1 Sep 2011

Sleek Oh So Special & Curacao Palettes

I recently got some new Sleek products to play around with!

Sleek Oh So Special Palette (£9)

Sleek Curacao Palette (£9)

Both of these are mineral based eyeshadow palettes and I really like them so far. They are very pigmented, which is especially surprising since they are so inexpensive! I'm very pleased with the results I've had so far, and I've even taken the Oh So Special palette along for several overnight trips already because it is so small and thin making it very portable for traveling, and perfect for daytime looks. I also like the variety of matte and shimmery shadows that are offered in each palette.

Aruba Blush (£7)

Aruba blush came out with the Caribbean collection (same of the Curacao palette) and it's a vibrant and intense matte orange. It is incredibly pigmented and would work well on darker skin. For fair skin, you have to use a very light hand. I like to use a stippling brush and tap off the excess on the back of my hand before even touching my face with it. This orange blush really warms up the face!

Pout Paints left to right: Cloud, Peek-a-bloo, Pin Up, Peachy Keen, Mauve Over (£7)

The Pout Paints are an intriguing new product that I am very much looking forward to playing around with some more. They are richly pigmented liquid lipsticks, where a pin drop size is enough to cover your entire lips. They go on creamy but dry down a bit after a while to a satin finish. I haven't tried these on my lips yet but I'm very interested to see how they live up to the OCC Lip Tars, of which I own two. The Pout Paints can be mixed together to create a whole variety of new shades, although I noticed right away that Cloud was a bit watery in texture, unlike the others.

Sleek Makeup can be purchased through their online shop, or at Superdrug pharmacies in the UK.


  1. They look awesome! I wish we had Sleek here in Argentina.

    Julia, I'm planning on doing a look based on YOUR LOOK for the Mr Saxobeat video.
    I'm just letting you know because I plan to use one of your photos as the "inspiration photo" along with Alexandra's.
    I'll post a link to your website and video as well... It's not like I'm stealing it :P

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know/sort of "ask for permission". I'll tweet you the link for the final look when it's up so you can see how I did... :)


  2. Anonymous7:36 pm

    I am adoring the colours on the palette...vibrant
    The pout paint sure looks like it lives up to the OCC...thanks love it

  3. Omg Sleek is the best inexpensive makeup product I've seen reviewed by many makeup artists as talented as you! I should go for one of their palettes. :)


  4. Awesome
    I love Sleek Palette, they have wonderful colours!!!

    Sorry for my bad English =(

  5. Finally an awesome review about Sleek! We have it here in the Philippines and I've been thinking to buy the Oh So Special palette..I think I saw you made a tutorial using this palette...it was gorgeous!

  6. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Hallo Julia,

    can you create a Angelina Jolie Look, please?


  7. Anonymous11:53 am

    Hi Julia,

    Can you help me,please?I will have at school a haloween ball and i have only one costume for a witch or some thing like that,with orange and black.I want a cool make up and i do not have more ideas.Please help me with this problem!


  8. Paphiopedilum4:12 am

    Die dezentere Palette find ich besser als die bunte; eigentlich steh ich zwar sehr auf farbintensive Augenmakeups, mehr als auf dezente, aber irgendwie trifft gerade diese Zusammenstellung von bunten Farben meinen persönlichen Geschmack nicht ganz so; bzw. die beiden Farben, die mir richtig gut gefallen, das Lila und das Gelb, die hab ich so oder jedenfalls sehr, sehr ähnlich bereits anderweitig. Und das Blush gefällt mir offen gestanden überhaupt nicht, Orange paßt so gar nicht zu meiner Teintfarbe. Und irgendwie find ichs auch so zum Anschauen im Pfännchen nicht so toll; irgendwie zu kreischig. Aber wie gesagt, die dezentere Palette, die find ich sehr schön, und Sleek hat natürlich echt ein tolles Preisleistungsverhältnis! Im niedrigeren Preissegment definitiv ein der besten Marken, würd ich sagen. Zumindest für puderförmige Produkte.

  9. Anonymous4:28 am

    hi you please create jeannifer lopez look thank you very much.