9 Jan 2013

Style Steal: Hanna from Pretty Little Liars

Have you ever seen a picture of a celebrity in a TV show or magazine, and wanted to recreate the entire look from head to toe? That's exactly what I'm going to do in this project I'm starting called "Style Steal". The idea is to make a video where I show a celebrity look, and include a hair, makeup, nails, fashion and styling segment so you can recreate the entire look at home. Since most of us can't afford the designer duds that many celebrities wear, I want to show you that you can easily capture the feel of a look with affordable brands and products.

For this Style Steal I'm going to recreate the look worn by the character Hanna Marin from the TV show Pretty Little Liars. I took these picture straight from the new cast photos on the show's website.

Check out my video to recreate Hanna's edgy and chic look, from going shopping for the clothing, to makeup, hair, nails, and styling. Her hair is obviously quite different in cut and color to my own, so I improvised! I guess this is more her style when she had longer hair.

Here's a look at the makeup from the video...

Let me know whose Star Style you want me to Steal next! You can also post your picture suggestions on my Facebook Wall here.

Here's a low-down on everything I used, and what I'm wearing:

Grey T-shirt: H&M
Faux leather jacket: H&M
Black denims: H&M
Belts: H&M
Armor ring: Asos.com
Black ring: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Cuff bracelet: was a gift, don't know where it's from
Earrings: Asos.com
Shoes: Graceland by Deichmann (or Dosenbach)

Nail polish
Anny Ready To Go

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, L'Oreal Infallible Endless Pearl e/s, MUA eyeshadow palettes in Heaven and Earth, and Undressed, Margaret Astor eyeliner in Brown, Laura Geller black eyeliner, Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara, Kryolan Eye Brow Powder in Medium, Smashbox Blush in Bare, Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter in Berry Smoothie, L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Rose Elixir

Enzo Milano 1" clipless curling iron, Schwarzkopf Got2b Powderful volumizing powder, Balea Trend It Up Mattifying styling paste, L'Oreal Elnett hairspray

Is this a look that you might recreate? Where would you wear it?


  1. Anonymous10:58 pm

    you look great. love the blog and the pix. you are my fave guru on youtube!!!

  2. I wanna only ask this: did you find your faux leather jacket at H&M stores right now or is it just a piece from an old collection? :)
    Thx Julia, you're amazing and look really cool! ^^

  3. Im Grunde find ich die Idee schon nicht schlecht. Da ich persönlich mich aber eigentlich nicht für Fashion Videos interessiere, für Beauty Videos dagegen aber sehr, ist der erste Teil für mich halt schlicht mehr oder weniger irrelevant. Wobei das ja vermutlich das gerade Zeitintensive an der ganzen Geschichte ist. Es ist eben einfach eine Frage der Präferenz, und ich persönlich hab lieber reine Beautyvideos. Aber wie gesagt, ungeachtet meiner eigenen Meinung, so grundsätzlich als Idee, find ichs gut, und sofern Du Spaß dran hattest und es selber gerne wieder machen willst, wünsche ich Dir, daß es entsprechend gut ankommt!

  4. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Hello Julia! Can you tell me the style number and name of the jeans they are amazing and I want to check it out at H&M. Thank you!

  5. Not really my style, but I have a belt very similar to that one in her cast photo and I found it at Wet Seal I think!

  6. I love it and u look great and did such a good job recreating Hana's look! I love this style steal idea and can't wait to see many more!!!:)

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this entire video.. please do more :) Blair from Gossip Girl.. love her style.. and have always wondered how to steal it..

  8. nadia9:41 am

    jennifer lopez !!!!!!

  9. Love the idea of this seris and look forward to future installments. Maybe I'll come up with something..... loving the fashion of New Girl beauty Zooey Deschanel.

  10. Anonymous8:15 pm

    I really love your videos! I think it would be great to see a Serena van der Woodsen Style.. because she`s amazing!!!

  11. Awesome! I think you should do an Amy Lee look. I love her and think she's a great singer. And I think you look a lot like her!

  12. Anonymous11:50 am

    Hey Julia, it's such an awesome video! I really hope you are doing more of this kind of videos. I would like to see a Rachel Bilson look, because I think she has such a cool and wearable look! Just jeans and a cool shirt and a pretty understatement make-up. Would love it!
    Thanks for all your work you put into this new project (and of course all the others)! :)

  13. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Amazing Style Steal!!!

  14. I need that outfit! Hot! Thanks for the inspo :)

  15. love it...could u do pakistani bridal look?or atleast the makeup cz i know getting the outfit n jewellery might not b easy, but i would like to see some, i have inspirational pics from my own wedding, n i absolutely love my wedding pics

  16. I like this concept a lot!
    One look you must do is Angelina Jolie in the movie "Wanted", either the one when she meets James McAvoy at the pharmacy counter or the one when she goes with him to his flat to pick up his gun. Anyway, any look/outfit of hers in that movie would be awesome!!

  17. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Tolles Video. Kannst du beim nächsten mal ein Tutorial im Style von Blair Waldorf machen?

  18. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Can u give me the link to the shoes? I can't find them

  19. i absolutely LOVE this look! you look amazing! i really like aria's look in the picture too, it would be awesome to see how you dupe those jeans! haha


  20. Alina de Oliveira.3:08 pm

    This look is gorgeous. I definitely could wear this, it's so my style!

  21. Anonymous3:54 pm

    This look is fab! Could you do one for Holland Roden (from Teen Wolf) too?