5 Mar 2010

Pink Romance Spring Look

This soft, romantic and elegant look is perfect for spring. Soft pink and lilac shades, couples with cool grays. Pair it with some colourful earrings and you're all set!

Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ in 15, MAC Cremeblend blush in Joie-de-Vivre, Lancome Blush Subtil in Highlighting Rose

MAC Bare Canvas Paint, Mehron Paradise pallette (Pastel) for the pink base, MAC eyeshadows in Crystal, Swish, Smut, Shale, Print, Vanilla, and Vellum, MAC Kohl pencil in Feline, Lancome Artliner in black, Illamasqua Volume mascara, false lashes from H&M

Rimmel Vintage Pink lipstick, Margaret Astor Gloss

Illamasqua - Wink


  1. Very pretty! And I love your earrings :)

  2. that looks amazing!!! you're so pretty! I love your tutorials... u are one of the best gurus in my book... keep them coming!! =)

  3. You look so fresh and young and innocent in the picture! Going to watch the tutorial on youtube now ;)

  4. Ok! Go1:03 am


  5. Soooo pretty :3 it's like Spring personified

  6. not one of ur best videos cuz everything was so fast. but nevertheless a gr8 look.

  7. I love this look. So naturally beautiful and I love lip color.

  8. It's a look with a lot of light, I love it!

  9. wow this is so girly and romantic !!
    love it !
    can u plz do tutorials for small eyes ((Asian eyes)) ?

  10. Thanks so much for this video, I'm going to use this look soon!


  11. julia your makeup is beautifull and your vacation was so coool!!!!! thanks for share with us.

  12. this is so so pretty, i love that lipstick!

  13. Wiggs3:23 pm

    Love it! What's the exact name of the Lancome blush? I can't find it on Sephora.

  14. Ich liebe deine Looks, mach weiter so, du bist klasse! :-)

  15. hello, sorry for my bad english... i'm french...
    I love your website and your video :)
    I've got some question :
    - i've got the impression that you make your eye before your face it's true or false? what is your secret for a perfect "teint"
    - i've seen a sort of product you use as a "tape" (not in this video.. in "Arabic pink purple") makeup to make perfect eye in the corner. what is it? you never film the moment when you take it in and when you take it off...
    could you explain your secret please?
    thaks so much .

  16. Anonymous5:44 am

    I must say that I am very impressed by work you do. You are the reason I liked make-up. I had never tried before to do my eyes or put foundation and now I really enjoy doing that and I get many complements. Thank you for the professional tutorials!!!

  17. Anonymous2:06 am

    Thanks so much for having all of this tutorials. I'm 27 and I never used makeup before. I started watching your tutorials and I have been able to do so many looks!!! So thanks again for taking the time to show all the things you can do with makeup.

  18. Anonymous10:33 pm

    This is so pretty. I love the make up. How is it you speak German so well, and English so well? I'm first generaltion German here in the United States, and spoke German before I learned English. My English is perfect, my german is good, but not anywhere near yours! Love the tutorials. I'm a fan.

  19. Anonymous12:27 am

    really amasing

  20. Anonymous7:59 am

    Youre great!