1 Nov 2009

Halloween Recreations from YOU! Pt.1

I am so flattered and honoured to have so many amazing people recreate my Halloween tutorials! I wanted to share some of these pictures with you as well - you all did an amazing job!

Cecilia (right) with her mother Toty recreated my Witch and my Moulin Rouge tutorials. Fabulous job ladies and I love your costumes! Sexy and fun.

Palova did a wonderful recreation of my Corpse Bride look. Gorgeous dress too!

Cecilia also did a spooky Corpse Bride look and her brother is rocking Petrilude's zipper eyes tutorial. I LOVE the costumes, very Victorian!

Ana Karina used my Fallen Angel look - beautiful!

Bree with the Fallen Angel look - great wings! Loves it.

Bree also used the same look on her daughter's butterfly costume. Cuteness overload!

Kelly used my Fallen Angel look and added a touch of gore with some bloody stitches - scary! I love it!

Kety used my Ventriloquist Doll look - cute and creepy at the same time. Awesome!

Sapphire from Hong Kong with my Fallen Angel look - great costumes! Wow!

Ramla wearing my Pantomime Mask makeup. I love the costume and the execution of the makeup is flawless!!! Cute bow too :)

Ssalazar with the Fallen Angel look - love the glitters!

Maria Elena decided to use elements of the Moulin Rouge look - yay! Love the red lips on her.

Liz used my Fallen Angel look - I love the black wings and it looks gorgeous on her.

Kristy used my Corpse Bride look and bloodied it up - ahhhhh creepy! Let's just say I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley, haha. Great job!

Brittany used my Forest Fairy look and it turned out wonderful, love the vines in her hair!

Emma used my Fallen Angel look and she is striking in black hair! Very gothic! Amazing job.

Inka used my Fallen Angel look - wow her eyes look beautiful! I wish mine were that big hehe.

Patricia used my Corpse Bride look and seems to be having a fab time! Cute costume and creepy at the same time. Hope you had fun with your friends.

Ashley used my Fallen Angel look for her dark pixie costume and she looks stunning.

Tica did a flawless recreation of my Witch look. Great job and I love the green on her!

Thanks so much everyone - I am over the moon! You all did great and I loved your pictures. If you'd like to participate, I might get a chance to post some more Halloween recreation pics from my fans. If you recreated one of my Halloween tutorials and would like it published on here, please send a resized version right side up (no larger than 640 pixels in width or length) to my email: julia.youtube@gmail.com


  1. WOW Fallen angel was so popular!

    Everyone did such great jobs!

  2. Anonymous7:57 pm

    WOW!!! Absolutely OUTSTANDING job everyone (and of course, Julia for all the great inspiration, too!!!!!)


  3. Wow I love to see how people use the tutorials in real life! You are so inspiring Julia.

  4. Anonymous8:30 pm

    so cool, people really like your videos. you're really creative. my favorite was the fallen angel. great job, i love your videos

  5. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Awesome pics! So cool of you to post them! I really wanted to do the fallen angel look, and I practiced it for days - but I just don't have a steady hand so I skipped. =(

  6. Anonymous11:15 pm


  7. hi!! i just wanted to say, I love your tutorials!! you're awesome!! =) also, I just wanted to tell u that I ran across one recreation of your work that didn't get included here... --->>> http://abubots.blogspot.com/2009/10/tsktsktsk.html

    hope to see more & more vids from u... tc!

  8. Trabook1:17 am

    I had a Fallen Angel make up too. Altough i suposed to be Morticia :)))

  9. Anonymous1:24 am

    These are all great!! Fabulous job ladies....

  10. wow those were really good

  11. Great to see how all of these have used your videos for inspiration. Must make you feel great to see that all your hard work was well worth it. Well done to everyone!!!

  12. Anonymous2:22 am

    Julia, without a doubt this IS the best way to thank your followers (and fans!). Not only is it so flattering and such an honour for you but it gives such a thrill to everyone who has had their photo's posted and commented on by you today! They've all done a gorgeous job and you are an amazing person for spreading such joy. Well done xx

  13. Wow these are great!

  14. I love them all!!! Great job everyone and of course Julia great job as a teacher!!! Thanks a lot!

  15. Yay, I did the fallen angel too, with a black halo and black wings with lots of glitter, and got so many awesome reactions on it. People loved it! Even my mother, who doesn't like dark, gothic and horror loved it and said it looked so stunning and she demanded I should take pictures of it so she could show granny. =D

  16. I used your fallen angel look too. Altough as a vampire look with gold. I'll try too give you a picture if I can find one. I know some people took pictures of me working in the bar. =) Seems a lot of people liked it! One of my class mates didn't even recognize me when she saw me at first.

  17. My mom will be thrilled to see out picture here. Thank you so much Julia for all your wonderful videos! :O)

  18. Anonymous2:33 am

    i really like how you put the recreations up! it shows you are really dedicated to oyur fans and care about how they do your tutorials! good for you!!!! : )

  19. Anonymous3:45 pm

    adorei todas as maquiagens,mas de todas gostei da mulher sangrando bjos camila

  20. Anonymous6:42 pm

    It's masquerade season in Europe now, so I'm doing the ventriliquist makeup today. :-)
    I know it won't turn out half as good as MissChievous, but I'll do my best. 2 yearS ago I had the most amazing white face color but now I can't find it anywhere. I hate to be limited with makeup... :-(

  21. Anonymous8:33 am

    I luv ur make up tutorials on youtube! And I love the creativity in it... :)