25 Nov 2011

Black Friday Sales! LiLash & Sigma

There's a couple of really great sales I wanted to tell you about for some of my favorite products. First off, Lilash! This is my favorite miracle product for long, luscious eyelashes. You can check out the video where I reviewed the product in detail:

I also posted a blog entry with pictures here.

Lilash / Librow Sale:

Details: $99 per tube of LiLash and LiBrow (regular price $140) Plus Free Shipping & 2 Free Gifts with the Purchase of 2 or more products!
Coupon Code: THANKFUL (although the landing page may auto apply that coupon)
Valid 11/24 to 11/29 ONLY!

The next worthwile sale is from Sigma!

Sigma is offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all their brushes, makeup kits and accessories (everything in their online store) for one day only. Plus there are some great items on sale in the "Special Deals" section, which you can find on the left side menu on their website. I've recently tried out the Synthetic Precision Kit (pictured above) and really love it, just haven't had time yet for a detailed review.

Sigma Sale:
Coupon Code: BF2011

Friday, Nov 25, 2011 (1 day only)
9am - 5pm Central Standard Time (USA)
4pm - midnight European time (Berlin, Brussels, Paris)

The above are affiliated links, but this post is not sponsored. You can watch my detailed video on all these sales below:


  1. Thanks,I will definitely check out the sigma deal!




  2. oh verdammt, ich war gestern nicht online, jetzt hab ichs wieder verpasst.

  3. Thanks for sharing the deals with us Julia!

  4. Anonymous12:42 pm

    You should try Mavala Double Lash it's way cheaper and it's great! I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and I can see the change in my eyelashes. I also applied it to my eyebrows but it's not much difference (I did grew some new hair though) I guess it's just taking a bit longer time. Anyway, just wanted to share :)