24 Oct 2009

Barry M Haul

I recently hauled some Barry M cosmetics - a UK cosmetic brand - from their online shop, and today I finally had the time to take some pretty pictures of my loot! Check my video above for more details as well, and you can subscribe to my second channel if you'd like to see more haul videos. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to post hauls exclusively on my ThirdShift channel, or on my regular MissChievous makeup channel as well. All these pics are taken with my Canon 20D SLR and a 50mm lens (I should really use it more, it takes gorgeous pictures!) Click on the images to see them in full size for maximum detail and colour.

Nail Paints (L to R): Baby Pink, Lilac, Limited Edition Pink, Baby Blue

My entire Barry M nailpaint collection (L to R):
Limited Edition Pink, Baby Pink, Lilac, Baby Blue, Cyan Blue, Mint Green, Racing Green

Blusher in Pink Orchid

Lip Paints (L to R): Peachy Pink, Black, Dolly Pink

My Barry M Lip Paint collection (L to R):
Baby Pink, Palest Lavender, Dolly Pink, Peachy Pink, Black

I love Barry M products, I have a few more of their things such as one Dazzle Dust loose eyeshadow, and the bronzer, which is amazing! One of the best drugstore lines out there, I think. They make really cool, original colours and the quality of their products is pretty good. If you're thinking of buying a black lipstick to go along with the black lip trend that's so in this season, try this one from Barry M. It's really pigmented and because it's so inexpensive, you won't feel like you've wasted a bunch of money on a higher end brand lipstick that you might only wear a few times. Their nailpaints are also really nice, very creamy and opaque, even their pastel shades.

Please check their website for all the prices, and if you decide to order, make sure to take advantage of discount codes that can be found through Google. You can usually find a code that will give you 15% off your online order. I followed Barry M on Twitter and used a one-day-only 20% discount code they tweeted - score! Shipping was incredibly fast. I had my order delivered 3 days later, and I believe they ship worldwide.

Link to my haul video


  1. Barry M livre en Suisse alors? Combien cela t'a coûté en frais de port? Merci pour ta réponse. Je comprends également l'anglais mais je m'exprime mieux en français et j'ai lu sur ton blog que tu comprenais cette langue. Par ailleurs, j'aime beaucoup ton blog.


  2. Wow those photos came out nice... what camera did you use for those?

  3. Hh wow those pics look awesome! You can really see the colors very well :)

  4. really nice haul
    i really want to try some barry m stuff because i heard they are pretty good. I wish they had it in america.


  5. Anonymous8:17 pm

    allo je parle francais alors je voulais savior si tu pourrai rfaire le drak fairy en francais et le ladybug pise miss chizz chivous

  6. luv the nail polishes !

  7. man i just love how you do youre make up that thing that im having trouble with is mixing 2 eyeshadows together:(

  8. Loved Cyan Blue & Limited edition Pink!

  9. Hey there, gorgeous pictures. Next time please could you do some swatches of lipsticks etc? :) thanks x

  10. Hey, any chance you could take pictures of swatches of these products next time? e.g. lipsticks. it helps :)

    gorgeous pictures btw, xx

  11. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Well I´ve tried some products from Barry M in England. I never use nail polish, so I can not comment about that. But Duzzle dust eyeshadows are not good: not pigmented, there are just sparkling spots and impossible to blend. Regular eyeshadows fade so quickly you have to use a primer. Always. Same happens with the lipsticks I bought, though they are quite moisturizing, and they not make you feel like having "chapped lips". And what I love are blushes. I want them all, they´re great, very pigmented, stay in place for a long time and colours are superb. For a cheap make up I´d rather choose Astor, Pinaud or Maybelline. Thank you! Cristina (España)

  12. Cerise0072:01 am

    Nice outfit and scarf. I love hauls of what ever. I should do some hauls. I love to shop and have way too much of everything. I need to know how to get started. Do you have any jewerly hauls? I did see one of your jewerly hauls and wanted to know where you got the chandalier earings?