3 Nov 2009

Halloween Recreations Pt. 2

Here's some more recreations that were sent in from people who used one of my Halloween tutorials - the last ones for this year! Thanks so much to everyone for sending in your pictures, and sorry in advance to anyone whose picture I missed.

Aggie used my vampire look - she did a great job and her costume is vampalicious!

Allyson wearing the Fallen Angel look - very sinister looking!

Amber with the vampire look - great job and it looks creepy!

Andrea using my witch tutorial - it looks great on her!

Aysh with the Fallen Angel look - beautifully done!

Brittany replicating my Cleopatra look - great use of color, especially the golds!

Caroline using the Fallen Angel look - great job and the costume looks amazing too!

Casie with the Witch look - fabulously executed!

Christina using my corpse bride look - love the twist with the blue lips!

Christy using my Fallen Angel look - looks great with the purple as well!

Delia using my Cherry blossom Look for her geisha costume - amazing! Love all the red.

Elsy with my mermaid look - great job! I know how time consuming this look is to pull off, you did great.

Gaby with the vampire look - she looks great and love the earrings.

Gigi using a mix of the corpse bride and the vampire look - great job combining the looks and it looks scary!

Gillian using my vampire look for her "Fang Banger" costume - very True Blood!

Gloria's take on the Fallen Angel look - great use of color!

Jane using my vampire look - great job, the red looks great!

Janet combining my Fallen Angel and my Vampire looks - very creative and it looks amazing!

Jody as a Fallen Angel - looks great and the cobweb earrings are a fun touch!

Katherine using my Witch tutorial - great job! The green looks great with her brown eyes.

Kendra as a Fallen Angel - love it! The eyelashes are so fun.

Liliana as a Fallen Angel - she looks stunning and the long eyelashes are fab!

Martina as a vampire with her husband Federigo - hubba hubba! Great job Martina.

Megan as a Fallen Angel - love the colors in this one, great job!

Melissa used my Pantomime look for her Pierrot costume - can I just say that costume is spot on!! Very Pierrot, she captured the character perfectly.

Monica as a Fallen Angel - very captivating!

Nadia using my Forest Nymph look - amazing job and spot on costume too!

Natalie as a Fallen Angel - great combination of colours again and she did an amazing job!

Olivia's take on the Fallen Angel look - love the creativity of the added stones on her face, gives it a sort of tribal mythical flare.

Paris used my Fallen Angel look and combined it with deep burgundy lips - awesome job!

Rebecca used my vampire look and she looks scary! Great costume too.

Sophie using the vampire look - bitetastic!

Sophie also used my Fallen Angel look and added a cobweb for a black widow look - very creative!

Stephanie wearing my Ventriloquist Doll look - great execution! And your boxboy friend looks creepy as hell haha!

Sue as a scary vampire - creepy! And great teeth too.

Victoria used my Forest Fairy look and she looks great! The green colors work well with her costume.

Vlasta used my Ladybug look and she did a fantastic job! This is still one of my fav Halloween looks.

Zulimar used my Cleopatra look and she looks exotic!

Thanks so much for all your pictures everyone and you all did me proud. :) I hope you all had a great Halloween, and I'm already excited for next year's tutorials.


  1. Oh my goodness they are all so talented!! How cool!

    On a side note the first girl looks like Sofia Vergara :o

  2. Anonymous7:07 am

    fallen angel is popular

  3. Anonymous7:12 am

    Wow it's so great to see so many people inspired by your looks! Needless to say your fallen angel look was a hit. Keep on doin what you're doin!

  4. Great work everyone!
    Especially Delia´s Geisha look is adorable:-)

  5. looks like the fallen angel was a hit. i was considering that one too but didn't have the costume to go with it.

  6. Anonymous9:48 am

    This is so cool to see!!

  7. They are all great, works of art. I also like very much Delia's Geisha. The red color is amazing. Very inspirational. Now, I know what will be my costume for next Halloween.

    Take care,

  8. Anonymous10:31 am

    Fallen Angel was a winner - and no wonder, she was stunning.... Loved looking at all the pictures! Everyone did such a fantastic job! Thanks for posting Part 2 Julia xx

  9. Ameirah11:37 am

    Everyone is looking fab! Julia, what was your costume! We want pics! :))

  10. Anonymous1:20 pm

    i had no idea halloween was more popular for adults than kids! makeup looks amazing!

  11. Nice Halloween pictures! I personally love the Corpse bride that you did!

  12. Anonymous2:31 pm

    I Love the Fang Banger!

  13. Thanks for posting my picture. I appreciate it. Your tuts are amazing. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. =)

  14. Thank you so much for posting my picture.

  15. Anonymous10:09 pm

    i want to post a picture of my fallen angel but how do i do it?

  16. Aw its so nice how you took the time to respond to each one nicely!

  17. wow !! nice !! i also did your corpse bride look .. though it didn't turned out pretty well ,, it did turned out damn scary !! hehehe .. hope you can see my pictures on my blog .. thx a bunch !!

  18. Hallo!i cant get tierd of saing that i love your tutorials and i was looking your site (great by the way) and i couldnt leave without saing that i used one of your halloween tutorials has an inspiration! please check out my youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJXPDsMnh28, i hope i made you proud too. ;)
    kissis and continue your incredible job! p.S: please say something if you want one of my photos for you post in, like those girls here, all of them great too :D

  19. Hey.I want to show my make up too!!its sooo cool!!everyone was shoked at my work,cuz a vampire was really awesome!!Thank you soo much Julia!;)
    If someone know how to send the pict to Julia let me know please - i.hate.this.part.com@gmail.com