4 Apr 2014

Fix Broken Eyeshadows & Blushes

So a few days ago this happened...

I was filming a makeup tutorial and accidentally brushed my MAC neutral shadow eye palette off the corner of my vanity table with the elbow. Needless to say, I was really devastated and pissed of at my own clumsiness!

Luckily, I know a method how to salvage broken shadows. I first tried to rescue what I could by returning the chipped pieces to their original pan containers using a tiny spoon, then liquified the shadow using alcohol. Then I repressed the shadows using a coin, and now the palette looks almost as good as new!

Watch my tutorial below how you can fix broken eyeshadows, blushes and pressed powders, should you accidentally break them...

I hope you find this tutorial super helpful!!


  1. I felt sorry for them when I saw what had happened T_T

  2. My heart stopped when I saw the IG pic of this. Literally. Glad you could salvage it, or at least to a satisfactory degree. Thanks for the tutorial!