4 Feb 2014

12 Eyeliner Variations

This post is all about eyeliner...if the title didn't give it away! ;)

In my tutorial I'll show you 12 different eyeshadow techniques and shapes that you can easily use to create a unique look to your eye makeup. Whether you combine it with eyeshadows or wear just by itself, these eyeliner methods are sure to make your peepers stand out!

Let me know which one if your favorite and what you're most likely to try out!

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline http://bit.ly/1dwwcju
MAC Feline kohl pencil http://bit.ly/1eiHMmJ
Art brush (similar can be found here: http://bit.ly/1bRKqtC)
MAC 219 brush http://bit.ly/1eiHR9Q
Illamasqua Obsidian shadow http://bit.ly/1k0ObFl (CA) or http://bit.ly/1fOyVpG (UK)

(The green liner is Makeup Geek but I don't recommend it, sorry, because it transfers onto the lid)

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  1. Anonymous3:50 am

    Grate Thank you very much, I liked verry much, please make more videos like these one, Greetings from México