2 Apr 2010

White Queen Alice in Wonderland

When I saw Alice in Wonderland in the movie theatre a while back I immediately fell in love with the look of the White Queen played by Anne Hathaway. I knew I had to replicate her look, so I ordered this wig from ebay that very same evening. I had so much fun doing this look! If you haven't seen the movie, this is how the White Queen is styled in the film.

Stunning! This is my rendition of the look, prepare for some funny impersonations of the White Queen in my video tutorial!

Products used....

Illamasqua Cream foundation CF 135, Jofrika clown white face paint, Ben Nye Contour Nr. 1, Ben Nye Natural blush, Ben Nye Neutral Set powder, Illamasqua Intrigue blush

Ben Nye Lumiere palette (white color), Ben Nye Contour Nr. 1, MAC Spiked brow pencil, MAC Carbon, Max Factor mascara, Maybelline white kohl pencil

MAC Velvetella lipliner, MAC Bing Mattene lipstick, MAC Media lipstick

Sally Hansen - Uptempo Plum


  1. this is AWESOME!!!

  2. You're brilliant Julia! I love watching your videos! :)

  3. Anonymous3:45 am

    Super, einfach mal wider weltklasse!

  4. spot on!!! I love these kind of tutorials from you ^_^

  5. Anonymous5:47 am

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  6. I saw the video and loved it!!It's great!


  7. This is very cool. Looove the lips.

  8. You're so funny! You did a great job!

  9. Hahaha! omg, your acting is hilarious! XD And the look is amazing too; looks exactly like her! x3

  10. wow! didn't even know it was you! great job! :D

  11. Jezebel1:39 pm

    Hi !

    This is my first post here but I read you and watch your Youtube Channel for a very long time ! Let me tell you that your work is amazing, you are very talented !
    I leave in Switerland too, in Berne (I write in English because my german is awful, I speak French).

    Congrats for this look too, it's beautiful =)

  12. Anonymous11:13 pm

    i luv this vid---and i luv the concealer you used to touch up your lips. unfortunately...i couldn't quite hear what it was exactly, and on your list of products I didn't see any concealers. care to share? :)

  13. dear mischievous gal, such a pleasure to be here and nice meeting you.i heared so much about you, you are a pro..and this vid is the one for a queen..you gal!! Have small qs: would u do a Bridal makeup tutorial any time soon? My wedding's coming up,I give myself to him-he has been a true chaser,loooves me LOL!! Need ur help gal!Hot huggs and kisses from Olga

  14. Anonymous7:49 pm

    You are amazing! Love this look, you did a stunning job!

  15. Anonymous6:50 pm

    where do you buy the jofrika clown paint???

  16. Katharine1:35 am

    i love your videos your the best!!

  17. Julia:
    You did a perfect job once more. You know, watching you is a great exercise for me: I learn English, make up, hair and a little bit of style because you seem to be determined, polite and organized.
    It is great!



  18. Haha, I found that was really funny, but serious at the same time.

  19. Anonymous12:08 am

    hey! I was wondering what undertones you have, I am a mac NC20, or very fair with yellow undertones. I love your make up tutorials and have a hard time finding colors for myself. I was wondering if you had yellow undertones as well, so I can use the exact make up you use in a lot of your tutorials. New to make-up, sorry!

  20. great video:D
    i think you look much better with your natural hair color and this makeup though>u<

    with the white hair your face looks wider than it actually is. i mean you have sooo perfect cheekbones but the white hair somehow covers them up.

    i will definitly use some of the mentioned products for my white queen cosplay:D