8 Oct 2014

Halloween Series: Ripped & Stapled Mouth

Halloween isn't all about looking cute and sexy, some people prefer the darker and scarier looks, so here's an especially gruesome one: The Chelsea Grin! This is a form of torture where a small incision is made on the side of the mouth, then the victim is inflicted severe pain, causing him or her to scream, tearing the sides of the mouth. Fantastic!!

Kidding, obviously.

I modified the classic chelsea grin to make it look like the sides of the ripped mouth has been stapled up again.

This is my first time trying a full blown special effects makeup look. I did a trial run to get some practice with the materials, but obviously I'm not perfect at it yet. I made a few errors here which I'll correct for my next SFX look I'm planning. I'm just excited to do more of these looks and improve my technique. We all have to start somewhere! I always found special FX makeup super intimidating, but I think just like regular makeup, you just need the right tools and products, and then practice, practice, practice... It was so much fun to do a really bloody and gory Halloween look!

Check out my tutorial on Youtube!

Products used: Kryolan Artex, Kryolan spatulas & mixing palette, Kryolan Cream Color Circle in Black Eyes , Ben Nye Neutral Set powder, MAC Smoked Purple lipstick, Kryolan Filmblut (Film Blood), Kryolan Fresh Scratch in Light & Dark

Thanks to Kryolan for providing some of the products for this look. Some of the items I purchased myself for previous videos. Check out Kryolan here.


  1. Wow, even close up this is so real looking! You did a great job on this.

  2. Fantastic!! I love your videos!!


  3. Wow that looks amazing!! Great post :)

  4. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Love this!! We used this as the inspiration for my boyfriends Joker costume, and it is fantastic. Thank you for these awesome tutorials, we would have been lost this year if it wasn't for this.

  5. Anonymous6:18 am

    Uhm, how are you able to buy this? I have to do it online and I see nowhere that it says how much it is or even the option of buying..