2 May 2012

German TV: Deutsche Welle interview

Back in March I was interviewed for the German TV station Deutsche Welle. Their programming is seen worldwide in many countries, catering mainly to German expats abroad, and is often available on Cable TV. My father even watches it sometimes in Canada!

The interview team flew in from Berlin and came to my humble abode to film and interview me for their piece on Youtube and the success of some Youtube Partners.

Some screenshots from the segment:

I love how they call me an "Internet Millionaire" - hah, I wish! I have no idea where they got that idea from because as a Youtube Partner, I'm never allowed to talk about my Adsense earnings. Take these news reports with a grain of salt, often they are sensationalized somewhat to make them more "wow" worthy for viewers.

The segment aired on TV in March, and is available to view online on their website HERE: Click! It is in German, but it's fun to watch all the same even if you don't speak German.

They did get a few things wrong: I produce on average 2.2 videos per week (not 1) and I do still have another source of income. Oh well...

Thank you to Axel Primavesi for the interview!

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  1. Cool, Glückwunsch. Würde mal gern nen Beitrag sehen, in dem alle Angaben stimmen XD

    Ich glaube, mit den Millionen meinen viele die Klicks, kann das sein? Schließlich haben sie ja "seriöse Schätzungen" für die Einnahmen genannt und würden sich damit ja widersprechen.