1 Apr 2009

Will the thieving never end? Stolen videos alert!

Fellow Youtube video makers, we have another ridiculous site ripping off literally hundreds of Youtube videos! Please check out my video explaining everything in detail. If you make beauty related videos on Youtube, regardless if you are a Partner or not, or have lots of subscribers or little, there is a big chance your videos have been captured and rehosted on another website, with no credit given whatsoever.

Strength in numbers! We need as many video makers reporting this gross copyright infringement to the service provider of this thieving website!

Please read this thread for further information, and read post Nr. 18 to copy the standard legal form that you can send in. You absolutely must sign your copyright claim for it to be legally valid. If there is no signature, the host provider will not reply to the claim.

The website infringing on our copyright, please check to see if your videos have been stolen:

Please spread the word on this video so that people will know what they can do. Embed it on your blog, share it on Twitter, etc. If you know anyone that has been affected by this infringement, please link them to this video or the thread on Specktra! Let's take down this pathetic excuse of a website.

How to do the coding for Movie Maker to get the option of a watermark on your videos:


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to check this out.

  2. I tried emailing the creator of the site at first because I've had a video stolen and she told me she didn't technically steal my video because she is not actually claiming it as her own. I told her it didn't matter and I still wanted it down. And she preceded to tell me all this information about her site, that her partner just hadn't gotten to asking my permission yet and had the balls to ask if I wanted to sign up on her site.
    Thank you for taking charge of this situation, I am def filing a complaint.

  3. Thank you for the coding links!

  4. Oh my gawd.
    my video is on there.
    thanks so much for the heads up...

  5. Girlyvue rips off makeup artists.

    Instead, try Maycup (http://www.maycup.com), which is a legitimate website with legitimate users who post their own makeup videos. I really recommend this site!