10 Nov 2009

Mukluks - Help!

All I want for Christmas is a pair of mukluks! These are traditional handicrafted First Nations People boots that are extremely amazing for the winter. I bought something similar to this a few years ago in Montreal where it was so so darn cold and snow aplenty, but they were "Made in China" imitations. They were real suede and rabbit fur, but the inner lining is synthetic. The real mukluks have a sheep wool lining which makes them super cozy but also breathable.

They are absolutely ideal for the colder climates, especially when I go up to the cabin in the mountains here. Over the winter we often go up skiing and there's usually a ton of snow about, so these boots are absolutely ideal for that. I always get extremely cold feet and I hate any kind of synthetics around my feet because then I start sweating. So these are absolutely ideal for my needs.

Since I'm going to be in Vancouver over Christmas, I think I'm going to look for some. I know there are some shops run by First Nations bands that sell traditional handicrafts and such, either around North Van or around Squamish / Horseshoe Bay. I'd be really thankful for any Vancouverites who could point me in the right direction, of potential stores I can check out. I found some online places but I'd prefer to buy in a store and be able to try them on first. Leave a comment below if you know somewhere that has boots like this around the Vancouver / Whistler area! It would be really helpful if you could post names of the stores or where exactly they are located. :)


  1. So cute,I want it!!!

  2. I am gonna go to cabins in Jan-March too, so these boots would be awesome (although I don't think I can pull them off, they're quite bold!)

  3. Anonymous6:34 pm

    The Squamish Nation Reservation in West/North Vancouver has a craft store. I wouldn't be surprised if they sold those there.

  4. Anonymous7:24 pm

    I was looking for some too and had a hard time finding them in Montreal. I had to order fakes from the Sears catalogue..!

  5. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Check Manitobah.ca They're the best in Canada

  6. Hi Julia,
    I live here in Alaska, right outside of Denali National Park...and right now it is -22 outside! I have a pair of mukluks that I wear ALL OF THE TIME, I LOVE THEM!!! I bought mine in the middle of nowhere in the Yukon Territory, so I can't tell you where to find them, but I do have a friend that has an online store selling all kinds of Alaskan made goods, and they are the real deal. All of their products are high quality and built for outdoor Alaska use. Their website is http://www.alaskaguide.com/akstore/akfoot.htm

    that link will take you to their footwear page. Good luck shopping and check me out sometime at www.LiveDenaliAlaska.com

  7. Hi!
    There is a shop on the Capilano Reserve in North Van that sells slippers and sweaters etc. But since those boots aren't traditionally made here I don't know if they'd have them. You can, however, get those boots for sure at the BC Ferries terminal in Tsawaassen - you could probably call ahead too. I tried them on last winter, I think they were $225CDN or so.

  8. jenee2:31 am

    Hey Julia,
    I'm from Toronto, and I have a pair of mocha suede muks from www.sheepskinandthings.com. They are the CUTEST i've seen, even cuter and better quality than ones i've seen in malls. They're in Calgary, all hand made, and the fur used is from renewable resources! I've had mine for 3 years, and still super warm! Plus FREE s/h available via FedEx Ground within Canada! You MUST get a pair! hehe HTH! =D


  9. Anonymous1:22 am

    They have them in Vancouver near the Waterfront
    The store is called Hills Native Art.
    Thats where im getting them tomorrow.:)
    They have black, grey, and natural :)


  10. Anonymous1:17 am

    I've got the tanned one 1yr ago. They r so good but sadly its kinda big since my mum bought it for me. but they do the job and the best thing of it all that it was on sale for 99euros

  11. Anonymous3:53 am

    Hey Julia, try Khot-la-cha art gallery and gift shop in north van. they may have them there. this is the website: http://www.khot-la-cha.com/contactus.html

  12. nice to see that you are a fan of Native arts & crafts. I am Native myself (Cree) and I would suggest that you go online to llok up some reservations near the areas you will be. As far as I know there is always someone selling traditional crafts, clothing in the reserves. Another awesome place to get a pair would be if you attended a pow wow event. There are plenty of craft booths around that sell many varieties of Native arts & crafts and clothing.

  13. Anonymous7:48 am

    i got mine in downtown squamish for about 200$ looove mine =]