6 Oct 2010

Good vs. Evil: Angel Halloween Look

Josh (Petrilude) and I wanted to do a video collaboration for Halloween and we decided to go for a classic good versus evil theme. What could be more classic than an Angel and a Devil? This would be a great look for a couple for Halloween if you want to do a corresponding look - the man as the devil, the woman as the angel. If you want to check out Petrilude's devil look, click here.


Nars Cheer Glow foundation in Mont Blanc

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, MAC White pigment, MAC Pink Pearl pigment, Naked Cosmetics Cotton Candy pigment, MAC Bright Fuchsia pigment, generic brand cosmetic glitter, Leni Lash Nr. 302 white feather lashes, Duo glue, Max Factor mascara, Ardell Lash Tite glue, white feathers and rhinestones from the craft store, Max Factor white kohl pencil

Nars Desire blush, Illamasqua Intrigue blush

MAC Angel, Margaret Astor Pastel Pink Lipgloss

Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White


  1. Oh man, two of the most talented gurus on YouTube collaberating!

  2. Wow this look is gorgeous!
    I tried your Fallen Angel look on my daughter.

    visit my blog

    This is where the look is.

  3. WOW!! You look like a Goddess. :)

  4. Anonymous3:24 am

    Love your look and his :D Super fun.

  5. The look is very pretty, but I think there's too much going on... i really dont know to look... You're an amazing artist

  6. omg, the look is just awsome =)
    It looks so cute with alle the feathers ^^

  7. Anonymous9:51 am

    Whaou, it's very beautiful, i love it!
    How long to make this look???
    Nice job, really...

    vive les princesses, vive le mascara

  8. Love the pink and white for your good look!

  9. where is your wig from? cute!

  10. Wow !!! The two looks are fabulous !

  11. The feathers ROCK this look. I LOVE these Halloween posts and can't wait to play with this!

  12. I am soooooooo loving these!!! I am going to attempt the Angel look (I call it fairy, but there u go, d'oh), but using shades of lilacs and purples as they suit my skin tone better. Gonna get my butt to the craft store next week for rhinestones and feathers. I've got a gorgeous fairy outfit, with beautiful wings to match, that is gonna go great with this make up. I'll have to get a wig tho, cos my hair is so dark now! Love to ya xx

  13. I love this look i wanna try it out for halloween but i have had a HORRIBLE time finding eyelashes with the white feathers on them ive found every color but white.. When i went to the leni lash site it was all in a diff language...Can u plz help or at least point me n a direction to find something similar...Thanks very much..Your amazing!

  14. i wanted to do this look this year, but the lashes aren't available in the US. :( there is nothing even close.