18 Aug 2010

Rockabilly Pin-Up Makeup

This look was inspired by the 1950s vintage pin-up style, Rockabilly, and Dita Von Teese. I wanted to do a new spin on the classic pin-up look, by paring down the look a little bit and making it more simple to wear for everyday if that is your style. I also needed an excuse to wear MAC Lady Danger lipstick, a new surprising favorite. Who knew that an orange-toned tomato red color would actually suit me? It's a nice change from the blue based red lipsticks I would normally go for.

Lancome Teint Idole foundation, MAC Studio Finish concealer

MAC Stereo Rose MSF, Bobbi Brown Clementine blush

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, MAC eyeshadows in Solar White, Malt, Soft Brown and Vanilla, MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, Max Factor Natural Glaze eye kohl, Maybelline The Colossal mascara

MAC Redd lipliner, MAC Lady Danger lipstick

Link to the Video Tutorial


  1. I love it Julia! you are so amezingly talented!
    you are the best down-to-earth person ever!
    I realy like your attitude instead of the most american bubbly *chicks*

    lots of love from Belgium :)

  2. Just gorgeous!!

    And the Stereo Rose is so beautiful... but sold out everywhere... what a pity!!!

  3. I adore this look on you and just all the time! Definitely my favourite make up look. Great job, as always!


  4. Anonymous12:43 am

    Oh Julia,
    You are the best ever!!
    No one else does tutorials like you do. Not trying to flatter but this is the truth.
    Perfect lighting,no noise in the background, very well organised. All these things make such a difference.

    I have looked at your videos many many times and they have a great degree of quality.
    My makeup applying skills have improved and you know why?... because of the mighty Julia.. ..
    Thanks a million!!!

    Cheers :)

  5. I'm glad to see someone using the Solarwhite eyeshadow, it is my favorite....and this is the kind of look that I go for so thank you very much. It's just a shame it was a limited edition eyeshadow.

  6. Anonymous6:21 am

    Beautiful. MAC Lady Danger is on my wish list. Now, I want it more....

  7. Das sieht super aus! Hast du die Haare gefärbt? Ich glaube schon, oder! Sieht toll aus!

  8. Hi Julia,
    You look amazing !!!!
    Greatful :-)

  9. you look amazing! :)

  10. oh! i love pin ups!

    and this look makes you look soooooo beautiful! you should wear it everyday.

    kisses from brasil

  11. Ida Pie5:55 pm

    Good excuse - haha. And nice look.

  12. you look really beautiful wearing this. you should do it everyday :]

  13. rosesilence7:09 pm

    I just LOVE it.
    Lady Danger is definitely going to be my next B2M :)
    You look gourgeus!!!!
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  14. Anonymous12:53 am

    Beautiful look !

    May I just ask what shade of foundation you used ? Because I'm really fair, as you, and looking for a good pale foundation shade.

    Oh, and which number is the thin painting brush you used for the liner. Every brushes I tried for liner were to thick.

    Thanks for your videos and keep doing some ;)

  15. Hello Julia! I really like your tutorials and the whole blog! Thanks for sharing your talent!

  16. E-purit6:25 pm

    Very nice look and very good tutorial. Can you please write what you have on your nails in this tutorial. Thanks!!!

  17. Beauutifulllll neckless1

  18. This is in reaction to one of the tweets tou wrote but since you don't follow me you wouldn't be able to read this, So I'm writing it here. About people that get you down because they expect you to be perfect...
    I'm so sorry those people get you down. I hope you also see that you have soooo many fans. And for good reason! 'Cause you rock, your looks are fantastic and you seem like a very sweet person to me. Please don't let the dumb, jealous and ignorant get to you. They are NOT worth it.

  19. marie5:31 pm

    I love your tutorial, very creative!

    I am getting married in late September. My dress is a glamour dark red, I would like to do a makeup similar to this one. What colour for the lip should I wear? Same as the dress? I thinks it might be too dark. I am not a lipstick nor a lipgloss person.

    Thanking you in advance for any help.

  20. Thanks to this tutorial, I went out and bought Lady Danger today. It's super pigmented but strangely wearable - thanks for the tip!

  21. I love all your work....you are so talented like no one else in this world...!

  22. Thank you for everything you do. I love every make up tutorial you do, this one makes your skin absolutely gorgeaous!

  23. I love this look. Thank you very much for showing your looks. Thank you very much, keep it up ;-)

  24. Anonymous6:43 am

    hi from mexico julia, u are talented, i learn a lot with yours tutorials, so you are really beatifull person inside and outside. have a nice day, i have a request, you have a smokie video who is not in english and i have to figure out what u r saying, but, its my favorite makeup tutorial. best regards, cicel

  25. Anonymous6:50 am

    Hi Julia, just looking around for halloween ideas and found you on Youtube. Sooo happy I did because I love the pin-up look and have been trying on my own, but am make-up brain-dead.

    PLUS your skin tone is fair like mine and the green eyes as well, it's hard to figure out how to accent them.

    Beautiful, keep up the good work!!

  26. Anonymous3:30 am

    Julia ! I was wondering if that MAX FACTOR pencil was a good substitute for the MAC chromagraphic pencil nc15/nw 20. Thanks ! (or anyone knows besides Julia)

  27. Anonymous7:24 am

    Awesome! I always wanted to try this look :)

  28. Love the tutorial video Julia!

  29. I absolutely adore this look and you make it look so acheivable and wearable. I'll be wearing this for my vow renewal in Las Vegas soon.
    One thing, the MAC blush and a couple of the shadow shades are no longer available, would you be able to recommend any alternatives?

  30. Anonymous10:58 pm

    I'm going to try this look! love it!