5 Apr 2010

Win Skincare from Helena Rubinstein

Watch my video to see how you can win an exclusive new product from Helena Rubinstein, a high-end luxury cosmetic brand. Up for grabs are 30 Prodigy Powercell Youth Grafter Serums, a brand new anti-aging product yet to hit stores. This contest is rather unique because the winners are invited to not only test the product, but to also share their reviews with Helena Rubinstein and the readers on Facebook!


You must be a Fan of the official Helena Rubinstein Germany Facebook page:

Then fill out the form for the contest on the Facebook site, click send! 30 winners will receive a full sized bottle of the Powercell Serum to test at home.

The contest ends April 14, 2010.
The winners only will be notified by email on April 15, 2010.
Starting on April 16, 2010, the packages will be mailed out.
The contest is open worldwide, all ages.

What is expected of the winners:

-The winners are invited to make 3 posts on the Facebook Fansite Wall of Helena Rubinstein with their review of the product.
1st post: Your expectations of the product prior to first use.
2nd post: Feedback after 10 days of use - how does your skin feel and have you noticed any changes?
3rd post: Your final review and decision on the product - do you like it, why or why not?

Good luck!


- On the HR Facebook page, click on the tab at the top labeled "Gewinnspiel"
- fill out the form (English translation is available)
- You must check both boxes on the bottom (Terms of Use) by clicking on the text beside the box, then selecting "Best├Ątigen" on the page it goes to. This will place an X in the box for you.
- At the very bottom, select "Absenden" to send off the form
- If you filled everything out correctly, you will get a confirmation in red letters stating "Die Nachricht wurde verschickt!"
- Nr. means house or apartment number

(Note: I've noticed that the area for postal code / ZIP only accepts numbers. If your postal code also contains letters, add it to the space after your city and province, and just put a 0 in the postal code area. I will let HR know of the error.)




  2. Anonymous1:16 pm

    How exciting! I have already entered :O)
    I am a 45 year old woman who only looks like i am in my 30s; however, fine lines are beginning to show. So i hope i get to win one of these Serums to test. Fingers crossed.

    When you say we have to do 3 posts; that all starts only if you have been selected i assume. Or do you want us to do the first post and then wait to be chosen as a tester to post the other 2.

    I think the instructions are to enter via the Helena Rubinstein Facebook site you sent us to and then if chosen to post the 3 feedback comments on the Helena Rubinstein Facebook site that you told us about. rakssharqi@bigpond.com