10 Nov 2014

MAC Heirloom Mix Review & Swatches

Hello world! Today I have some of the pieces from the MAC Heirloom Mix collection to show you, which is coming out for the holiday season - available in November 2014. I only have 4 pieces from an obviously much larger collection, but I wanted to give my opinion on the products I do have.

Keep reading for more pictures and the review!

Shown here are:

Tribalist Lipstick (Amplified) (31 CHF)
Prunella Eye Kohl (26 CHF)
Amethyst Glitter (38 CHF)
Modern Majesty Pressed Pigment (29 CHF)

*suggested retail prices for Switzerland, check your local MAC retailer for prices

I love the fact that I was sent color-coordinated products, which often makes more sense when you want to create a look using all the products from the collection. From the above, I really like the lipstick which is a gorgeous creamy finish with intense color pay-off that is typical of the Amplified formula. I also think the eye pencil will be quite pretty for creating smoky, darker looks, and it has a very creamy finish which is great if you like your pencil liners on the blendable, smudgy end of the spectrum.

The purple glitter, while very pretty, is a miss for me simply because of the ridiculous price tag. This goes for 38 CHF here ($39 USD)! I'm sorry, but the day I shell out that kind of dough for cosmetic glitter is the day hell freezes over. You can get cosmetic glitter from many places, one of my favorites being Lit Cosmetics for $12.95 on their website or at Sephora, and even if you were to ship overseas, you would probably still pay less. This MAC glitter is just not good value.

Swatched left to right, top to bottom: Tribalist Lipstick, Prunella Eye Kohl, Modern Majesty.

I like how the eye pencil has a deep purple sheen to it, and the lipstick is a glorious vampy shade perfect for fall and winter. The pressed pigment shadow, however, is tricky to work with. It reminds me a lot of MAC Blue Brown pigment, as it has a strong red based nuance, which can easily make the eye look bruised and sickly if you don't work with it well. I would recommend layering this one over a black or a blue eyeshadow base to bring out the blue purple tones rather than the reds.

I wanted to see how Tribalist lipstick (pictured right) matched up to Smoked Purple lipstick by MAC (pictured left). As you can see Smoked Purple has a matte finish while Tribalist has a cream finish, and the latter has a more warm toned hue while the former is more of a blue toned purple. They are definitely somewhat similar though, so unless you're a die-hard vampy lipstick shade collector, I probably wouldn't recommend purchasing them both.

This is a huge collection, there are many more products coming out, as well as the holiday gift set items which look pretty and can be quite good value for money.

Will you be picking up any of the products from the MAC Heirloom Mix collection this year?

Thank you MAC Switzerland for the samples for review.


  1. These products all look very amazing! I especially like the lipstick :)

  2. OMG!!! This collection is a must see one. Love the colors/shades. Will def be checking on these....

  3. I think prunella is lovely but the pressed pigment if very disappointing. It's too bad, since it looks terrific in the pan.

  4. Oh my goodness, that packaging. Yes, yes, the packaging suckered me in. The Tribalist Lipstick looks like I want it. ;) I like the eyeshadow palettes, primarily the purple-y one and those lip glosses. I agree with you about the cosmetic glitter... || www.ladymaquillage.blogspot.com ||

  5. Melissa6:22 pm

    I bought the tribalist and some other stuff. When I talked to mac they told me the prices has went up three times in the past few years. (can't remember what she said.) I remember when mac was somewhat affordable. Like the lipsticks used to be like $12.00.

  6. I need that lipstick and the eyeshadows SO HARD!