18 Mar 2011

Spring Cherry Blossom Nails

Spring is in the air and when I think of spring, I think of trees and flowers blossoming - one of those being cherry trees! When I lived in Vancouver, the area around where I lived had lots of cherry trees planted in the streets, and I have vivid memories biking around and having a "rain shower" of blossoms falling down with a bit of wind. So pretty!

Anyway, here's my cherry blossom inspired nail design. You can vary the background color with anything you like, but I think the turquoise-blue-green color goes really well and reminds me of a sky background.

Nailpolish used:
Essie Mint Candy Apple (blue)
Essence Fatal (black)
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White (white)
Essie Van D'Go (pink)

Link to the video tutorial on Youtube

A Special message...

At times like these with the devastating events in Japan, it seems so trivial to focus on things like makeup. Many of us live far away from the disaster, but please think of the thousands of people whose lives will be affected for years to come. Those of us who live in comfort and safety cannot fathom what the Japanese people must be going through right now. If you could make even a small donation, or a generous one, to the Japanese Red Cross Society, that would be a wonderful thing to do. Even if you just donate a small amount, what you would otherwise spend on an eyeshadow or a lipstick!

I donated through the Google Crisis Response website to the Japanese Red Cross:

While it's all well and good to donate to your local chapter of the Red Cross, sending your donations to the Japanese Red Cross will have the most direct impact for tsunami relief efforts, as they are bearing the brunt of the disaster response.


  1. Very nice, good use of colours there too.

  2. So pretty, good job:D

  3. omg, that's so intricate and gorgeous!

  4. I love it!
    It really reminds me of Japan during spring.

  5. Your nails look amazing!

  6. that is amazing!! i want fun nails too

  7. Hi Julia, glad to see a post from you after a long gap, the cherry blossoms look lovely.

  8. such a lovely color, amazing

  9. Wow! You're amazing! I'm sure I couldn't do it but it looks SO gorgeous!

  10. Wow, that´s gorgeous!

  11. thank you so much for your gentle massege about Japan. i'm japanese.
    the donation helps victims very much :)
    good luck.

  12. Anonymous1:28 pm

    I would love it if you published a book of your make up tutorials, with lots of looks and tips and photos!That would be awsome!

  13. Anonymous10:38 pm

    i just did my nails like this but instead used a coral color as the background i love my nails i cant stop looking at them

  14. Fiquei apaixonada com essa decoração! Muito linda... XD

    Juju Barros

  15. Julia thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! It's super easy to do, and such beautiful spring colors.
    I love the pink with the minty, robin's egg blue/green.
    I enjoy all your videos, thanks for all you do!