8 Mar 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I went to see Alice in Wonderland today in 3D and had a great time! What a lovely fairytale! I personally liked it a lot, although the film has gotten some negative reviews. Meh, whatever, I went purely to delve into Tim Burton's vision of Wonderland and it was a thrilling adventure indeed. I love how he re-interpreted the fantasy world, the rich colors, the mesmerizing costumes of all the characters, the makeup - it was a visual feast. Storyline comes second in such a movie, in my opinion. When I go to see a 3D movie, I want to have a visual orgasm. I don't care too much about the story. The same reason I loved Avatar - great movie, awful story. But really, who cares?? I'm there to enjoy the ride, that's all.

I loved all the costumes, how cute were all the versions of Alice's blue dress? Her red dress at the palace of the Red Queen was so couture! Stunning!! I also thought the Cheshire cat was so cute, I loved how his coloring was gray and teal. I was very inspired by the movie, so as soon as I got home tonight I ordered this wig:

I hope it arrives soon!! It's being sent all the way from China, gotta love cheap deals on eBay. Can you guess what it will be for?

Anyway, if you are into 3D movies and just want to be entertained for 2 hours, I definitely recommend you check out this movie.


  1. Anonymous12:23 am

    Im guessing you were inspired by the White Queen? Haha. She did have dramatic makeup, and seeing as the only other blond was Alice and she was very plain and fair, I'm putting my money on that one.

    I truly enjoyed the movie. I liked the visuals, it being my second 3D movie of life. I also really liked the storyline, too! it was such an interesting take on the original, being that it was Alices return to wonderland. Seeing Alices flashbacks almost made me wish that that was a real movie also. The little Alice was adorable!

    Definitely a movie to see again, and also to own.

  2. Anonymous12:29 am

    Make up is comming soon, isn´t it? :)

  3. lycanice12:32 am

    Picture looks awesome. I want to see the movie really bad. By the way I'm Cuadrunner from Youtube. ^.^ i love what u do on there.

  4. I saw the movie today as well and enjoyed it quite a bit. LOVED Alice's dress at the Red Queen's castle. :D

  5. I can't wait to see this movie, I love all the Tim Burton's movies, are so original and magic.

  6. Alli Russell - Alliooopa!3:24 pm

    This was an awesome movie! Saw yesterday morning!!! I am a major Tim Burton Fan! You will look Amazing as the White Queen!

  7. I *really* wanna see that movie!! I didn't know it got negative reviews--and I don't care, I wanna see it!! XD lol, wigs from China = <3
    Can't wait to see what you're gonna do with it~ :D

  8. i Loved the movie as well glad you enjoyed yourself :) can't wait for the white queen's tutorial

  9. Can't wait for you to do the look!


  10. I want to see this movie too! Though I know it has gotten some ill reviews. I am in love with the costumes!~

  11. I absolutely LOVED the movie! I loved Tim Burton's vision of Wonderland, the costumes were AMAZING, and the make up was FABULOUS! I loved the White Queen's make up. I think the contrast of her dark make up with her pale skin and hair was beautiful. I don't really pay attention to the critics reviews b/c I usually disagree with them. LOL. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone. Loved it!

  12. what about an alice in wonderland/tim burton inspired make up and nail art? looking forward!!!!