3 Oct 2012

Review: New L'Occitane Products

I've become a little bit of a L'Occitane junkie lately! If you've never heard of or tried this brand, it's a French brand that makes wonderful bath, body and skincare products. Their products are inspired by the southern French Provence region, but are available worldwide. I just love their body and hand creams, and also their shower products are excellent and smell divine. What I love about this brand is that the products not only smell sophisticated and appealing, but they actually do a wonderful job of moisturizing as well.

Left to right: 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream, Bonne Mère Gentle Cream Body Milk, Shea Butter Solidarity Soap, Bonne Mère Honey Body Wash, 25% Shea Butter Rose Petal Ultra Rich Body Cream, 20% Shea Butter Date Bouquet Hand Cream, 10% Shea Butter Mango Flower Lip Butter

One of my new favorites is the Bonne Mère Honey Body Wash. This was designed to be gentle enough to use for babies - although I have to say if I had a baby or young child, I'd definitely pick something non-allergenic and completely fragrance free. However, I absolutely love this for myself. It lathers up perfectly, I love the pump dispenser, and the fragrance smells like Honeysuckle. Even my boyfriend likes this one as he loves honey-scented products too.

Another favorite product is the 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream for dry skin. These are from the Fall Limited Edition line, which was inspired by West Africa, and has a variety of body products in the scents Date, Mango Flower, and Rose Petal. Pictured here is the original hand cream in the Limited Edition packaging (top) and the Date scented hand cream (bottom), both containing 20% Shea Butter. 

These hand creams are rich and luxurious, and smell absolutely wonderful. I love the 30ml Date scented one for my purse, and the large 150ml size is perfect for at home. They moisturize my hands perfectly, and absorb into my hands without leaving a slimy, sticky film. An absolute must-have for dry hands and cuticles!

Also released with this line is a limited edition body cream which comes in a cute metal tin and contains  25% Shea Butter, and 100ml of product. I have the Rose Petal scent, and it smells beautifully like rose, without being too strong and "fake" smelling.

Also released with the limited edition line is a Rose Petal "Solidarity Soap", the profits of which are 100% donated to community projects in Western Africa. I haven't tried this soap yet, but it is very inexpensive (2.50 Swiss Franks here for 50g) so you might as well add it onto your purchase if you buy something, as the money is being donated to a good cause! I have tried another soap by L'Occitane from their Lemon Verveine line and I liked it, so I can't wait to try this one too.

Have you tried any or want to try the L'Occitane products? What are your favorites?


  1. Hi Julia!Thanks for your amazing videos and your reviews.
    Best Wishes

  2. Simply love the their products.

  3. Anonymous9:14 pm

    I would try it if it were available here.

  4. I have not tried their products, but I think I am going to have to soon! I love the desing on the packaging too!


    Love you Blog/You Tube!


  5. I'll definitly try the honey body wash! thanks for the review!!

    I love the body lotion that smells delicious!greetings from México!

  6. Oh, I am absolutely in love with their products, as they use mostly natural ingredients,their effects on the skin are beyond description and they are also beautifully scented.I usually buy them from StrawberryNet.com and I am happy with they services - good prices, fast delivery, quality products.

  7. Ich liebe L'Occitane! Da es leider auch sehr teuer ist gönne ich mir nur ganz selten ein Tiegelchen. Besonders kann ich dir auch das "Karité Ultra-Reichhaltiges Körperpeeling" empfehlen. Selbst ich mit meiner empfindlichen Haut vertrage es super und es macht wirklich streichelzarte Babyhaut!

    <3 Coco