27 Jan 2011

Asos Jewelry Haul

I've recently done some hauling at Asos.com, an online clothing/accessories/shoes/beauty boutique based in the UK. I purchased a dress for an upcoming event I'm going to in February, and my second haul was some of their costume jewelry. They have the cutest things, and the prices are good too. Here's what I ordered jewelry-wise; I'll probably show you the dress in an Outfit of the Day video for the event ;)

Lispy Spider Charm bracelet (£14) - I'm not much of a bracelet person, to be honest I hardly own any bracelets at all, but I thought I'd go for something different this time and see if I like it or not. I absolutely love the charms on this one, especially the spider of course! Not so great for arachnophobia!

ASOS Long Metal Spike Earrings (£6) - I've wanted earrings like this for a while. They look like plugs but actually aren't - they have a front and back closure.

ASOS Oversized Swirled Metal and Crystal Ring (£12) - I love this ring but was very hesitant to order a ring from a website as sometimes even the large size is too small for me. I have very large hands and long fingers, and I just hate when rings are tight on me. So I thought I'd order just the one and see how I fare with it. If it fits, I'll probably order more.

The best part about Asos is the free worldwide delivery! I don't want to do too much raving yet before I receive both my orders, but if this works out, I might become an Asos shopping whore. I'm eyeing a few more of their accessories, and they are constantly getting in new stock so you're literally spoiled for choice. I even like some of the shoes on there but I've never ordered shoes online before and am very hesitant about the fit as I have size 41/42 European. (About a US 11)

The good thing right now is that the Swiss Frank is very strong over the Euro, USD and Pound, so online shopping abroad is a steal for me!


  1. Dear Julia!
    I am a very big asos fan! I was very hestitant about buying rings, as i have large fingers aswell. might give it a go. When it comes to shoes, i am a european size 42, and I can tell you, that the shoes fit really good! I am in love with mine! :D

  2. Asmaa: That's good to hear! What size are you on Asos in their UK sizes then? An 8?

  3. I love the spider bracelet :)

  4. Hi Julia! I'm realy curious about how your order is going to turn out. After reading your tweets about Asos I went on there and I'm really close to placing an order... Though my problem with rings is that I have relatively thin fingers. :) Anyway, let us know your experience with them. Thanks!

  5. Krishna4:07 pm

    I'm in love with those earrings!! I've never seen anything like that before. I might order those. As for the bracelet, I'm deathly afraid of spiders so I will pass on that one!!

  6. Aleks.7:43 pm

    I love the ring but it seems that it's the opposite for me. I buy rings and they're too small for me even if I put them on several times.... I just don't understand why :)

  7. Hi Julia!! I really like Asos and you made a good choice by choosing this website!! i bought many things and i can tell you that Asos is very professional (i'm not working for them lol) for delivery and return (refund very fast,..).

    Let us know! and by the way, i love your work :)

    Bye bye


  8. That bracelet would go nice with your spider web makeup look :)
    Great haul Julia, I really like everything!

  9. You always have the coolest jewelry!

  10. Amber4:50 pm

    I'm checking the site out now, really cute stuff! I feel you girl, I've got size 11 feet, too! Makes it hard to get cute shoes sometimes.

  11. I really LOVE ASOS !!!
    I love the clothes and oh, I love the SHOES :)

    Oh how I wish that an ASOS Shop would come to Germany... :( I have to buy my clothes in the Online Shop.... that's silly because I have to wait for my things mostly more than three days..

    With the best wishes