5 Feb 2013

Smashbox Love Me Spring Collection

Today I've got a few pieces from the Smashbox Love Me Spring collection to show you, and I have to say - I love a couple of these products so much already! The collection was created in collaboration with street artist Curtis Kullig, with his signature print decorating both the packaging and the cosmetic products themselves (blush and lipstick imprint.)  I got these a few weeks ago and have had a chance to try all the products, so here are my thoughts.

Left to Right: Love Me Blush in Idolize Me, Love Me Be Legendary lipstick in Tempt Me, Love Me Paint Pen Eye Liner in Jet Black

First things: Packaging! I absolutely love it. The blush comes with a nice sized mirror, the lipstick looks sleek, and the red writing on the front is really nice.

Next, I really absolutely LOVE the blush color, I don't have anything exactly like it in my collection. It has a satin finish without any garish sparkles, and the color is a soft pink, leaning slightly coral when worn. The pigmentation is really good, and very buildable, so if you have fair skin - no worries that you will look like a clown on the first swipe. I'm really starting to love Smashbox blushes!

Here is a swatch of the blush, and the pen liner on my hand, wherein I applied several layers of the blush for a really strong pay-off for swatching purposes.

The lipstick in Tempt Me is another great product, with an absolutely perfect color payoff that I think is so nice for spring. It has medium coverage, so you can either wear it more sheer, or apply two coats for an opaque finish. I would describe it as a warm pink, that leans ever so slightly into coral. The lipstick contains shea butter so it's very moisturising and super comfortable to wear, without being too slippery that it immediately creases and feathers into fine lip lines. I really like this lipstick a lot!

The only product I don't care very much for is the eyeliner. It's quite bulky and the tip is really thick, so I feel like I'm applying my eyeliner with a jumbo Crayola marker. I prefer more the thin tips, or an art brush for an eyeliner. However, the thickness of the tip means it's also more sturdy and easier to get an even line. I also felt the color wasn't black enough, it looked more like a very dark grey on me.

Have you tried any Smashbox products? Let me know your favorites in the comments below!

Switzerland Prices:
Love Me Lipstick (26 CHF)
Love Me Blush (40 CHF)
Love Me Paint Pen Eye Liner in Jet Black (29 CHF)

Available at Marionnaud, and wherever Smashbox products are sold worldwide.

(Products were sent for review by PR.)


  1. Anonymous4:41 pm


    Love from Chile!

  2. I love this lip gloss!!!http://chiaralike.blogspot.it/

  3. What is your opinion of the staying power of this lipstick? How did it wear over time?

    Austin, TX

  4. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Hi Julia, I've just bought the Try Me box. I love the skin and eyeshadow primers particularly and the kohl pencil is super soft so it doesn't drag your eyelids (If you see what I mean). Good stuff As recommended by you. Thanks Victoria D'Arcy XX

  5. Love the lipstick! Could you do a makeup tutorial with it?:)

  6. Wow, was für ein schöner Lippenstift <3


  7. This are beautiful colors Julia, the lipstick looks great on your lips :)


  8. I got the blush and one of the palettes and I really liked the collection, especially the blush. It is my first Smashbox blush but I love the pigmentation, the color how it applies. Lovely collection

  9. The lipstick color is just so lovely and love own one.I would just like to know will it suit on a person having a whitish complexion.

  10. wow, I almost missed this in my spam, had to fix it fast...I never tried Smashbox but I sure will now. Looks lovely and my colors too, brunette green eyes, Im always seeking plumy pink and soft colors for spring..thanks for sharing.

  11. Smashbox? Is it possible to get this on china cosmetics market? I've never tried but it looks really good!

  12. The "Tempt Me" lipstick looks GORGEOUS on you!