2 Nov 2010

New Skincare Arsenal from Kiehl's

Over the past few weeks I've totally changed up my skincare routine and included some products from Kiehl's. I had been noticing my skin was undergoing some problems, I noticed severe flaky dry patches and irritation to perfumes, and I also had some break-outs around my chin.

I've been testing these products out for about 3 weeks now and I can honestly say I've seen a huge difference in how my skin looks and feels. I've always wanted to try out Kiehl's products since I'd heard so much about them and how celebrities such as Brad Pitt (among others) raved about these in magazines. Celebrity recommendations don't usually influence my judgment on whether or not to try a product, but I like the philosophy of the brand, which has been in existence since 1851. What started out as a small family apothecary business in New York has grown to be a modern enterprise, combining tried-and-true formulations containing natural ingredients, with new innovations and research in skincare. I also like that their products are animal cruelty free, and that many of their products don't contain strong perfumes, and all are paraben and mineral oil free. As someone with sensitive skin, this is something really important to me.

Especially the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado has become one of my favorite products. It looks avocado green in the pot from the natural avocado oil contained (it is free of color additives) and is perfect if you're looking for a very rich, emollient and moisturizing eye cream. As I have dry skin, this is perfect for me and I even wear this during the day, but some might prefer to use this for nighttime only. It doesn't irritate my eyes, and I can definitely see why many rave about this.

Upcoming Giveaway for Kiehl's Products!

Tomorrow I'm going to upload a video showing you some of my other skincare products from Kiehl's, plus there's going to be a huge product giveaway for Kiehl's products. This is a high-end skincare line that is definitely worth the splurge, but even better if you can win some products for free to try out. Also part of the contest will be a trip for two to Munich to an exclusive Kiehl's event!

To enter in the contest, you will have to "Like" the official fanpage for Kiehl's Germany, who is sponsoring all the prizes. Detailed information will follow in the upcoming video on my Youtube channel, the contest will be open worldwide and English information will be provided.

Like the Kiehl's Germany Facebook page to be eligible to enter tomorrow and stay tuned for my video where I'll demo many of the products and tell you my experiences with the brand.

(click "Like" beside their name)

Until then, hope you have a great Tuesday. :)


  1. Ohh I'm so jealous! :) I love Kiehl's products, especially the creamy eye treatment!

  2. Even my skin has been abit crazy lately lol i was getting flaky patches also while my tzone was still oily. i'd love to see your video on kiehl's!! can't wait!



  3. Oh wow!!! amazing! Thanks a lot Julia, cant wait for further news about the contest :)

  4. Can't wait for this! I love Kiehls and use a few of their products. Especially the Hair cream for straightening. I bought a facial serum for sun damage that i think is in that haul of yours in the picture. Would love to know how that's working for you, as i have sensitive skin as well.

  5. I'm very interested to see how these products have worked for you. I love kiehls and have been a long time user. I use the hair straightening cream a lot. I can't wait to see your video and i think i see one of my new purchases in your haul too. The serum for sun damage and correction i think. i have very sensitive skin as well so this should be helpful!

  6. Can't wait to see the video on these products, I'm ready for a change in my routine! Thanks so much for everything you do for us! =]

  7. wow~I would love to try their products~I hear it's so good:)

  8. I have heard so many good things about their Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado oil - I think this will be the next eye cream I purchase.


  10. An der Serie bin ich schon lange total interessiert. Freue mich auf dein Video :)

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    I hope you aren't angry but if you don't like this write me a comment please.
    Sorry for my english and kisses!

  12. Thanks for recommending these products!

  13. Hi,

    just for ask: what color of nails in the pic?

    Thanks a lot!.