11 Oct 2009

In and Out

I love reading this on other people's blogs! A list of what's In and what's Out according to - well....me! Feel free to make your own in and out list on your blog or in the comments.


Fall Makeup collections: I love them, they're always some of my favorites since I prefer dark and dramatic looks. I absolutely loved MAC Style Black, but other brands such as Nars, Dior and Chanel have also brought out some beautiful vampy color collections. The vamp is back!

Changing seasons: It's so nice to see summer turn to autumn, I love going on walks during this time of year through forests or open fields. So gorgeous!

Upcoming OPI collections: The Holiday Wishes 2009 and the Suede collection (with topcoat) look gorgeous! Will be placing an oder very soon.


Fake tan: I have to admit I hate fake tan - on anyone. I can always tell, no matter how natural it's supposed to look and how expensive the product is. It always just looks "off" somehow.

My hair: It needs a cut - badly! I absolutely hate it. I made an appointment at my salon but it's not until next month ARGH! My hair is driving me mental and the ends are damaged and frazzled. Yuck.

Matte nails: I was debating putting this on the "in" category and still not sure if it really belongs down here but you know what - I'm over matte nails. They just don't dazzle me. There's been so many collections coming out with matte topcoats or full on matte collections, but pretty much all of them except maybe OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte have left me La Paz-itively cold.

Long fake acrylics with nailart: Speaking of nails, when have these ever been in? Ugh. Just my personal opinion! Natural nails, even if they are short but well groomed, look so much classier to me.

Have a great Sunday everyone! :)


  1. Anonymous10:56 pm

    I TOTALLY agree with you about the acrylic nails. No offense to anyone who likes them...but they just look so cheap to me!

  2. I totally agree with you on the fake nails-thing. They look waaay to artificial to me to be anything close to pretty. Fake nails are okay if they look natural, but those claws most women wear just look...scary. :D Fake tan is also a no-go to me.

  3. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Totally with you on the fake tan! I can't believe the hights some people reach with it as well... I mean, when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning does it not strike you as a bit odd and unnatural that you're ORANGE?! :X

  4. I quote your thought about nailart, i can't stand fake nails too, but nails with tons of glitter, stickers, boring designs, are cheesy and i can't define a woman with nailart a classy woman.

    Vampy make up is a gorgeous thing for a porcelain beauty, i love dark burgundy lips and nails.

  5. I'm with Anonymous up here. I don't like false nails at all.

    About the matt polishes...I bought Essie MAY and I'm getting into to it. It's kind of fun for change a little bit.

    Big hug to you Julia.

  6. I like OPI's Espana collection and I can't help it, their "You don't know Jacques" really makes me happy when I see it on.

    I would say the following:

    1. Matte skin and glossy lids
    2. Orange/red lips
    3. Patterned tights and ruffled collars
    4. Round nails
    5. Lash extensions/Feathered Faux

    1. Blonde blonde
    2. Short hemlines
    3. Implants
    4. Flatironed hair
    5. Pink

    Whoah it sounds like I'm veto-ing Barbie- but I think the sassy brunette with tailored wool and leggy legs is going to be the fall/winter look.

    It'll be interesting to see!

  7. Katarina12:05 am

    I also agree about the acrylic nails. :s And the fake tan. -ryser-

  8. I think some of the designs of nail art are really creative, but they're not practical for real life use. Some are very fun to admire though

  9. I dont like the fake tan myself! But still quite liking the matt nails. Kind of autumn-y I think..

  10. Julia, I can't wait to see what polishes you choose from the upcoming OPI Collection! I had a peek - they look gorgeous! I also agree with you about the Matte polish, I am personally not a huge fan of this either. But I do quite like nail art on natural nails! I can see where the "tacky" statement may be warranted over extra long false nails but I also know a few bloggers who have achieved beautiful nail art on their natural nails. These girls are anything but tacky; I see them as very classy ladies and they know how to care for and groom their nails. However, it is a personal preference and beauty is in the eye of the beholder! :)

  11. totally agree with u on the fake tan and fake nails. it looks so trashy! Gah i live in Australia and u have no idea how many orange people i see throughout the year - its just ludicrous that they dont realise they are orange!

    =D x

  12. I agree! And...I was never into Matte nails.

  13. Honestly, I was never into the matte nail trend. Plus, it brings out all the ridges on my nails. Yay for shiny nails!

  14. yeah... acrylic nails always scream "porn star" to me. i had them once when i was 14 and while it was fun (to me!) to tap them, they're not for me!!!

  15. Acrylic nails have always been trashy. I hate them.

  16. Have you noticed that many girls who have fake tan also have acrylic nails ^^ ?

  17. I like fake nails. I have a nail-biting habit so that's the only way (for now) for me to have some length...but only if the nails aren't freakishly long. If they are, I trim them down to what I feel is comfortable. Plus I like some of the designs too. It's nice to have a variety especially when it's not permanent.

  18. I have to disagree with the fake nails.. I always love them.

  19. Anonymous11:06 pm

    artificial nails only look cheap if you have no taste. you get what you pay for.

  20. Anonymous2:58 am

    You guys clearly havent seen tastefull acrylic nails. You get what you pay for and my acrylic nails are anything but tacky and they look gorgeous simple and clean.if you go and get the ghetto design on the 2 inch nails then thats gross and you need to go home.

  21. The title of this post made me giggle. (Yes, I have the mind of a fourteen yeard old boy.lol)

  22. I 100% agree on the fake nails thing. They ALWAYS look fake. Have tiny well groomed nails and it still looks stunning and classy people!!!

    Here are my "ins" in my september favorites:

  23. oooooooh i bet i can change your mind about nail art! i am in love with japanese gel nail art, go to kakimoto arms.com man! i have no idea where they do it in europe though, i havent even been able to find any gel nails in london! theyre fantastic!

    lola re


  24. mhtinkerbell9:20 pm

    Love the list but im confused...dont u wear fake nails sometimes? Like the post w the blue saphire polish r those ur real nails?

  25. Ahhh I agree with you !! Hate the friggin tan and the long acrylic nails! ( slut look anyone?! )that and a local phenomenon I witness in my hometown ( Monterrey, Mexico ) ... the " can't live without my hair iron look" , God I hate it! Sure, a sleek, straight hair looks nice ...EVERY NOW AND THEN but using it EVERYDAY believe me, it sucks and looks so damn out! Besides, that is the safest way to ruin your hair for good ( my little sister has her entire hair all fried out because of the iron ) and I might look like Medusa when I wake up but I can be sure my hair is still healthy! Greetings to everyone!!

  26. Anonymous11:59 pm

    LOL acrylics! Especially the super long ones!! ...how can you wipe your butt?! And fake tans are def. annoying. Who knew looking like an OompaLoompa was so darn cool!! I got a matte OPI nail polish in MetroChic. Love love love the color except in the color it's supposed to turn out.. which is matte. It looks gross on me, so lifeless and dull. Good thing I can change that just by adding a shiney top coat!

  27. Carol Prince - Brasil3:59 am

    Perfect In and OUT. I tottally agree!

    Kss and hgs