6 May 2011

My Fitness Diary (1)

I know this is a beauty blog so if you have zero interest in weightloss and fitness, skip this entry and read another one. I was thinking of creating a second blog or Tumblr account for this but then I thought, damn it, this is my blog and I can write whatever I want! There's no need to create a million different channels and accounts just because it's a different subject.

For those of you who are still reading - HI! I thought it would be great to write journals (mostly for myself but for anyone else who cares to read along) about my weightloss journey and lifestyle change. As some of you might already know, I've totally changed my diet and fitness habits since January and have continually been losing weight. I did this with a nutritious and healthy eating plan and exercising. No diet pills, no crazy crash diets, just the good old natural way.

This past week I've decided to up the ante and start doing some strength training in addition to my cardio. The reason being is that I'm staring to plateau, meaning I'm not losing much weight anymore despite eating well, and my body just needs a change of pace.

I started pilates but honestly, I felt it was really tough on my back from doing most of the moves lying down and I just didn't feel comfortable with it and had mediocre results. So now I've moved on to a fitness DVD called P90X. It's a high intensity workout DVD that targets specific regions in your body (core, shoulders, back, legs, abs, etc.) and has extremely varied workouts, the main focus being on strength and endurance. I am absolutely loving this! Most of the movements are done standing up which is much easier on my back, and you don't need a ton of additional accessories to get started. I bought a pair of 3kg weights (6.6 lbs) and an exercise mat as I don't have carpeting at home. There's some routines that involve a chin-up bar but I'm nowhere near that strong yet.

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get through even a single routine as I'm a complete wimp when it comes to strength, but I was amazed when I did my first arms and shoulders workout on there and managed to get through the entire thing. Two days ago I did the workout for legs, and let me tell you, I am paying for it now. My muscles were extremely sore the day after, but this is normal if you're a beginner, as your muscles have to adjust to your new fitness routine. I love the fact that I can target a different area each day, so that when I'm sore the next day, I can work out another part of my body while giving the sore areas rest.

Would I recommend this DVD series to a complete beginner? Well, it is challenging; if you are extremely obese and haven't done any exercise or cardio in years, this most likely will be too tough for you. I am very new to strength training but have been doing regular cardio for 3 months, and I am able to get through the workouts, doing fewer reps and lower weights than the muscle maniac instructor of course. So I guess this is a good DVD for those who have reached a medium level fitness routine already and want to build muscle. Though I've read that some people started this completely out of shape and stuck with it, but it would probably have been too hard for me.

I've been extremely motivated lately to switch up my fitness routine, as I was starting to get bored of the elliptical machine. I'm going to try to keep this up all summer, I really cannot wait to start seeing results, though I know it won't happen overnight. It's a lot of sweat, pain and tears but I've never felt better. I need to concoct a perfect post-workout power drink that will replenish my body and muscles, as my body is screaming "FEED ME" right after. Right now I'm doing smoothies containing plain yogurt, berries, 1 banana, and some oatmeal for carbs, but I might have to look into adding some protein supplement in there as well - not quite sure where to buy that. I'm not one to chug down a bottle of Gatorade or another chemical drink.

I think this change in my fitness routine will definitely have an impact. I never thought that training just using your body weight could be so effective, but it's right up my alley. I hate gyms, I hate smelly locker rooms and unhygienic showers, so I love that I can do this whenever I want at home. I haven't tried out all the routines yet, I'm looking forward to trying out the Kenop segment next, which is based on martial arts moves.

As for the rest of my diet, I'm still eating the same as before. High on vegetables and proteins, reduced but consistent amount of whole-grain carbohydrates, and the occasional cheat meal on weekends. I don't do entire cheat days, but if I want to have the occasional sweet now and then like some ice cream on a hot day, I'll have it.

Some of my viewers voiced concern that I shouldn't become obsessed with weightloss and exercise - trust me, I'm not. I still have a life outside of all this, I meet with friends and family, go out, and don't think about every morsel of food I put in my mouth, and punish myself afterwards by over-exercising. The way I see it is that I was a lazy couch potato long enough, so now I really have to work my butt off (literally) for a few months to make that retroactive, then it's all about maintenance. I never want to slip back into my inactivity and laziness and poor eating habits again. I am liking what I see in the mirror more and more, and that is putting a bounce back in my step, and motivating me to keep going.

That's my latest update, I filmed a weightloss update video a few days ago that I'll upload onto my vlogging channel on Youtube soon enough where you'll see new progress pics and I answer some of the questions people had.

Have a great day!


  1. Wow, wish I could do the same!You are an inspiration:)

  2. OMG I am in my third week of p90x I am doing the lean routine because well i just dont want to look jacked i just want to be toned and lean and it has made such a difference in just 3 weeks lets put it this way....my waist is smaller i have some definition in my arms and legs and i dont have to lay down on my bed to button up my jeans.....AMAZING FEELING! i cant wait for the 90 day results....keep doing it julia you will feel amazing! i promise it is hard the first week i couldn't walk after doing the legs routine and the ab ripper makes me want to cry but it is so worth it!

  3. Carolina5:48 pm

    Hi ! Here is a good site you can go to if you get tired of the px90
    www.bodyrock.tv it's for everyone and for free and works youre hole body . Please check it , i know you gonna love it !!
    Hugs from Sweden

  4. I've not personally ordered from bodybuilding.com, but they carry the Optimum brand (http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/opt/whey.html) and seem to ship internationally. The Optimum protein powder comes in a ton of flavors and actually tastes pretty good for what it is. I tend to stick with vanilla though so I can mix it with whatever fruit I like.

    Your progress has been really inspiring, and you're obviously doing things correctly by avoiding fads, so I don't really get the "don't become obsessed" sentiment. It's okay to want to change how you are, it can just make some people feel insecure to witness your transformation. Keep up the good work!

  5. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Very useful post! You know, everybody chooses the way of trainings he or she likes. But 1 thing is evitable if you a creating some shape in your body - it's pain. I go for gym 3 times a week for 7 month already, but still feel pain after each trainig, as the execrcises and weighs change all the time.
    There's a good proverb: no pain - no gain.
    So, I wish you good luck in this long and painful process.

  6. Olivia6:14 pm

    Wow!! Good Job!! I have the Turbo Fire DVDs and those are good too =)

  7. Good for you! I've heard another workout series called Insanity is similar to P90X, but some people who found P90 boring after awhile really enjoyed Insanity. I'm hoping to try it this summer.
    (not at all trying to bash your choices, I've heard some really great things. Just letting you know if you ever want to try something different :))

  8. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Totall inspiriting. I'm on the same journey. Thank you for sharing!!!

  9. Congratulations for your change!! and for your strength!! If you want to replenish your body try this is all natural: infusion of licorice ( the root ), green anise, and fennel, a big spoon for each 2liters of boiled water, is natural sugered and a warm infusion is good for your body to replenish the water and minerals lost. We try it at the end of our yoga training and you will notice also in your skin and body tone!! ;) Hi from Spain

  10. My mom has been using P90X for a few months now and she loves it~

    I think it's great that you're doing things to change your inactivity habits. I know ive thought about it many many many times, and never do it lol. Good luck! Stay pumped! I know you can do it :D

  11. Very good, keep it up, you're a huge inspiration for me and many others. I think you reach your goals pretty fast with your good attitude.

  12. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting about this on your blog and YouTube - you have really inspired me to change my eating habits, which have become pretty dreadful, to be honest! I'm studying a really intense course at uni at the moment (training to become a teacher), so I've haven't been to the gym in a while and have been going to quick and filling food, which tends to be pasta, bread or rice. The past few weeks, since watching your weight-loss video, I still haven't had time to get to the gym, but I've completely changed my diet (lots of fruit and veg, a moderate amount of protein and a fraction of the carbs I had before) and I feel so much better for it! I think my jeans have got a little looser, but more importantly, I feel so much better eating a couple of carrots for a snack rather than toast and I've found that my cravings for carbs (which were getting out of control!) have almost disappeared. I never would have thought of doing this, as I don't do 'diets', but watching the videos of your approach have shown that all I need to do is make a little change. Now I feel that once my course has finished and I have more time to go to the gym and do exercise videos, I'll be ready to go, full of energy and ready to lose weight!

    Thank you.

  13. i was looking for you to post something up like this for a long time and i'm glad you're starting it...keep it coming bc i'll be reading, i love how i can learn so much from you on things besides makeup....you've inspired me to continue my diet now that i'm slowly starting to loose myself....

  14. Hi Julia! Great job! You will probably notice a difference in two weeks (or less). Not sure if you know this but strength training raises your metabolism and maintains that rate for a longer duration than cardio. That means your body continues to burn fat long after you finish working out. When I use weights I am usually starving within an hour of working out, which you seem to be experiencing. During those times try to feed your body lean protien as that's what your muscles require for repair. I avoid protien shakes because for one, they usually contain a ton of sugar and two, they can really mess with your gastrointestinal system. Egg whites, nuts and nut butters, and Greek yogurt are all good sources of protien.

    Well, keep up the good work. You're an inspiration to all of us!!

  15. You should try Insanity with Shaun T. It's amaze-balls lol

  16. The BEST dvd workout out there, Im doing doubles this is my second try, First one was the regular version and now Im doing doubles and the result so far are amazing!, is a hard workout but is good, I hate it ...But I Love it! Bring IT!

  17. Anonymous6:05 pm

    U inspire me soooooo much and it's really helpful and to know that im not the only one in the same situation !! Thank You for this xx <3

  18. hy julia you really inspired me to want to look good again and now know that i can thanks i love what you i follow you on facebook and youtube!!!

  19. Anonymous7:57 pm

    dear julia,
    thanks for your post, it is so inspiring! actually i started myself doing some exercises (at the moment i just go swimming :)), but i was in the process of changing my eating habits already.
    its so fun to cook and make up recipes, although it can be annoying if you're out of ideas. but i bought a book, "mediterranean coastal recipes", where most dishes are actually low carb.
    anyway, because you were thinking of adding proteine to your drink:
    maybe you can include soja milk or soja joghurt to get more proteines?

    thanks for your articles!


  20. Bodybuilding.com is great. I order my protein supplements from there.

    And p90x is amazing!!!! The best home workout u can ever do!!!

  21. true inspiration!

  22. I have to say I totally wish you would have started these blogs when you began heh. It's so inspirational.

    I have struggled with weight my ENTIRE life. Fast food, bad eating, to many sweets etc. It's very hard to stay on track once you go down the healthier path.

    But thanks for sharing your story!