31 Oct 2009

Last Minute Costumes!

Happy Halloween everybody!

So what are your plans for tonight? Going trick or treating with your kids? Going to a Halloween party or a club? There's probably lots of you who haven't found a Halloween costume yet or are going out last minute! If you're dreading braving the stores looking for left-over tacky Halloween costumes (black witch hats or skeleton rubber masks anyone?) - why not just dress up with clothes you have, and use your own accessories to dress up? You can always just do a fun Halloween makeup, dress up in black clothes, and join in on the fun!

Here's all my videos that I think would be suitable for various last-minute Halloween costumes - substitute any of the products I use with anything you have at home! Make it your own, work it, and have fun for Halloween! And please don't drink and drive!

Moulin Rouge Can Can Dancer
Forest Fairy / Wood Sprite
Gothic Fairy / Fallen Angel
Pantomime Mask / Clown
Mother Earth
Good Fairy / Princess
Corpse Bride
Doll / Ventriloquist Dummy
Queen of Hearts / Geisha
Twiggy / Mod Girl
Pin-up Girl / Dita Von Teese
Gothic Girl
Princess Jasmine / Bellydancer


  1. Hi, Julia, dear!!! How are you? I just started following your blog. I really love all your tuts. You're so talented! I did your Forest Fairy/Wood Nymph look for halloween, but tweaked it a little. I was Mother Nature. =) Hope you have a great Halloween!! <3 Victoria

  2. hey Julia...I was so happy about Halloween, but I don't know what happened... Problably because of the weather here in Milan, my bloodpressure went horribly down. I wanted so much to do one of your Halloween tutorials... but, I think that my Halloween will be at home. ¬¬ Congrats about your videos... you're so good! I try to watch all of them! Thanks a lot for the tips! Baci!

  3. Happy Halloween... I am doing the makeup look you just did and wearing just black clothes.. it's so pretty but vampy all in one...

  4. Thanks, I just love Halloween, It's so sad that don't have much of it in here!

  5. Anonymous5:27 am

    Have you ever done a Medusa look? Would love to see what you come up with if you do. I may have to tweak your tinkerbell look for Medusa this year. :) Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Wish I found you sooner!