12 Oct 2012

Kryolan Re-Launch in London

Last week I attended the Kryolan re-launch event in London. If you've never heard of Kryolan, they are one of the few left remaining brands made specifically for the professional makeup artist. Their products cater to a variety of needs: fashion, beauty, theater, special effects, body painting, and film and TV. They are largely unknown to the end-consumer, as their brand is not marketed as commercially as other brands, which are geared more toward consumers. Hopefully this will change!

The brand has existed for over 65 years, and offers over 16,000 products. Yes, you read that correctly - everything from nailpolish, to fake blood, liquid latex, eyeshadows, lipsticks and more. Their products have now been newly repackaged, their first redesign since 1995, and finally a worldwide online shop and new homepage is set to launch this November.

You can see my video from the event and my escapades in London below.

Some more pictures from the event. Photography credit here goes to David Short and Gary Nunn.

The last picture is of the new packaging, which is honestly not a massive change and I'm not sure if I even like it all that much. The actual products are still packaged the same, I think they changed more the cardboard boxes. So the actual "redesign" was a tad underwhelming, as hyped up as it had been.

At the event we were shown some promotional videos about the brand and it's specialties, and the founding family Langer gave some insight into it's new slogan "Makeup is a Science". The idea behind it is that their makeup is created by scientists, who are always striving to make improvements on a scientific level to the products. Then models circulated the room, each model showcasing one of their strong-points, such as theater, film, etc.

I have to say the event was a tad underwhelming. I like Kryolan products very much, but the actual presentation to the media and press lacked the "wow" factor. As a Blogger I've attended many events like this one, and from a prestigious brand like Kryolan I expected a bit more. It would have been great to see the artists in action on a model, to see how the products actually performed. Maybe a live body painting? (The picture of the body painting was taken before the event was open to the media.) Or a demonstration of some basic steps taken in the lab, something that I've always wanted to know more about - how is a lipstick actually manufactured? Or an eyeshadow? The actual presentation was a bit short, and also no mention was made at all of the launch of their new website. We had to find that out on our own.

However, I do think the products are really good and moderately priced, so hopefully the new website will make them more accessible to the public. Especially to those of you who have always asked me where to buy Kryolan, since I use their products in my videos. Apparently their online shop will offer worldwide shipping of their entire catalogue of products, so it will be a lot easier to get your hands on the products, which used to be a bit hard to find, depending on where you live.

Have you tried any Kryolan products before? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Check out all the phones in the audience, 6th photo. :D

    ANYWAYS, would love to try out their cosmetics.

  2. I love the grey and purple/pink tones on the second picture with the marie antoinette look.
    I would love it if you could recreate this look!

    Check out my blog, if you like :)


  3. Oooh I would love to hear more about them, it would be wonderful if you could review more of their products - focussing on just their products as I have heard great things about them but nothing detailed to give me a good idea of what their make up is like.. like there are thousands of reviews on blogs about MAC and Illamasqua but not many on Kryolan..
    Glad they are here now though!

  4. I used them while taking a stage makeup class. Even though I don't do theater makeup anymore I haven't found anything better to do Halloween makeup. Even Ben Nye isn't as good in the theatrical level to me. Their products are of great quality.
    I am SO excited that they will do world wide shipping.
    I really dont care about their packaging as long as that keeps the prices low.

  5. I LOVE Kryolan eye-shadows, especially their matte ones. I think they are of great quality (and for an awesome price). I know that MAC eye-shadows are allover the internet, but quality-wise, I think I would choose a Kryolan over a MAC eye-shadow. I probably use them on a daily basis.
    I wrote about some of their products on my blog quite a time ago and I am still a big fan. (http://enjoyingmakeup.blogspot.sk/2011/01/my-love-affair-with-kryolan.html)

  6. Wow, gorgeous! I really loved seeing the images.

  7. admiro la cantidad de eventos a los que puedes ir, es increible, aqui no pasa nada de nada, asi que solo me queda disfrutar atra vez de tus imagenes!!

    I admire the amount of events you can go, it's amazing, nothing happens here at all, so I can only enjoy through your pictures!!

    hello from ARICA _ CHILE

  8. I am so glad that you are aware of Kryolan! In my opinion, it's the only brand that deserves my money!!! (Well, apart from Chanel rouge-noir lipstick, a looooooong lasting love affair)
    Nevertheless, since it is soooo expensive in Greece -even in wholesale- I am obliged to compromise with Cosart, Atelier de Beaute, Beauty Is Life....
    But I insist!!! There's no other brand like Kryolan, when it comes to make up products!!!
    And I do not care at all about the packaging! I am fed up with every other brands' sophisticated packaging but NO quality!!! Too too bad that they are so expensive here!!! :((((