6 May 2010

Revlon Photo Ready review

There's been a lot of talk about Revlon Photo Ready foundation since it debuted earlier this year, and it's been the talk of the beauty community for a hot minute. In the video I talk in depth about the product but here's my short review:

  • Suitable for normal to dry skin types
  • Light to medium coverage that is buildable. You will still need to use concealer with this foundation to cover redness, undereye circles, blemishes.
  • Leaves a glowing, slightly shimmery look to your skin
  • Affordable in North America (Between $12-14, sometimes available BOGO)
  • Very light shades are available for fair skinned people.
  • pump dispenser is great for ease of use.
  • Not suitable for combination and oily skin as the shimmer will enhance the oily look
  • The foundation contains micro shimmer particles that probably don't photograph too well with flash so I wouldn't recommend this for flash photo shoots or anything similar
  • If you have problem skin, large pores, or acne, I would avoid.
  • Very pricey in Europe for drugstore foundation. (+$30 USD in Switzerland)
  • Not a very wide shade range.

Overall I like the foundation for myself, but I can see how it isn't for everyone. We only have a measly 5 shades available in Switzerland, the lightest one available here being Shell 03, which is much too yellow and dark on me. I'll be ordering Ivory, the lightest shade, from eBay most likely. I would repurchase this but only from eBay, this is way too expensive for what it is in Switzerland and the shade range is too narrow.


  1. Great post; I think its not for me since I need full coverage.

  2. Why is called photo ready foundation when its not even suitable for photography?

  3. Wow that is pricey for you! You can actually get it in a shade lighter than vanilla, it's called ivorybut it's very hard to find.

  4. Hi Julia wollte mal wissen bei welchem ebay du immer bestellts. deutschem, schweizer, UK oder US ebay. s.v.p reponds moi je veux avoir aussi ce fond de teint mais dans la coleur plus pâle. 1000 merci

  5. I tried this foundation in two shades but they both looked ashy & pink once I applied them. I have no luck with my color & drug store foundation.

  6. 32 Swiss Francs (CHF) is $28.74 USD according to the currency converter I have. It's not a big difference because it still is expensive for a drug store foundation. I use a tinted moisturizer since I really dislike foundation.

    The Revlon looks good on you. You might want to order 002 since the Ivory is meant for cool-toned, not neutral, skin tones. How do you like the ColorStay?

  7. I can't believe that price for you. So crazy! I have really oily, acne prone skin with large pores. I really wanted this to work for me. I'm using it now so I don't waste it, but by the end of the day, even with powder, it slides right off my face. Your review couldn't be more spot on! The feel of this foundation is awesome, but sadly I will not be repurchasing.

  8. It's $13.49 for me over here in arizona, USA - if you want me to get it for you I can no problem. The store near me has all the color ranges so let me know!!


  9. Although I have pretty oily skin, I really really love this foundation. I have never been able to find a liquid foundation that works for me, so I bought this product on a whim when it was on sale. It was a plesant surprise.

    I think it actually helps with my oily skin since it seems more light and breathable than my regular matte cream foundation I had been wearing. Together with the photo-ready powder, my skin has been looking great.

  10. Monica6:04 pm

    I was wondering if it were possible for me to get dewy skin from my foundation even though i have combination skin (on the oily side) and a few acne blemishes here and there... any suggestions?

  11. cool...your in switzerland..me too (in basel).
    i also noticed the crazy prices of drug store makeup i.e. revlon,maybelline etc.
    i decided to wait until i move back to the u.s before i do my next big makeup shopping day.

  12. love your lipstick in this video....what is it??

  13. Just letting you know I used to wear this foundation and my face didn't look like a discoball;) So I agree not for professional shoots i don't think (have not tried) but everyday use/photos is fine