Tomorrow I'm finally flying to Vancouver - yipee! While I'm not looking forward to a 10 hour flight plus stop-over in Amsterdam, I did finally manage to finish up the bulk of my packing. I am thankfully under the baggage weight limit, and I've pared down my makeup kit as well.

I present to you my "desert island" makeup bag!

Revlon Colorstay foundation (in Eucerin pump bottle)
MAC Blot powder
Barry M Blusher in Pink Orchid
La Femme Glow on Rouge in Nectar Peach
Barry M Natural Dazzle bronzer
Illamasqua brow powder
MAC quad with 5 shadows: Carbon, Dazzlelight, All That Glitters, Blue Flame, Satin Taupe
Urban Decay primer potion
Margaret Astor brow gel
Ben Nye Concealer wheel
Lipsticks: Nars Scarlet Empress, MAC Hue, MAC Red, Barry B Palest Lavender
MAC Underage lipglass
Nailpolish: Barry M Baby Blue, China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Manhattan 35W
Essence black eyeliner
generic navy blue gel eyeliner
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Lipliner in Red Enriched, Velvetella
Max Factor kohl liner in Natural Glaze
L'Oreal Voluminous mascara
Mabelline The Colossal waterproof mascara


generic stippling brush (ebay)
Hakuhodo blush
MAC 217, 229, 192, 187 (not pictured)
Afterglow angle liner
generic fluffy brush (ebay)
Stila Nr. 5

I haven't packed my other toiletries yet but I'm going to be keeping those to a bare minimum and just buying the rest in Canada like shampoo, shower gel, etc.

Now I'm off to pack the rest of my things and then hopefully get an early night's sleep!



  1. have a safe trip Julia! enjoy the time with your family and happy holidays to you and yours!

  2. Anonymous8:53 pm

    :D You will be fine!!!! Enjoy your Flight :D

  3. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Wow!! You know how to pack a makeup bag. ;-)
    Good luck with your flight and have fun!!!

  4. Have a very safe trip and enjoy yourself with the family. Have a great Holiday!

  5. Fais bon voyage!

  6. Have a safe trip and can't wait to see you at the meet and greet here in Vancouver.

  7. Hey! Tá sabendo do Sorteio lá do blog?
    Paleta de sombras da Catharine Hill!

    Beijos! ;*

  8. Man, and I always feel overloaded if I pack four eyeshadows instead of three!

  9. Brenda NL9:57 pm

    Have a great time Julia, and when u stop in Amsterdam wave to me hahahaha....

  10. Am I right to guess that these are your favourite products, then?

    OR are you bringing those you're not too afraid will break? ;)

  11. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Have loads of fun be safe and happy holidays my dear :)

  12. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Have a safe flight julia and i can't wait to be updated on your trip and any new learnings

  13. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Have a safe trip and Happy Holidays! -Crystal, USA

  14. These aren't necessarily my all time fav products, just ones that will work together well :)

  15. Good Luck!!! Have fun girl!!

  16. Tanisha10:59 pm

    Looks like u have everything u need. Neutral makeup to go with any outfit. Enjoy yourself and Happy Holidays to u and ur family.

  17. Anonymous11:05 pm

    bon voyage et profite de tes vacance au canada j'aurai aimé etre las bas pour te rencontrer mais ca ne serait pas possible je vis trop loin mais cela est compensé par tes video tu y parait si vivante et si accueillante a la fois ,bon voyage my favourite make-up artist

  18. Golly! You've done well with that makeup bag AND you've managed to cram in two decent sized polishes! I applaud you! :)

    Travel safe, be well and have an awesome trip!

  19. hhaha! you mentioned the UDPP twice :)
    the entire package seems very useful, have fun! i love your videos!

  20. How do you like the generic stippling brush from ebay? I was thinking of buying one a while ago but never got round to it

  21. Have a safe and happy trip and Holiday!! Looking forward to your videos I hope you'll be filming on your travels. :) Have a merry Christmas with your family and a happy new year too! :)

    I can feel your excitement! ;D

  22. "desert island" makeup bag, *lol*
    how did you manage to get 5 shadows into a quad?
    have a safe trip and enjoy your hometown!
    best wishes, blusherine

  23. Have a very nice trip Julia !

  24. Oooh have a safe flight! Enjoy Amsterdamage- even if it's only a short stop-over ;)

  25. Have save flight and enjoy your time
    you are so creative , lovely and a sweet heart makeup love

  26. Nice. Have a safe trip. Is your boyfriend going with you?

  27. Leykada7:37 pm

    have fun!!!

  28. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Wish u have a grate time with your family.

  29. I love you Misschevious, Please come to USA, Pennsylvania!!!

  30. Susanne10:36 am

    Enjoy your trip!! And have a great time.