13 Jan 2012

When KIKO and CND Effects have a baby...

...this is their offspring:

What a beautiful baby, don't you think? This is KIKO Nr. 336 as a base, with CND Effects Nr. 561 Sapphire Sparkle on top. I love how the CND Effects polishes just add a bit of pizazz to any cream finish polish, and they work great for layering. This one has an icy blue and purple duochrome. I picked up two of the CND Effects polishes on my recent trip to Vancouver, and I can't wait to try them out with lots of other combinations.

Yup, I changed the shape and length of my nails. I'm starting fresh and I need something low maintenance right now. My nails grow pretty fast, and I like having them short and round sometimes for a change.

I flew in from Vancouver yesterday after a rather pleasant flight - I managed to get a whole middle row to myself on the plane and even got a bit of shut-eye in - but am now rather jet lagged. I went to bed at 8:30pm and woke up this morning at 5am. Nothing like getting up super early and making the most of the day!

Now two brim-filled suitcases await me, ready to be unloaded with laundry to wash, and many beauty products to set aside for a haul video. I recently uploaded a haul of my USA shopping trip with my friend Heather, aka Sokolum79 on Youtube, so make sure to watch it to get a sneak peak of some of the things I purchased. I still bought a lot of other things while in Vancouver, so I may do another one.

I had such a great time in Vancouver with my family, but am now ready to get back into the swing of things and film new videos! Have a stellar day, everyone, and a great weekend! I'm off to the cabin for the weekend to do some skiing in the alps - first time this season. I'm stoked to try out my new boarding pants and jacket from Roxy and Burton to see how well they fare.


  1. really nice colour, like a blue disco ball

  2. Sieht wunderschön aus, ich liebe Glitzer!!

  3. Schönes Kind! ;)
    Mir gefällt sehr Nagellackbabys schaffen. Also, üb mal weiter, bitte!

  4. Oh wow that looks awesome! I love that purple effekt on these blue nails :)

  5. I like the lip butters they are very moisturizing with good staying power, they are selling out like crazy here, I only have 2 creme brulee a light frosty nude, and cupcake a perfect pale pink, I think those are the names, wish I could get my hands on more.

  6. butter is available at Ulta too! they just had a buy one get one!

  7. Today I was filming a Kiko review, about the eye primer! I like this brand!

  8. Great color! xoxox Jodie

  9. Anonymous4:49 am