4 Sep 2011

Kosmetik Kosmo Binoctium (Chanel Paradoxal Dupe?)

I recently had the opportunity to meet Michaela, better known as Koko on Youtube, at a blogger PR event in Berlin (more on that later.) She gave me some samples of her new cosmetic line Kosmetik Kosmo, and I was really intrigued by one of the nailpolishes from the line, Binoctium. This is supposed to be a dupe of the famous Chanel Paradoxal nailpolish which was released for Fall 2010.

Here I am wearing Binoctium, on my ring finger I also have two brand new yet-to-be-released glitter polishes (Essence Color & Go in Time For Romance and Essence Nail Art Special Effects Topper in It's Purplicious)

I don't have Chanel Paradoxal so I can't make a direct comparison if this is indeed a dead on dupe, but from the pictures I have seen of Paradoxal, I think Binoctium has a slightly weaker purple shine to it and the effect is less intense. But again, that's just my guess. I would describe the color as a gray-aubergine-taupe base (cream finish) with a red-toned purple shimmer effect that shows up more or less depending on the light.

The quality of this polish was medium - it applied a bit streaky and "pulled" the color in some places but after the second coat it was opaque. The bottle is short and stubby (8ml) and was a bit hard to handle, but if you're used to mini polish bottles that shouldn't be an issue. I cannot say anything about the lasting power yet as I haven't worn it long enough, and as I change polish quite frequently this isn't much of an issue for me.

However, if you're looking for an inexpensive alternative to a color close to Chanel Paradoxal, this might be a very good alternative. Binoctium costs 3.99 Euro + delivery and can be purchased at the Kosmetik Kosmo online shop (website in German, limited countries of delivery.)


  1. Ich finde diesen Lack toll. Habe ihn selbst auch und bin begeistert von der Farbe. :)

  2. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Hi Julia,
    Yes you are right, it seems a dupe, bit darker than Chanel Paradoxal but very beautiful also.
    Kiss :)

  3. Tolle Farbe :)
    Ist der Gliiterlack von essence??


    P.s.: Hab erst vor kurzen deinen Block entdeckt. Findn toll <3