13 Mar 2013

Tutorial: Taylor Swift Wavy Hair

Since cutting my own hair into bangs a few days ago, I've been looking for styling ideas on the Internet. One of my favorite looks is the way Taylor Swift is rocking her bangs lately. Now as a foreword, her bangs are not cut the way mine are, hers are fuller and cut a bit more bluntly than my own, and they are longer. (I hate hair in my eyes!) I do love how she combs it all into her face, and how the rest of her hair is styled into really soft, sleek, and loose waves.

This is a really modern way how to wear curls. They look natural, as if you didn't do anything and that's just how amazing your hair looks when you roll out of bed in the morning...yeah right!!!!

Products and Tools

GHD Styler
Babyliss Pro Ceramic 38mm (1.5 inch) curling iron
Tresemmé heat protecting spray
L'Oreal Elnett hairspray
Sebastian Shine Crafter wax (This stuff is so good!)
Nailpolish worn in video: Illamasqua Throb

Oh and a bonus picture in which I edited my hair color for the thumbnail just for fun. (I don't color my hair at all anymore, my current color is simply my natural hair.) So to anyone who has ever told me they would love to see me blonde: Here's why that will never happen!



  1. I LOOOOOOOOVED your new hair!

  2. Anonymous6:36 pm

    You are right, blond is not your colour. As a brunette you look amazing, thank you for inspiring videos ;-)

  3. I think you could pull off blonde, but your eyes look a deeper green as a brunette.


  4. Deine Haare sehen wirklich klasse aus, hast du super gemacht!

  5. Miranda7:42 am

    I think you look amazing as a blonde!! I think i actually like it better than the brunette!

  6. Wow! this hairstyle is so cute...i love it!good idea http://chiaralike.blogspot.it/

  7. Beautiful! You could pull off a fuller bang as well!

  8. Wahnsinn wie anders man gleich mit einer veränderten Frisur aussieht! Wunderschön! Ich bin übrigens ein absoluter Fan von deinen megagrünen Augen!

    <3 Coco


  9. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Main reason I watched this video is

    Because from Taylor's documentary her

    Hair is sort of frizzy wavy. A lot like mine. So in saying that I'm hoping that her hairstyle WILL be able to help me.