22 Nov 2012

Lilash Annual Sale & Sigma Free Shipping

It's that time of the year again for major Thanksgiving feasting, and post-feasting shopping! A few people have asked me about the annual Lilash lash enhancement serum sale which happens every year around this time. Here are the details:

From 12:00 a.m., Black Friday, November 23rd through 11:59 p.m., Cyber Monday, November 26th, LiLash and LiBrow products are only $99 each, and the LiLash + LiBrow Combo is only $149.95!

Get Lilash on SALE now!

Lilash and Librow normally retail for $139.97 each when not on sale, so this is a huge discount that they only offer around Thanksgiving.

Here's a picture of my own lashes after using Lilash, and you can read all my experiences with the product on my blog post here, and my video here. I am currently not using the product because I just wanted to take a break for a bit, but I have used it for a long time before and it definitely worked for my lashes! See for yourself below.

Also, Sigma has FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for two days! Yes, worldwide. Here are the details:

Thursday, November 22 (12:00 AM Central Standard Time) until 12:00 AM CST Friday, November 23.Use code BF2012 at checkout.

If you want my opinion on Sigma brushes, I have several review videos on them. My favorite brushes are from the SIGMAX synthetic series for foundation and concealer brushes (F80, F88, P86, P88). Other individual real-hair brushes I like from them are E55, E40, E35, F35, E25 and F10.


  1. Danke für den Hinweis, Julia! Ich hab die Gelegenheit genutzt und gerade bei Sigma bestellt.

  2. oh mist,...verpasst,...aber nächstes jahr kommt ja auch...dann kann ich meine "doofen" wimpern bekämpfen ;-)
    LG aus Deutschland und n riiiiieeeesen Respekt für dein letztes workout-video!