5 Apr 2012

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo Review

I know these new Maybelline cream eyeshadows / bases have been talked about a lot, but I just wanted to add my piece! I discovered these over Christmas when I went shopping in the States, determined to hunt them down as everyone was raving about them. Back then I picked up 2 colors: Tough as Taupe, and Pomagranate Punk. Today I finally spotted them in a Swiss drugstore, so I picked up two more: On and On Bronze and Timeless Black.

Please note that the European market names differ from North America, and I think the black one is unique to Europe at the moment since I didn't see it in the States or Canada when I was there. The black one is not the same as the Asphalt one available in North America, which is a shimmery dark grey. On and On Bronze may be the same color as the bronze colored one in North America, I'm not sure.

Top row L to R: Pomegranate Punk, Timeless Black
Bottom row L to R: On and On Bronze, Tough as Taupe

Tough as Taupe (bought in USA)

Pomegranate Punk (bought in USA)

On and On Bronze (bought in Europe)

Timeless Black (bought in Europe)

L to R: Tough as Taupe, On and On Bronze, Pomegranate Punk, Timeless Black

Here's how I would describe the colors and finish of each of these.

Tough as Taupe: True medium colored taupe, dries to a matte finish
On and On Bronze: Medium golden bronze, dries to a strong metallic finish
Pomegranate Punk: Warm auburn shade with a slightly golden shimmer, slightly metallic finish
Timeless Black: True black with blue micro pigments, dries to a matte black finish

These products can be applied with an eyeshadow brush (I prefer the MAC 217) or with your fingers. They work as stand-alone cream eyeshadows, or can be used as a base for layering powder shadows on top. They are very comparable to the MAC Paintpots. While I've heard some not-so-great things about the brightly colored ones (especially the purple one), the darker and neutral colors I have here are very pigmented, apply smoothly, don't crease and last a really long time on my eye. The color is buildable, and can be applied lightly with a brush for a wash of color, or more intensely for an opaque pay-off.

The black one is really interesting to me, as it is comparable to the limited edition MAC Greasepaint Stick in Slick Black, although the MAC product is a stick form (which can also be applied with a brush) and is slightly stronger in pigmentation and longevity. Here a quick comparison swatch.

Left: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Timeless Black
Right: MAC Greasepaint Stick in Slick Black

Overall I think these are a great drugstore product and definitely recommend them, at least the colors I own! I've heard some hit-and-miss things about the colorful ones.

Do you own any of the Maybelline Color Tattoos? Do you like them? Share in the comments!


  1. I have Too Cool (white shimmer) and I like it. I intend to buy more colors, but wow I want the black one now! I wonder if it will be appearing in the US any time soon? Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. They seem to be really cool, actually I haven't found them in Italy yet...I'd like to try the Bronze one! Thanks for this review, always useful!


  3. We don't have the Timeless Black one here in the UK. Neither do we have the 'pomegranate' one, or the orange or green ones all of which I would have bought.

    We have:

    Eternal Gold, Endless Purple, Turquoise Forever, On And On Bronze, Permanent Taupe, Immortal Charcoal and Eternal Silver. I've not seen a single store that stocks all of those, either - 6 is the most I've seen in any one store, although that one does have all 7 online.

    I bought all 6, which excludes the Eternal Silver one, and I love them

  4. Anonymous6:52 pm

    I actually work in a cosmetics section and I myself got all of the North American ones with the exception of the Fierce and Tangy [very pale and it clashes horribly] and the Bold Gold [same thing]. I had wondered if you would have the same take on the products that I did and you nailed all of my thoughts.

    I think the most frustrating thing with the Painted Purple [the one you mentioned] is that it's gorgeous in-package, but you have to work to get serious intensity. The others you MIGHT have to do two layers. The purple? I ended up trying and then using it for a base. Maybe it's just the level of pigmentation? Dunno, but it is a shame for it to be such a dud.

  5. Great Review! I have 8 out of the 10 colors but after seeing the Timeless Black...I need it! Hopefully it will be released in the US :)

  6. I bought the Taupe's one yesterday! I took it just because it reminded me the MAC Paintpot.
    I will try it and see if it works as a base, just to give a break with my U.D. Primer potion... ;)

  7. I can't wait to try these out!! Tough as Taupe is a great colour to see on the highstreet

    Claire :-)


  8. "Tough as Taupe" looks as if it would be comparable to MAC's "Bare Study" up top, but on your arm swatch it looks like a dark brown! How does the black compare to MAC's "Black track" pot liner?

  9. Anonymous7:10 pm

    I have the emerald one and love it to death. So pigmented. I can't wait until they get the black here. Great review!

  10. i want the pomegranate punk, but this color is not available in europe!! it is so unique!! i think the line is lacking some neutral colors in europe!! there's only the taupe one in italy right now, didn't see the bronze one yet!

  11. Anonymous7:39 pm

    I really wan the Black one! Its not here in the UK :( We never get anything good.

  12. I own five of the Colour Tattoos. I love all of them but Too Cool, the white one. That one has been, in my experience, useless. I would love to see Maybelline release the black one here in the states and I am hoping for a nice, neutral flesh toned one, as well. It would be nice to have a more affordable substitute for MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. :)

  13. Anonymous7:48 pm

    I have almost all of them and love them! here my review http://naturalbeauty26.blogspot.com/2012/01/review-maybelline-color-tattoo-shadow.html


  14. Anonymous9:29 pm

    That Pomegranate Punk one looks amazing, I would love to try one of these.

  15. I didn't know that the colors differed by country! I can't wait for more natural colors to come out.

  16. I love Pomegranate Punk. It is such a beautiful colour.

  17. I love Pomegranate Punk. It is such a beautiful colour.

  18. I bought the orange, purple, turquoise, and gold and I dont like any of them, they dry too fast for me to work with them and the orange is more of a creamy sherbert color than the bold color advertised on Jessica White. Looking at the black makes me wanna try that one.

  19. I bought the orange, purple, turquoise, and gold and I dont like any of them, they dry too fast for me to work with them and the orange is more of a creamy sherbert color than the bold color advertised on Jessica White. Looking at the black makes me wanna try that one.

  20. I think your bronze may be the same as the one offered in North America, called Bad to the Bronze (I'm in Canada). I love it and use it frequently (I just apply with my finger) when I'm in a rush. I have VERY crease-prone eyelids, so I wear an eyeshadow primer under it. I have the taupe too, and it creases on me by the end of the day, even with a primer, which is still much better than most shadows. I use the taupe mostly as a base. I would love to get my hands on the black... I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out for it because I'm sure they know that if they introduced it here in Canada it would sell quickly!

  21. I went and got 4 today, Target was the only place that had them all. Except for the black. Still not released in the US. Looking forward to trying them out!

  22. I have four of them and I love them! They're great!

  23. Anonymous10:28 am

    Are they available in germany?

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  25. Oh, thank you so much for this review! I was so anxious to buy them since I'd always been looking for paintpot dupes (in Switzerland). And I must say the ones I have do deliver.

    Fortunately all the shops have testers in CH so I knew what I was getting. :) I've tried and loved: the taupe, the bronze (beautiful dash and go color!) and the gold, though the last one is different. Packed on in several layers it gives me that off-the-catwalk look and I just love it, while gently applied it's the longest lasting shimmer I've ever had (needed one of those anyway.)

    I'm a bit disappointed that they don't have more mat colors, but hey, maybe if the line is successful they'll extend it like with the gel liners.

    Thanks again, Julia, great post!

  26. i have the black one and i love it :)

  27. Paphiopedilum2:15 am

    Das Rot gefällt mir nicht ganz so, das ist aber reine Geschmackssache; die anderen Farben find ich sehr, sehr, sehr schön!!! Obwohl ich sagen muß, im direkten Vergleich gefällt der Greasepaint Stick in seiner stärkeren Intensität mir dann doch noch ein wenig besser. Ich bin im Moment außerdem auch sowieso mehr von den Armani Eyes to Kill / Mabelline Infallible Lidschatten bzw. auch Chanel Illusion d' Ombre geflasht und beeindruckt, als von diesen bzgl. der Textur doch eher konventionellen Cremelidschatten. Auch wenn die natürlich auch wirklich gut sind. Und schön, wie gesagt, eben auch!

  28. I am going to buy at least one to try it and I will tell you what my review about the product is.

  29. Anonymous5:36 pm

    I went out and bought three of these yesterday after reading the reviews : too cool - white, asphalt - matte grey, and Bold gold. I was really looking forward to trying the white and the Gold. I swatched these on my hand first to see the color payoff and was happy with them, they looked good. But once applied to my lid, they just didn't sit right. The white is extremely glimmery on my lid and applied chunky, did anyone else experience this? The gold was a bit hard to apply as well. I ended up using powder shadow over them to make them wearable. I did try applying with a brush and my finger and had the same results. I have yet to try the asphalt.

  30. Anonymous9:03 am

    I just bought these over the weekend since they were on sale, and I had coupons. LOL Yes, I am a couponer and definately use them when it comes to drugstore makeup products. I can't wait to try them over the next few weeks.

  31. Hi Julia! Is the tough as taupe available in Europe? any idea?

  32. this is my holly grail ;)