24 Aug 2013

On Spinal Injuries and Press Samples...

I've been a bad blogger. Oh well. I'm not going to make any excuses about the lack of updates here because things have been busy.

First off, a week ago I was rushed by ambulance to the ER, and subsequently hospitalised for 3 days with a spinal injury. I lost control of and had a lameness in my legs too. I don't want to go into all the gruesome details, but it was scary and extremely, utterly painful. The worst pain I've ever felt in my life - and I'm not being overly dramatic. I've never had to be rushed to the ER in the middle of the night before, so incapacitated by pain that I couldn't walk or move. The spinal area is where many of your nerves are bundled, and an injury that affects one or numerous nerves - well it ain't fun, that's for sure! Since some might wonder: no - it was not due to an injury from my workouts or fitness regimen. But I will say that morphine is one hell of a drug!!

Anyway, I am slowly on the way to recovery. I am back at home but my movement is still restricted, and there's still some pain. Sitting for long periods is uncomfortable. I'm bored out of mind, I can tell you that. Lying around watching TV or reading all day is fun for maybe 1 or 2 days, after that it becomes mind-numbing and depressing. I'm giving my body ample time to heal, because I want to avoid surgery if at all possible. I'll have to see how things develop. I currently can't film any makeup tutorials due to this either.

This also means that my #SummerFit fitness and workout series on Youtube will have to undergo a - hopefully temporary - hiatus. I was told to avoid any kind of exercise and fitness for 6 weeks! Maybe more, until I am entirely pain free. After that, I'm uncertain at this point if I will be able to do the same intensity of exercise as I did before, and I might have to look into alternative workout routines that are suitable to my injury. It's really sad, going out on my runs was such a balanced routine for me and a literal breath of fresh air, and I'm going to sorely miss kicking around the fallen leaves on my forest trails this autumn.

OK so now that's out of the way, I wanted to address something that's been bugging me. I deliberated whether or not I should even talk about this, but in the end, I think it needs to be said. It concerns my "What's in my Mailbox" video series, and some comments I've been getting, which need to addressed by me. I'll go through some of the comments and my response on them.

"You seem really ungrateful for all the things you're getting."

I don't know why some people think I am ungrateful, I thank every single company (both verbally in the video and personally by email) for all the products they send my way. How many times do I need to say thank you until I am deemed "grateful"? Do I have to speak in a fake, bubbly tone of voice, or maybe bounce off the walls? It's really a condescending assumption to make, because the truth is - I am grateful for all the things I get sent my way. I am one of the few Youtube gurus who publicly shows all the items and packages sent to me. Other gurus get press samples too, but maybe they don't feel comfortable sharing that so openly. I do it for transparency, so you can see what items I get sent, and which ones I buy myself. To me, there isn't a huge difference anyway. I hold products to the same standards, whether I purchased them myself, or whether I received them for free. Also, it's fun to film and most of my viewers love watching these videos, it's a bit like Christmas every time!

"Why would you say something negative about a product you got for free? That's so rude!"

Let's get something straight: These products are sent to me by PR in the hopes of advertising a product (for FREE no less) and getting the name out there to their target consumer audience. They are not sent to me because Company X wants Julia to have a lipstick just because they like me so much. Well, they probably like my video and the work I put out there, but they also know that there is a HUGE audience attached to my work - namely you, the viewer and reader. A big company like Illamasqua or L'Oréal or what have you, probably is not going to send out hundreds of dollars of merchandise to a Blogger or Youtuber with 50 followers. It's not worth their time or resources to do so. I'm sorry if that sounds mean or arrogant, but this is the hard truth behind online marketing and just how things work. In today's age where print media is majorly on the decline, online media and bloggers play an increasingly important role for brands. It may be as simple as sending some free products to a prominent blogger, in the hopes of being featured on a popular online platform.

I have worked extremely hard for more than five years to get to a point where companies send me their merchandise for free, because it is in their interest to do so. The brand stands a lot to gain from being featured on my channel. A recommendation from me, a link, or a rave about a product, means someone out there will probably buy that product. Established Bloggers and Youtubers have a huge influence, and our opinions matter. I have often purchased a product that another well-known blogger or Youtuber has raved about - who hasn't? This is why I am extremely careful choosing what products I recommend, because I know the influence I may have. That being said, what works for me, might not work for everyone else, of course.

Also, I want to give an honest feedback to you - my viewers and subscribers. You are my number one priority, not the brands! I honestly don't care if some company gets offended if I don't rave about their product because I didn't like it so much. My critiques are honest and thoughtful, I have never trashed a company. Our input might help that company makes changes to a product, to be more popular with consumers.

Does a Book reviewer for the NY Times get admonished for giving a book a bad review, simply because the book was sent to them for free? In what kind a screwed-up reality are we in that a Blogger is admonished for *gasp* speaking their true opinion on a product? These aren't "gifts" and "presents" sent to me, these are press samples sent for review. And that's what I'm going to do: Review them.

"Why don't you give that makeup away because you have so much? Why don't you donate it to a women's shelter?"

I think it's actually really poor form to outright demand that Bloggers and Youtubers do giveaways. You would never go up to a stranger or a friend and ask them, "Hey, why don't you get me a present?" Would you do that? I just think it's rude.

That being said, I have held numerous expensive giveaways in the past (Hakuhodo brushes, Canon cameras, Stila palettes, etc.) and I plan to do more in the future. However, as all the samples I receive are already opened and used by me, I'm not sure how I feel about doing a giveaway with what are essentially my "castaways". Also, there is the hygienic aspect to consider, as some things cannot be properly sanitised. I do give away tons of used makeup to my family, friends and colleagues, who can often dig through boxes of makeup at my house and take home whatever they like. I have never resold or made monetary profit from any of the free press samples sent to me!

About donating it to a women's shelter: It's a great idea in theory and when it was first suggested to me, I actually contacted a few shelters near my area to see if they would take it. None of them would take my cosmetics! Many of them said it was due to hygiene issues, and others said it was due to a lack of storage space for non-monetary donations. So that's the end of that.

Also, I actually enjoy testing out and using the products - I mean that's why they're sent to me in the first place. I love showing you all what new products are coming out, what is worth the money, and what isn't. If I didn't have PR sending me those samples, I would never be able to afford to show you half the things I do! For example my Halloween videos - those are some of the most expensive and time consuming videos I make. If I didn't work together with brands, I couldn't afford to make my Halloween videos and costumes as elaborately as I do.

Most successful makeup artists, and top Bloggers and Youtubers are able to get the vast majority of their products for free. We have all had to work extremely hard to be able to attain this opportunity. Many of us still spend our own money on top of that for makeup products, camera equipment, and additional materials to do our craft.

"I'm going to start a Youtube channel / Blog to get free products! Can you tell me how to do that?"

Please don't. If that is the driving force behind you starting a Blog or a makeup channel on Youtube, you are never going to enjoy the experience. Do it for the right reasons! You will have to put in hundreds and hundreds of hours, and maybe years of hard work, to reach a point where companies will contact you to send you samples. I have heard of one website called Influenster where you can sign up to get free products in exchange for an online review, that might be an option for Bloggers who are just starting out. (I personally have never used their service so I can't say how they work.) If you are already an established Blogger with a huge following, publish a business email where interested companies can contact you if they like your work. All companies that have sent me products have contacted me directly, or I have met them personally at events and business meetings. I turn down the majority of offers from companies to send me products, and only accept offers from brands that genuinely interest me, and I think might be beneficial for my audience also.

I hope that's cleared up some of these misunderstandings. If you still don't understand, then please just don't watch those videos and leave nasty comments. The majority of my viewers who watch those videos really enjoy them, and I enjoy making them, so I will continue to do so.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Hope you get well really soon!!! Love ya Julia :)

  2. I think your videos are awesome and honest. And we count on you to give your honest opinions no matter what they are. It's a shame that others comments are so rude and assuming to the point that you have to explain your actions.
    I am thinking of starting a channel for 40+ year old makeup/skin care/diy products because i feel there is a void for that age group. Is there any advice you can give about how to get your videos out there? i am totally opposed to spamming the comments sections in other gurus videos.
    you're awesome julia! i hope you get better soon. i have a chronic back injury and understand the pain. i have to take narcotics 4 times a day just to function. get your rest and get better.

    1. Theresa6:07 pm

      I think that's a great idea! I think that is something my mom might quite like (she's in her 50s). But I agree there's not a whole lot for more mature audiences. I'm 30 and sometimes I can't relate to a LOT of the gurus, because they're so young. Good luck to you! :)

  3. MizzB5:45 pm

    Hope you feel better Soon and come back even stronger! Much love xo!!

  4. Anonymous5:48 pm

    This is really good advice - Do what you love, the money will follow.

  5. Get well soon! A spinal injury is so scary!

  6. I hate when a lot of bloggers/youtubers do it for the free products. That is why there is so much ate towards gurus who do reviews of things.

    I hope you get well soon Julia! I love your summerfit videos!

    Also maybe you could do a video if you eat a special diet for your recovery! :)



  7. LOL I love your answers to all of those comments. I hope you feel better! Having a back injury is really not fun at all, I know. Make sure you do lots of physical therapy!!!!!!!

  8. Julia I really like you & your channel. You were the first YouTube makeup guru I referred to. I respect your hard work & efforts. You definitely have come a long way.

    Keep growing & best of luck xx

    Pretty Gloss ♥ beauty, makeup & a bit of life..
    bloglovin | twitter | pinterest

  9. Sorry about your spinal pain. It must suck not being able to be mobile. I loved your responses to those comments. I see those comments all the time on other YT videos and it is so frustrating because they come from people who are envious and greedy. It takes hard work to be where you're at and some people are just lazy and don't get it. Thanks for this post, well said!

  10. Yea we watch you coz we appreciate your honesty and you introduced me to some really awesome brands and makeup techniques..

    Get well soon..! ❤❥❤❥

  11. I wish you a speedy recovery Julia!
    I myself suffer from slipped disks in the lower back and it is without a doubt THE MOST PAINFUL THING in the world.
    I was in the hospital for 10 days before they figured out what was wrong, I was in a wheelchair because I couldn't walk... It was hell.

    3 years later I still suffer from aches and pains from time to time and I have had to learn to live with it - as sad as it might sound...
    I try not to let it affect my everyday life but it is hard sometimes. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. :)
    So keep strong!

  12. Sending well wishes for a speedy recovery your way!

    I also wanted to say that I discovered your youtube channels through just looking up Switzerland videos on youtube and LOVED your videos (the weekend cabin trip was the first one I watched). Since then I ventured on to your main makeup channel too and really enjoy those videos also...inspiring me to get into makeup more :) I love and appreciate your honest reviews and suggestions on products and I definitely hold your opinion on products in high regard (purchasing specific products that you hold in good regard). I appreciate the time, effort and honesty you put in your reviews and videos.
    I LOVE your "un-boxing" videos...it is like Christmas! :)
    Keep being you and thank you!


  13. Theresa6:12 pm

    Hi Julia! I'm wishing you the speediest recovery and fingers crossed for no surgery.
    I don't know how people don't understand what you do. This is your JOB. Your job is to review beauty products. When you get free things to try it's no different than people getting samples in the mail or samples at Costco to eat. The companies want you to try them, buy them and recommend them to all their friends. It's all marketing! I get frusterated when I see hateful comments concerning free stuff, they just don't get it.
    Looking forward to more videos when you're feeling better! (especially the FOOD ones lol)

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you heal soon and are able to get back into the things you love. I've been very sick within the past year, and I really, really empathize with how boring and lonely it is to have to sit around waiting to get better.

    I've always wondered why PRs don't make the effort to send the appropriate products to bloggers. If I were in your shoes, I would look at a foundation several shades too dark for me and wonder why I was sent something I couldn't review and how well a company is being run if they're sending out ineffectual press samples. And I'd probably get raked over the coals for saying so on Youtube. ; )

    1. I agree with you on the PR send outs sending out foundations that do not correspond whatsoever. I mean if it's a few shades lighter or darker, fair enough, but being sent a really dark one that is obviously meant for a different race, it does make me scratch my head. I guess that with a huge company, they are compiling a list of what to send out to all their press contacts, and they probably just grab any bottle of said foundation to put in the package without even knowing who it gets sent to. But it means that I won't be able to review the product, so I wonder why they even bothered to send it in the first place.

      With smaller companies, I often get the correct shade if I tell them ahead to send the lightest one. And yes, you are very correct with getting raked over the coals. ;)

  15. Hope you get feeling better soon... REST UP!

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  17. I hope you feel better soon.

    Just wanted to mention that I have four kids - three of them are girls between the ages of 7-11. We all watch your channel and love it. Keep up the great work! You are insanely creative and in my house, you are a very positive influence on my girls!

  18. I hope you feel better soon.

    Just wanted to mention that I have four kids - three of them are girls between the ages of 7-11. We all watch your channel and love it. Keep up the great work! You are insanely creative and in my house, you are a very positive influence on my girls!

  19. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Oh wow. Julia I wish you a speedy recovery. That sounds painful. :(

    On PR products: I deal with a nonprofit that deals with Melanoma. When a makeup company reached out to us and asked us what we needed most, it was sunscreen and they had it! Expensive stuff! But their makeup has spf in it. Renew RX is amazing on their outreach.

    I was truly thinking of my making a video on what makeup has good spf and tips to protect yourself from the sun... I'm too shy though lol

    1. As someone with pretty pale skin who is OCD about sunscreen but doesn't know a lot about it, I would definitely watch a video if you made one! :)

    2. Speaking as a super pale, high risk of Melanoma person, I would love to see a video about sun protection. If you're camera-shy, you could film your hands holding and applying the products and add a voice-over track. Just a thought...

  20. Its only bcoz of ur tutorials that I have come to know so much about make up, different brands and how to apply it in a perfect way. I have actually bought loads of cosmetics after seeing ur tutorials and I must say they all were worth the money spent. I really love seeing ur videos. Love u loads..

  21. Ohje, wo ist denn dein schönes Design hin? :(

  22. Hey there Julia I hope you are feeling better! The worst pain is back pain! I love your work and your attitude!! I was hoping you would review a product for me! I am an It Works Distributor and would love to send you some of our amazing wraps to review!
    Please let me know if you would be interested and if so where to send these too! Thanks so much for your attention in advance I do sincerely hope you will get better soon! :) xo

  23. I am so embarrassed that people have asked you these questions and you feel you have had to defend yourself like this. I can't believe people sometimes. Hope you feel better and make a speedy recovery. May be swimming or yoga would be better exercise for the moment. My son has cerebral palsy and a lot of stiffness in his limbs...swimming is like giving him freedom because of the support it gives him. He is stronger because of it. Anyway, keep up the good work and take care. Xxxx

  24. Hi Julia,
    I'm following you for a long time on YT and on your blog, even if I never felt the need to interact.
    However there come a time one should spoke her mind out: I admire your work and your honesty. I’m reading your blog and watching your videos because you have a lot to teach when it comes to tutorials and your reviews save me lots of money. Therefore I very much appreciate the fact that despite getting products for free, you are still trustworthy! In the end your channel gain importance trough the years thanks to the people following you not thanks to companies giving you goodies for free!
    That’s being said I really hope you will cope well with your spinal problem and I wish you all the best.
    Put everything on a side and take care of yourself!
    The ones that truly appreciate your work will wait and pray for you to get better! The others don’t really matter!

  25. Anonymous7:19 pm

    When you're as famous as you, there will be always dickheads who know nothing saying stupid things. Don't let that get you, you have a LOT of fans, and in my opinion, i've been following you and other gurus for the past years and you are the one that always kept he same energy and joy making youtube videos.
    Get well soon! And keep making videos because you like making videos! We'll all keep enjoying them :D

  26. feel your pain dear, i was in a car accident when i was 13, so now i suffer from subluxation in phase two and have degenerative disc disease, i couldn't count the times i heve been rendered immobile and the cherry on the cake i have two fused vertebrae and bone spurs

  27. Mah...I think you should not even spend one single second to answer to negative comments. Makeup companies send you their products and get free commercial, You get the samples and are able to do your work (for which I hope you are getting paid also) and We are gettig the chance to save money by buying products which have been reviewed and proven to be good. So it's a win-win for everyone. About your health well...We are all staying at home and not going to work when we are sick...don't We?

  28. Ignore those comments Julia. I always thought that people that say that kind of stuff is because they envy you and are also immature.

    Mejorate pronto!!


  29. I think one of the biggest reasons you have been so successful on YouTube is because you are real and honest. I know you are more aware than most that negativity comes with the territory. However, most of us appreciate what you do and how hard you've worked to get where you are.
    I hope your recovery goes well. Take your time and allow your body to heal properly. I look forward to seeing more videos when you're able to make them again.

  30. Hey Julia,
    Was so sorry to hear about your injury! I have suffered from back issues since childhood, albeit relatively mild in comparison. Sometimes out of work for a week at a time, no worse thankfully. But I understand how worrying, upsetting and downright depressing it can be! Hopefully you'll make a great recovery soon and be back in action both in your personal life and online! Take care of yourself either way!!! Best wishes, Siobhán.

  31. Gute & schnelle Genesung, liebe Julia! ♥

  32. Anonymous8:07 pm

    I've heard aqua jogging can be really effective and low impact. Hope your road to recovery is as fast and smooth as it can be.

    Don't let the petty jealous comments get you down.

  33. Hi Julia,

    First off all I hope you get better soon!
    I'm a beautyblogger from Netherlands for over 3 years now.
    I made my hobby to my job with it and I love it every day.

    When I had read your article , it gave me goose bumps feeling.
    I thought that only the readers here in the Netherlands reacted like this and so miserly.
    But I see that they do it everywhere.

    Again, I hope you feel better soon and can start again.

    Health for all

  34. Here here Julia! I'm so sorry to hear about the severity of your injury. I wish you a full and speedy recovery xxx :)

  35. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Hi, Julia! I've been a follower for years, and I absolutely love your work. One thing that I love about you is that you always sound like a normal person when you talk in your videos. This may seem odd, but I feel like many gurus have a made-up persona that is not really them irl (which is okay too). Anyway, I find it ludicrous that people think you owe them explanations for the stuff you get. First of all, I feel like you've given us hundreds of hours of one-to-one lessons, entirely for FREE. So I'm grateful that someone with your talent has chosen this career, that allows me to learn so much, again - for free!- I believe most people who are hating on you are just plain jealous. Of course I would absolutely love to get free make-up, but honestly I study Law and don't have the guts, will power, patience or talent to put my life into being a beauty guru, so seeing you being such a success only makes me happy for you, even if we've never met or talked. This is why I took the time to write you a comment, because honestly I believe you should be praised for your beautiful work and ethic.. you know what they say: haters gonna hate!

  36. Hi Julia!
    I don't leave comments very often ( videos or here ) but this time, cause I had no idea, I want to wish you speedy recovery and all the best! I am so sorry you injured yourself so badly. I had problem with my back and I know how much it hurts.

    Thank you for being real. You were always real and you were always yourself. Bless!

  37. I really hate people that just say awful thing cause you can not watch their faces, that's coward from them, I admire your job, I have a blog and I have never received anything from anyone, that's not the point to get a channel, It's about the satisfaction of doing it and it's tremendously selfish to think just in the rewards. By the way, I really enjoy your videos :D and I hope you get well soon :)

  38. Soooooooooooooooooooooo Bad :(( .. i'll pray for you to get well so soon

    i know how do you feel i've it but in my lower spine & did an operation from awhile ago ... Allah save you & recover you soon inshallah Julia ...

    You're one of my fav make-up artist EVER ... don't go negative for who say bad things .. you do it really right ;)

    Love you & hope to see you on youtube asap inshallah <3

    kisses <3

  39. I'm so sorry to hear about your injury and hope you make a full recovery!

    My two cents about the negative comments- I know you are a classy person and a professional at what you do, and the comments probably get to you. But I personally feel like it would be better to ignore them than to ever respond. I think it's great that you show what you get from PR companies and are open about it. If people don't know the business, whatever. There are lots of negative people on the internet and "I wanna respond to my haters" videos, comments, blogs or whatever just feed into it and don't really solve anything! Just my 2 cents!

    Love your videos, have been watching for a while and have probably watched most if not all of them. I hope you can rise above your injury AND your haters! Hope to see you back in tip top shape soon!

    1. I don't make videos about the "haters" and I never respond to hateful comments, I just block and delete those Bozos. However, in this instance, I don't think the comments can be classified as such. I honestly think some people are ignorant on how this business works, and probably don't understand that press samples are sent out not only to bloggers, but to all magazines too. It's a common misconception, and I want people to understand where I'm coming from.

  40. Anonymous9:58 pm

    You are my favorite beauty guru! I love how honest you always are :)
    I wish you a speedy recovery!

    Love From Canada xoxox

  41. Liebe Julia,
    ich sehe mir deine Videos seit Jahren so gerne an, und du warst schon oftmalig eine Inspiration für mich. Ich schätze deine Arbeit sehr und es ist deutlich spürbar, wieviel Freude dir dieser Job macht. Leider liegt der Neid in der Natur der Menschen, anders kann ich mir hässliche Kommentare zu deinen PR-Sample Videos nicht erklären. Und wie du es bereits treffend formuliert hast, das ist Online Marketing, worüber sich jeder Internet Benutzer auch informieren kann, bevor man unsinnige Kommentare abgibt. Lass dich nicht allzu sehr verärgern, du machst das klasse!

    Gute Besserung und liebe Grüße aus Österreich. :)

  42. Anonymous10:47 pm

    hope u feel better sorry to hear about ur injury. I love your videos I have been watching u from five years ago. take care amy

  43. Healing vibes sent your way!

    Why are people so jealous of successful bloggers? Would I like to have a blog like yours? Sure! But I don't think I deserve it and you don't. The nay-sayers just need to move on if they feel that negative about you and/or your blog. No one is making them visit/watch it.

  44. Thanks for the update..wishing you a smooth, minimally stressful recovery. Your work is sincerely appreciated and responsible for helping newbs like me have fun (and feel pretty!)with makeup. Thanks for everything you do! I respect your opinion and love your reviews, as they have aided my purchases, my most recent one being La Femme Blushes. Take care, rest well, do whatever you have to...we'll all still be here whenever you're back in fighting form.
    ♥ from Lacey,WA

  45. Sorry to hear about your injury, did you pull/twist something to cause it?
    My brother damaged his back a few years ago (landed funny on a trampoline) and ended up with a slipped disc in his spine. Normally the swelling goes down after a few days/weeks but his didn't and required surgery.
    Ask your specialist/physio for specific exercises, his gave him a load of info on what to do and it really helped make everything more comfortable while healing.

  46. Thanks for the update...wishing you a smooth, minimally stressful recovery. Your work is amazing and responsible for helping newbs like me have fun (and feel pretty!) with makeup. Thank you for that! I appreciate your reviews, as they have aided in my beauty purchases, the most recent being La Femme Blushes from MakeupMania. Take care, rest well and do whatever you need to be well...we'll all be here whenever you're back in fighting form.
    ♥ from Washington State

  47. Oh Julia that is terrible about your back! I know about back pain, 3 years ago I battled leukemia and some of my chemo treatments were put directly into my spine and gave me a lot of problems even debilitating headaches! I also know what its like to have to lie around... BORING! ugh, hang in there because it gets better. You're a tough cookie and will be just fine.
    For what its worth my opinion on your responses above is that you answered honestly and perfectly! If I saw you jumping off walls acting all bubbly I'd think you lost your mind or worse were being phoney. Just keep being yourself and doing what you do, you wouldnt have as many true fans as you do if you didnt.
    Much love to you!

  48. As a novice blogger, I think you have cleared the air very gracefully! Good luck for your injusry Julia xo you were one of the very first first youtubers I started following..I still can't get over how I teared up when you did a video about how your old clothes have started fitting you! You inspired to get going and I did it! Thank you :) Love

  49. Oh my, I'm so sorry... I really hope you totally recover, the spine is so delicate... >.<

    I'm reading about the comments in your giveaway videos... So yeah, like you just popped out of nowhere and get free makeup for doing nothing, right. People are so envious, they see you up the mountain but don't see all the hard work you put on getting there ¬¬U. If anything, I think so much free makeup may be a bit annoying, I mean, lack of space or getting products you can't - or don't want to - use... (And I mean nothing more than what I'm saying)

    We'll wait until you get better, right now not uploading videos should be the last of your concerns. And I know I'm repeating myself but I wish you get well soon :3

  50. Kbjiara4:23 am

    I'm very sorry for your injury. I broke the three ligaments of my left ankle last year and had to go through surgery, being an active/athletic person myself I do understand how you feel about resting so much. I'm glad you're planning to take your time to fully recover, that's a wise decision.

    About the rest of your blog, I'm glad you're responding honestly, just how we know you are. Keep up the good/fun work!!!

  51. How frightening going to the ER and I can't imagine the pain you were/are in but I do understand the fear and unknowns. I hope that your recovery will be speedy and hopefully you will never ever experience that again.
    As far as product reviews I would never ever expect you to give a product a glowing review just because it was given to you by a company for a review. I expect that all bloggers would be honest and truthful and that means the negative as well as the positive aspects of any product or service. Even if you paid for something and didn't like it I would likewise expect an honest review. Those are things that give a blog credibility. It's too bad you actually had to take time to set things straight in the first place but thank goodness you did and to all those haters out there...get a life and troll elsewhere! Thanks Julia for your wonderful blogs and I certainly hope you are back on your feet soon. Blessings to you my beautiful blogger friend!

  52. I am so sorry to hear about your injury. I know how much my back hurts after a heavy day at work, so I can only imagine the amount of pain you must be in and I hope that your recovery goes smoothly.
    I love your videos and I think that you do such an amazing job at keeping your viewers well informed about the products you use. I agree with everything that you wrote above and while it bothers me that you have to deal with such idiotic negativity, I am happy that you are able to take it in stride and just let it go. I do want you to know though that you have many viewers (myself included) who are right there ready to stand up for you against all the negativity when ever you need us.
    You take it easy, follow doctors orders, and get well soon :)

  53. I'm so sorry you had such a nasty injury. I hope you recover soon! Back injuries are some of the worst (okay, aside from hip injuries. I tend to get those.)

    You might want to check with your doctor if you can do some easy exercises like stretching out your legs or very simple yoga because that may actually aid in your recovery. Chiropractic massage is very good for spinal injury too; my mom gets deep tissue massage before her chiropractic work as the two benefit each other! It's important not to baby an injury (or it takes longer to recover) , but not to overdo it either!

  54. I hope your body heals quickly and fully. I know what it feels like to be out of action and unable to do the things you want to for extended periods of time.

    As for the comments you receive, it saddens me that people say such things. Those kinds of words come from those who do not understand how cosmetic companies now work in a growing and evolving world, where every day people like you, or many others have the voice that people listen to. If you notice for example, the number of makeup related adds on tv has dropped massively in my opinion (in Australia at least) and more and more women who make YT videos and write blogs are the ones who advertise, these products, along with real and (hopefully honest) reviews of if this stuff actually does anything. It's sad that you would have to defend yourself so heavily, but that seems to be the climate we live in these days.

    Ang x

  55. I hope you feel no pain soon Julia. I hope you get well and start doing your normal life soon. I do have arthritis and although I'm pain free right now, I have to control certain things in my life that I didn't before. Other than that, I'm happy and "healthy". You'll be fine too, I'm sure.
    About the comments from you PO box video... There's always been people like this; don't get bothered by them, this is your job and nobody outside it should tell you anything about it.
    You are unique and that is why I enjoy every single video you make.
    A huge hug from Spain my friend.

  56. Hi Julia, ich wünsche dir eine schnelle Genesung! Kopf hoch :)

    xoxo Weronika

  57. Hi Julia,
    Ich hoff dir geht's bald wieder besser! Wollte nur sagen, dass ich deinen Blog und deine Videos super find!
    Es gibt warscheinlich wirklich einfach einige ignorante Leute, die nicht verstehen wieviel Marketingkosten sich Firmen mit solchen Press Samples und guten Reviews sparen können.
    Weil du sagst du bist um die 30: Ich bin 27 und krieg grad meine ersten Fältchen um die Augen (stören mich nicht wirklich aber ich will sie auch nicht absichtlich schlimmer machen). Ich wollte fragen, ob du vielleicht zeigen kannst, wie man die Augen am sanftesten/besten abschminkt und welche Produkte dafür gut geeignet sind. (nur wenn du willst und es dir wieder gut geht: eh klar!)
    Würde mich freuen :-)
    Lg aus Wien :-)

  58. Hi Julia, I've been watching your videos since your beginnings and this is the first comment I make.
    I hope you get well as soon as possible, but you know these things take time. Don't despair. You'll come back to your daily routines, your tutorials and the exercise. You just need time.
    And remeber, there are thousands people who support you and understand your work.
    We appreciate your honesty, talent and dedication.
    ¡Mejórate pronto!

  59. Hi Julia,
    I've been watching your videos for a few years now, although I never really comment.
    The moment you posted the picture on Facebook that you can't sit or stand for long periods I had a feeling it was a spinal injury. My friend had one last year and the doctors didn't really treat her well for a half a year and the situation just got worse and worse until she had to have an emergency operation. About excersise try pilates and swimming. Those can really help!
    Get well and take care! Rest louds!

  60. I've been watching your tutorials since I was a sophomore in college (I finished in 2012!) and the reason why I continually come back to your videos is that you are so real. I seriously knew nothing about makeup when I first started watching your channel. I grew up in a really rural part of the USA on a farm and didn't have much guidance from my mom about makeup or beauty. I learned so much from you and am so thankful!!!

    I feel really upset that people are so rude to you, and wish that there was something I could do to combat this. I guess my only offering is to tell you how much I appreciate subscribing to your channel, and the quality of your videos. It is seriously impressive and I can't imagine how much it must take. You deserve all the success that you have and more!!!

    Also best wishes that you recover soon!

  61. You are such a bad girl!
    You should take care of your health so so much, because you are truly an amazing blogger/youtuber and you make happy so many people.

    and the opening box videos are those what i've been looking for, for like a year or so, because ive always want to see what beauty guru gets - just out of curiosity not jealousy. whats more you gets things that are not available in my country so i can compare stuff i cannot get whit those i can and its nice.

    lots of love, and keep on filming <3

  62. Please take care of your spinal injury! Get well soon.

    Thank you for opening up your business to us. I think it is fun to watch you open up the stuff they send you. I love your reaction to some of the stuff you get. :)

    I think it's great that you are honest about your first impression. I mean, if it isn't something you might be able to use (too dark for instance) it helps people know. And that's part of the point isn't it? If you think it has an odd smell, that helps...I mean if you are sensitive to the smell of products, I would want to know it might smell strong, or funny.

    I've never heard you say this stuff is awful...don't use it. You are honest, polite, and explain why it doesn't work for you. You've never been rude about it. I honestly don't understand why people think otherwise.

    I also don't understand why people think it's okay to tell you how to run your business, after all it's YOUR business. I think you're doing a great job, and you should know it. :) Thanks for sharing all your time, effort, and talent with us.

  63. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Hope you feel better soon, you are wise to rest per doctor's orders! I loved this post and obviously, love your channel. I am a makeup artist and have been for a number of years and still enjoy watching tutorials and learning! There are always new perspectives, new products and tips...I'm actually so busy doing makeup, I don't have time to do what you and so many other bloggers Youtubers do so well...check out new stuff and report back. I am saddened to hear that strangers feel the need to verbally attack you, I'm glad you chose to stand up for yourself. A simple thank you and fair review is all that is required when receiving free product...what more should you do, for goodness sake?!? I appreciate an honest review, if it's not honest...what's the point? I post mini reviews on my facebook page....since I don't receive anything for free, I generally just highlight products I like and why, but people trust me and my years of experience, so a true opinion is the only way to go. Best of luck, I enjoy your work, you are very talented. Ignore the haters in the future, my dear, they are obviously just jealous! JT

  64. Dear Julia,

    I am wishing you lots of health and I hope you will get better soon! I am missing your videos.


  65. Wishing you a speedy recovery Julia. I loved your parcel videos some of those boxes got ripped up good!

  66. Really well said and I hope all goes well with your recovery :)

  67. Anonymous5:48 pm

    liebi julia, ich hoff dir gahts mittlerwile besser! ich han mal es schlüdertrauma gha und channin etwa nahvollzieh was du hesch möse duremache.
    du bist di ersti youtuberin gsi wo ich agfange han luege und ich luege dich vorallem weg eim. ich han s gfühl du bisch eini vo wenige wo ehrlich isch und nid irgendwelchi produkt id kamera zeigt wo gar nid guet finsch. au bisch du di einzig wo nid so if die luxus schiene abfahrt. s whats in my bag video het mr bi vielne so abglöscht. s isch gar nüme drum gange was drin isch, sondern was für e obertüri täsche mr het.
    du bisch so e natürlichi, lebensfrohi person! mach so witer! du hesch so e gsundi istellig zum läbe, s vorbild für vieli! liebe gruess, eleonora

  68. Hi Julia :)
    I was wondering if you had a chance to try that honey body scrub that you received from The Body Shop. You seemed so excited to try it and I would love to purchase it myself if its worth it,. My main concern is whether the scent is extremely strong or not. Some body scrubs can have a very over powering smell. Thank you :)

  69. Hi Julia,
    I don't know the exact nature if your injury, but I've had a cracked tailbone for twelve years now, and every so often I move the wrong way so that something tweaks and I often lose control of my leg. S I have an idea of what you're going through. I've been advised not to run, since the location of my injury lend itself to the bone being worn down during strenuous excerise. I can walk though, and can go on hikes if they are relatively level. ( some hills are ok, but steep declines are a no-no). The best excerise I've been able to do post re-injury is actually swimming. You have so much more freedom of movement in water, and if it's cold, it also works as a great anti-inflammatory. I had a two week vacation in Lake Tahoe this summer, and swimming in the lake made me feel so much better.

    I hope you feel better soon. If you're really bored, you can always pick up a new craft. I learned crochet when I was on bed rest with my second pregnancy. It makes you feel more productive sometimes when you can actually have a finished product to show for your efforts. Much less depressing than staring at the tv all day.

  70. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Hi Julia,

    I hope your recovery goes well. I am a rehab fitness specialist, as I do not know the details of you injuries I am only suggesting fitness activities that have little or no impact on your joints. Once you regain your strength and have approval from your medical Specialists, you may want to try swimming and aqua fitness to help you stay in shape. This is only a suggestion. I realize and admire how hard you have worked to become a fit and healthy person. I wish you all the best. Emma

  71. elizabeth4:47 am

    I agree with you 100%. Buy all of the cosmetics that you like and you do not have to give anything away to anybody. so love what you do and forget the haters. As far as your injury much luck and hope you recover fast since I have acquired a SCI 18 yrs ago that has left me unable to walk. You will be ok, hopefully no pain which I never endured. Much success in your endeavor and God bless.

  72. Haha the mailbox bit made my laugh. You may not realize it, but I used to work with BH back in the day you know the cosmetics company. As well as Maker for a bit. I know for a fact that she is very careful about who she works with because she told me no many times before haha not that I blame her I knew what I was working for, but I still had to make a living. Anyway with that said I still work in marketing brands don't care if they get a thankyou. Big brands are making interns fill boxes and mail it out to all the YouTuber contacts they have just for free advertising. The bigger you get the more brands should have to pay. The fact is the beauty community had been abused for years giving free or very low paid for endorsements while the brands made a killing and many still do. If your smart don't buy the products and give in to the marketing game or actually listen to real reviews and people who care. Silly little kids not sure how they think the YouTube community works, but marketing is marketing trust me a thank you or not I wont cry over it as long as someone buys the product at the end of the day. Though now I don't have to worry is much yay for working for content based sites that make great shareable content....it makes you feel like you have a soul again. So keep doing them some people will care some wont its not big deal.

  73. Anonymous8:22 am

    I watch your videos and when I heard about your spinal injury I came to read it on your blog. Just wanted to make you aware of a few things due to my long battle with my lower back. I'm not sure if you have a disc herniation but if you do, you really must rest and let it heal also forgot about going running every again and you will have to change your workouts I have had a disc herniation since I was 17 and more than 10 years later I struggle walking for months on end when my back goes out. Surgery is the last option but there are people who have had surgery that are still in pain. So if this is your issue please do all the research that you can and remember that once a herniation happens you need to change your habits for life otherwise you are at risk of relapse and more pain..I hope you get better!

  74. Clarice2:09 am

    Julia, I back you up 100%. I believe there are some really young viewers who don't understand how hard it is to do what you do and they want a free ride. You are so talented and beautiful. I am so sorry about your injury, I can only imagine what you are going thru. Although, I have had my share of surgeries in the past 4 years.

  75. Karen2:51 pm

    I've followed you for a long time, since before your fitness journey. Part of the reason I've remained a follower is that I trust your opinions. I like that you've always mixed aspirational brands with drugstore ones, and you've introduced me to quite a few products I wouldn't have been aware of otherwise. The people who leave comments like that don't realize that if you didn't offer your honest opinion, your opinion would have NO VALUE--not only to your subscribers/followers, but to the cosmetic companies, either! If you said you loved everything, then why would I trust you? I appreciate all of the work that goes into maintaining both your site and your YouTube channel. Editing alone takes hours!

    Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about your injury. I know it's hard to stay put, and sometimes it's tempting to push your limits, but take your time. Sending you love and healing!

  76. Anonymous8:42 pm

    I noticed that your videos were not being uploaded as it normally would. I hope you have a speedy recovery, you are truly an inspiration and your health is what matters first. Be well.

  77. Anonymous5:33 pm

    When you do a negative comment about a product is never in a mean way, you comment because to you something just doesn't work or simply doesn't suit you. It's not being ungrateful, is reviewing a product and not every single product in the world will work with everybody. Plus, a review is valuable feedback to companies because they have users telling them what does work and what can be improved.

    Don't let those comments get under your skin, you are honest, you've worked really hard; if you have such a big fan base is because we know you won't mislead us and recommend something you don't really believe in.

  78. Hi Julia! LONG Time fan here! You were my first You-Tube subscription!

    First, so sorry to hear of your injury! That is scary, to say the least. I'm glad you are recovering now, slowly but surely. I am curious what happened, but understand you need privacy :)

    Second - also a bummer to hear how defensive you have to be. I don't at all understand why anyone that watches your videos would want to verbally attack you! Besides the obvious ... jealous people! You have outdone yourself with videos, tutorials, and expanding into health and crafty videos. Your so fun to watch! I love the videos you do with your mom, and I think the fact that you shelter your man & friends from your videos adds to your mystique :) It must really suck sometimes getting rotten emails, I hope it comforts you to know you have a lot of fans (like me) that stand behind you and appreciate you!!!!!

  79. I typed out a comment then it got lost into cyber world, so I will type it again.....

    So sorry to hear of your injury!!! That is super serious! I'm happy to hear you are recovering now. I have LOVED your fitness video's and blogs, so I'm glad that your injury wasn't a result of your fitness efforts.

    As for the second part I'd like to comment on.....I think it's outrageous that people send you attacking/critical emails! I'm very particular to you since you were the first You Tube subscription I ever had...I've been watching you for YEARS now. You have worked VERY hard, doing awesome tutorials, outrageous makeup looks (Halloween, etc), and branching into fitness, more personal things like your cabin, and videos with your mom, and now crafty things.... Your videos are so fun to watch, and it shows you put a LOT of work into them. You deserve everything you get in the mail, and more. Keep up the good work Julia!!!!!!!!