28 Oct 2014

Halloween Series: Marie Antoinette

Here it is, my personal "crowning glory" of this year's Halloween videos. I give you Marie Antoinette, post-beheading with a re-attached head in the Afterlife!!

When I began to develop the concept for this video, I knew I wanted to do a different spin on Marie Antoinette than many looks out there for this historical figure. I didn't want to go down that stylized, over-the-top cartoonish look popularized through movies; rather, I still wanted an element of realness to the former Queen of France.

Keep reading for all the details, more pics, and the tutorial...

The hair was a key component to this look, and instead of buying one of those very fake looking synthetic wigs, I did my hair in that 18th century style. You could even add some larger feathers to this hair to make it look more elegant and festive.

I absolutely love this hairstyle!! There's probably no occasion anymore in this day and age to wear this type of hairdo, but I think this turn of the century look was so beautiful. I decided to film a tutorial for the hair as well, if you want to see it below.

I wanted Marie to not only be refined, beautiful and lady-like, but also creepy and befitting a scary Halloween theme. I decided to give her a slashed neck wound, as if she had already had her head cut off on the guillotine, and somehow had reattached it in the Afterlife. Haha!

I hope you enjoy this look, and I think the costume I am wearing goes perfectly with it. It really made this character come to "life" - pun intended.

Watch both the videos to see how to do the hair, makeup, special effects wound, and costume styling! First up here is the makeup portion...

...and now for the hair tutorial!

This is the exact costume I wore: http://bit.ly/ZU1gZm
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It fit pretty well going by the sizing chart (maybe just a tad too big for me, I should have maybe gone down a size as the material is a bit stretchy) and looked so elegant. The costume came with a big petticoat to make the skirt fluff out, and was overall comfortable to wear.

Here's a list of products I used. Thank you to Kryolan for providing some additional key products I needed to make this look. I absolutely love this brand for special occasion but also "normal" makeup.

Special FX tools

Kryolan Artex, Kryolan molding spatulas & palettes, Kryolan Artificial Film Blood, Kryolan Fresh Scratch in Light and Dark, Kryolan Cream Color Circle in Black Eyes,

Everything else

Dinair airbrush makeup & compressor, Ben Nye Neutral Set powder, Kryolan Aquacolor White, Kryolan Stargirl S8 false lashes, Nars Desire blush, Catrice Tell Me A Berry-Tale lipstick, Kryolan eyeshadows and highlighting powders

I hope you enjoy this look as much as I did making it! Do you know what you're dressing up as this year yet??



  1. These are both amazing Julia! I'm just doing a simple cat this year, I have to work plus take kiddos trick or treating. I'm going big next year though, and this would be awesome! Bravo! You should try to do a scaled back version of this hair for formal wear. It'd be lovely.

  2. Das isch eifach so genial! Zu schad dasi scho e Halloween Idee ha, süst hätti das glaub echt usprobiert :)

  3. Best Halloween Look ever! I think this is really creative and so special! Everbody is doing Zombies and these kind of "ordinary" looks for Halloween, but this idea is really cool, and rare. I totally love the hairstyle, and together with the costume, the make up and the pretty realistic wound it's so authentic :)
    Well done, love it :)

  4. This look is amazing!! I really love the re-attached head :))

  5. In my country there are no Halloween culture, sometimes organizes a party and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna use this look!

  6. Anonymous7:21 am

    I think that you should have had a portrait done sans the neck wound. You are the most beautiful woman I ever saw in history or Hollywood. Stunning.
    ---Sage, an old cowboy.