12 Nov 2011

Long Hair is Long

Above is a picture of the length and state of my hair at the moment. It's longer than it's been since ages, but the ends are also quite dry and in desperate need of a trim. I also haven't colored my hair in over half a year, so this is very close to my natural color by now, only the ends are very red-toned due to fading dye jobs. I made a hair appointment for next Tuesday and am quite excited. I wasn't too happy with my last haircut, so am going back to my old stylist (whose salon is just really out of the way for me but I don't want another mediocre cut.)

Here are a few pictures I'm going to bring in to discuss with him.

Ashley Benson at the Teen Choice Awards this year. This cut is so flattering and it looks like it would be a bit easier to manage as well.

I also quite like this style of Jennifer Love Hewitt, it looks very flattering. The only thing I'm really nervous about is cutting my bangs to that length again. My bangs (or fringe as it's know in the UK) are just very unruly and always do their own thing, and tend to spring up into frizzy curls. The longer they are, the more the weight pulls them straight, which is a lot easier for me to deal with.

The other issue I have is having to wash my hair more frequently, especially due to working out. I can go maximum 2 days without washing, because sweating during a work-out means that sweat also gets into the roots. Using dry shampoo works sometimes, but it also makes my crown hair look dull and gross, so I only like to use it when absolutely necessary.

I still have a couple days to find more inspiration pictures and to decide on something, and I'll let you know how it turns out after I get a cut!


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  2. Honestly, I would trim the ends and leave it as is, but I am very pro-long hair, especially when it frames the face so well like yours does. Your makeup here is stunning, I would love a tutorial or a run down on products used!! :)

  3. You look so Gorgeous and young and beautiful in the first pic..! You are such an inspiration..i am a 16 year old who is on the chubby side and you have unspired me to start working out and to get into shape... because if there is a fraction of chance that losing weight can make me look as great and feel as great as you do..i don't wanna miss out.. and i don't care how much "sweat,tear and blood" i have to pour out to get there..! i just wanna get there! thank you Julia..! Thanks a TON!

  4. I think Ashely Benson's haircut would look stunning on you! Very pretty!

  5. You look fantastic! =] I think you can get away with longer bangs, so long as they are layered in contrast to the rest of your hair. =)

  6. I agree with Danil... It's your hair and what you do with it and what you're happy with is all up to you and of course we'll like it.. But I personally love your hair the way it is, with the trim you were talking about. I had my hair passed my butt for the first 18 years of my life (my mom made me) and I was so sick of it, I chopped it all off and gave it to Locks of Love. Now, 5 years later.. I'm still trying to grow it out because I want my hair to be long, long, long, long, long. I miss my long hair and long hair is the most beautiful hair!! You look gorgeous in the first picture. I just see you taking some of the beauty away if you cut it like that :(

  7. Anonymous4:26 am

    Your hair doesn't look much longer than the images you posted. Once you trim it a little bit, it'll be the same length. And you don't have to go as short with the bangs, you can keep that part slightly longer.
    I think your hair looks really good right now, so other than trimming the ends I wouldn't go for a major change.

  8. Anonymous4:30 am

    You look amazing, personally I think you should just cut the ends and leave it long, the long straight hair goes well with the shape of your face, and well your make up is gorgeous as usual, you look so pretty!

  9. I love your natural hair color!!! It's so dark and luxurious! Great color for winter! I think you picked out 2 great hair style ideas also! I think Ashley Benson's hair style will be better because it's slightly shorter and you can always grow it out if you want it longer.

  10. Love your hair, good luck with the cut! I personally dont like bangs because they get in the way. I also have the same problem with washing my hair after working out :/

  11. Anonymous5:33 am

    I think your hair looks great as is, maybe just trim the ends and some long layers like the first picture. It looks healthy and shiny.

  12. Anonymous5:59 am

    I'm all for long hair...But I'm also for HEALTHY hair. I'd suggest walking in and telling him you'd like to get rid of the unhealthy fried stuff, but keep your length. and if you REALLY trust him, simply tell him to make you look amazing, and trust that your stylist knows what he's talking about. I'm rather positive that no matter what you decide in the end, you're going to look absolutely stunning, so good luck! can't wait to see the end product :)

  13. Your hair looks great, just the end needs a slight trim. Don't go too short with your hair, the way your hair frames your face, looks stunning. Which red lippie are you wearing in this pic? Love that Red

  14. Tolle Haarlänge, steht dir sehr gut - meine sind ungefähr auch so lang! ;)
    Ich denke, der leicht gestufte Schnitt von Ashley Benson würde dir sehr gut stehen und deinem Haar Volumen verleihen.

  15. Malini8:44 am

    Hey Julia,

    Looking gorgeous. That simple elegant makeup suits you so much.
    Your looks really long. You are right, none of your videos actually shows your hair as long as it is now.
    Definitely needs a bit of attention ..Haha..as in styling.. But I really thinks ( its purely my personal opinion) dont shorten the length too much.
    Long hair looks sexy :O)


  16. Anonymous8:53 am

    I have the same problem with my bags as well. Naturally my hair is really curly and I can only straighten it so far; if the bangs are longer, they get pulled down by their own weight but anything too short makes them spring right back up again as soon as I walk through a light drizzle.
    I would go with the first haircut - it looks less layered, less "all over the place" :)

  17. I love both those styles, either one would suite you perfectly! Don't worry your hair grows very fast, so I would go for the Jennifer Love Hewitt bangs!<3

  18. Anonymous9:27 am

    I think leave it, I wish my hair was that long and nice looking. Maybe just get a few layers cut into I suppose, for some volume and style.

  19. Anonymous9:52 am

    your hair is loveley! just trim the ends... pleeaase :)

  20. Merethe10:22 am

    You should try out the Ashley Benson haircut, perhaps with highlights just to make it come more alive. If your hair is frizzy you could try out the Redken Smooth down shampoo and conditioner. My hair gets very wavy and sometimes frizzy, and I find it a lot easier to manage after I switched to Redken. Also Joico K-pak reconstructor is great, and Moroccanoil before styling :)

  21. I totally agree with DaniL. If I were you I only cut the dead ends and leave your hair as it is now :) It is supersexy and it looks amazing on you ;)

  22. Ashley Benson has gorgeous hair!!! My hair was really long but really damaged at the same time, so i got a haircut this week. Your hair will fell a lot better after!!! You should get some layers!!

  23. Anonymous11:16 am

    Du siehst großartig aus, dass muss ich dir ehrlich sagen.
    Finde es toll, dass du so streng durchgelaten hast und abegnommen hast.


  24. I like the length, I'm in a similar situation I want to let my hair grow out (it's currently mid-back) but i need to trim the ends. I found a haircut that I liked that has layers, but I don't think I'll cut bangs this time because my bangs curl too and don't look good unless I straighten and I want to avoid heat as much as possible.

  25. Hallo Julia ich merke schon du willst deine langen Haare nicht los werden und weiterhin lang behalten. Die Bilder die du dir ausgesucht hast sind sehr schön. Aber ich finde, bei diesen Fotos kann man den Schnitt der Haare nicht genau erkennen weil die Promis ihre Haare gegen den Enden lockig geföhnt haben. Pass auf beim Friseur, nicht das was ganz anderes dabei rauskommt :)

  26. make up tutorial for this look please??is gorgeus!!


    xoxo sonia

  27. Hallo Julia, schöne Haare hast du. Die Fotos von den Promis die du dir ausgesucht hast sind sehr schön. Pass aber auf, man kann auf den Fotos den genauen Schnitt der Haare nicht erkennen weil die Haare gegen den Enden Wellenförmig geföhnt sind.

    Viel Glück beim Friseur ! :)

  28. Layered hair looks really good when you have really long hair. I have the same haircut than you now, actually, so I would only trim the ends and layeres it a bit. But I am not good at deciding hairstyles, all layered-long-haired looks look the same to me - only ones are flat and anothers more curly - ._.
    Go for long bangs! Long bangs are the best! >3<

  29. Die Haare von Jennifer L.H. sehen echt toll aus, würde dir bestimmt gut stehen!

  30. Shelle1:08 pm

    Hi Julia, you have beautiful hair and it looks good the way it is. I agree with the others, maybe just trim up the ends and get some face-framing layers. Jennifer Aniston's style comes to mind.

    BTW, cute shirt, love the lipstick, and it would be great to see a video or blog of your Insanity progress! :-)

  31. If I were you I would go for the Ashley Benson cut. Jennifer's cut is quite boring. Very straight with a few curls and of course the bangs. It's kind of unstructured.

  32. Your hair is so gorgeous!!! Layers would look lovely on you, but if you're going to keep your hair around that length (or a bit shorter if you're getting a trim), don't go for layers any shorter than an inch or two past your chin. Longer layers always seem to look a lot more flattering on longer hair than short layers. Same thing with a fringe if you want one, start off with a long one. I learnt the hard way that short fringes are extremely difficult to maintain when you exercise a lot! You could always go shorter later on if you wanted :)

  33. Anonymous3:32 pm

    First, you look fantastic! Second, it looks like you have really thick hair so I think you could carry off the layers like in the blonde photograph you've posted. BUT, the look seems like it would be a lot of work day-to-day, so perhaps start off by keeping it long and just going blunt. You'll be happy with the dry ends being gone and you'll have the option of going back for another cut in the future. I say embrace the length! Good luck!

  34. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Stunning photo of you Julia! And your hair has gotten super long. It looks great.

    I also have long hair as well and am wary of hairdressers in general because they love to chop the hell out of it. If you have a hairdresser that actually listens to you and you're satisfied with his/work, it's well worth it to go out of your way for an appointment with them.

    Someone whose hair I always think looks amazing is Elizabeth Hurley, in terms of both colour and cut. And she is a tall good looking woman like yourself:)

    I don't know if you permit links to other websites but I will just post the link anyways so you can check it out for yourself:


    V from Canada:)

  35. Hi Julia! I think the first hair photo( Ashley) looks nice, and youre right that it looks easy to maintain. Out of curiousity do you have hair treatments done apart from the haircut?
    I just recently also had mine done (cut and treatment) and I had this japanese treatment called mucota. Never heard of it before -- my hair feels awesome but the procedure was rather strange :) it involved hair smacking!
    My experience on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQjN47Ax3kc&feature=youtu.be
    You have gorgeous hair so im wondering what sort of treatment (self or salon type) you have. Anyway looking forward to seeing your new hair! :)

  36. Hair takes a bit of training, but it will sure be worth it!

  37. Deine Haare sehen wunderschön aus.
    Die strahlen richtig. Würd sie auch lang lassen, nur die Spitzen schneiden der Rest passt einfach.
    Ein Video über deine Haarpflege wär cool.

  38. Anonymous9:25 am

    Hey girl, don't know if anyone else has commented about this but, have you tried WEN? It's a hair care line from Chaz Dean and the shampoo is not normal shampoo. It cleans your hair but adds moisture and body instead of stripping and drying your hair like normal shampoos. You should give it a try, it's worked great for me so far, given me lots of body while leaving my hair looking clean and feeling soft. It's also very inexpensive at the moment. ;)Just a thought

  39. Ich denke am besten kannst du deinem Friseur den Schnitt mit diesem Bild erklären:


    Damit du deine wunderschönen langen Haare in deinem Traum Haarschnitt vom Friseur geschnitten bekommst, beschreibst du ihm am besten, dass deine Haare alle nach vorne auf eine Sichelförmige Grundlinie geschnitten werden sollen.
    Wenn du als Länge für die kürzesten Haare (Pony) 2-3 Fingerbreit unter dem Kinn angibst, kannst du erstens die Haare noch hinter die Ohren streichen, wenn du sie aus dem Gesicht tragen möchtest und zweitens ist diese Länge ausreichend lang für einen Pferdeschwanz beim Workout. Ausserdem haben sich so ebenfalls genug Länge um nicht unruhig zu fallen. Im Fall du möchtest noch mehr Stufen, so kann dein Friseur noch zusätzlich etwas mehr durchsaufen, jedoch immer auf der Basis der Sichelförmigen Grundlinie.
    Damit du ein Styling wie auf deinem ersten Favoriten Foto erhälst, werden die Haare dann einfach in großzügigen Wellen aus den Gesicht frisiert.
    Entschuldige die sehr ausführliche Beschreibung, doch es ist leider oft Fakt das Kunde und Friseur aneinander vorbei reden und du musst dann letztendlich mit dieser Frisur leben.

  40. what are you wearing in this picture? i love the shirt and the earrings, can you please tell me where you got them?