6 Jun 2011

Summer Fashion Haul

I've filmed a video of some collective clothing hauls of the past while - I've been in dire need of some new summer clothes as my last year's duds don't fit me at all anymore. Check out the video to see what I purchased and how to combine it for cute, affordable outfits.


  1. Julia, I love everything you bought! I'm really into skirts this summer.

  2. Anonymous6:15 pm

    hy - I really like the bikni. where did you buy it? thx. romina

  3. Anonymous4:56 pm

    hey julia, everything is beautiful! what size has the blazer you bought?

  4. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Hi Julia, I’ve been following your videos for a while now, and i just had to tell you how much i love them! I see myself as being in a very similar situation to yours when it comes to weight loss journey. I too left my home to a different country and am still trying to build a new social life, making new friends etc. I too put on a bit of weight (more than you I’d say) and have a skinny clothes suit!!! The main thing we have different is the motivation and determination to change. You've been such an inspiration to me these past weeks, and i just had to tell you. you were always beautiful in my eyes, but now you are glowing! You also seem to be such a beautiful person inside ...so keep up the good work and keep smiling and inspiring us!! All the best Cristina