13 Sep 2010

My Daytime Look

I often get questions from my viewers if I wear the bright and dramatic looks that I create on my Youtube channel out. Well, the answer is, yes sometimes I do - if I'm going out to a club, or to some special event or just when I feel like it. But my day to day makeup look is very simple and pared down. For daytime I usually wear a natural look, something very easy like this:

It just isn't practical to have to touch up and check my makeup all day to see if everything still looks good. And who wants to wear heavy makeup for a long day at the office? So this is more along the lines of what I would throw on day to day.

I focus on getting my skin looking good, reducing under eye dark circles (the plight of porcelain doll fair skin is that circles are really hard to conceal and show up very easily) and adding a touch of color to my face. Either I'll wear a colorful lipstick (red, pink, coral) and go neutral with everything else, or add a nice color of blush on my cheeks. I rarely wear totally nude dead-looking lip products with minimal makeup, it washes me out and makes me look so unhealthy. For neutral lips, I go for the "my lips but better" option.

What I'm wearing today:

Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc, Makeup Forever Lift Conealer Nr. 3

Nars Gilda blush, MAC Petticoat MSF

MAC Untitled Paint as a base, Shu Uemura shadow in IR 860, MAC Vanilla eyeshadow, Margaret Astor Colour Proof Automatic Eyeliner in 002 Brown, Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara in Black

MAC Mattene lipstick in Flattering, Body Shop lipgloss in Guava

How do you wear your everyday makeup?


  1. Very lovely. I usually wear a powder foundation. I like color on the eyes so I keep the rest of my face neutral..

  2. Anonymous3:40 pm

    simple and beautiful. thankyou for sharing your tips tricks and knowledge.

  3. I wear Mineral foundation in Medium Beige with Naughty Blush by Bare minerals and a light sweep of Vanilla eyeshadow from Smashbox eye palette.
    For lips, laura Geller's Spice Lipgloss or Guerlain lipglosses.

  4. Anonymous3:50 pm

    You are so right when you said to focus on your skin looking good! It's so much better to have well-cared-for skin and be able to wear minimal, nautral looks for day rather than having to spackle your face with too much foundation and concealer. I have fair skin too and have the same problem with the dark eye area, so lately that has been my focus as well.

    My daughter and I love your blog, your videos, and your ideas! God Bless!

  5. Ida Pie3:51 pm

    My day to day makeup is very much like yours. Just something simple and quick, but nice.

  6. Your such a pretty woman! I have very fair skin, so it's always important for to be aware of how much makeup is too much makeup. Fair skinned people can really overdue the foundation if not careful. I use a light whipped foundation and a touch of translucent pressed powder to set the foundation. Then I go with a light shimmery pink powder and very suttle eye shadow. Usually in a very neutral color. And last, my lips, I use a pink or mauve type color. Usually with a little shimmer or slight glossiness to it. I keep things VERY simple. Plus, boys like it better that way. ;) Simple and Classy!

  7. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Nice, very simple and healthy-looking. I don't wear eyeshadows every day, I prefer just little bit of black or grey eyeliner on my upper water line, or just liquid eyeliner on my upper lash line, peachy or rose blush on the apples of my cheecks and little bit stronger-looking lips reached by lipstick and lipgloss in the same color :)

  8. :) you have a really natural beauty ^_^ we always watch your videos here :)

    anyways me, I only put bb cream, my eyeliner,blush and liptint and thats all.I don't know how to put make ups like this.But you are very very good i love it!!!^^

  9. Hi Julia
    You look so cute ! So natural...
    Today, it's Aqua and Apres-ski for me
    You can see the pictures on my blog

  10. Anonymous5:56 pm

    I don't wear makeup day-to-day. I wear makeup only at special events, celebrations, weekends and so on..

  11. This is the look I try to go for too. Except, I almost never go for eyeshadow on my lower lash line. It's one of the things I just haven't mastered. What brush do you use for applying shadow to the lower lash line and do you have any tips for learning this? Thanks!

  12. Anonymous6:23 pm

    I love it! The colours are so pretty and suit you so much.
    As i don't have long to do mine due to a mad school run i don't do much. Just foundation (Ysl Powder veil or Revlon mineralise or photofinish topped with a light brush of Mac' studiofix. Mascara (any), with a quick swipe of black liquid liner (Bourjois clubbing). Blusher, Mac's Dolly mix or Benefit's Coralista or Guerlain's Bronzer. and any lippy to match blusher.

  13. Anonymous6:26 pm

    This everyday look its jsut fantastic! You are wearing make up but it doesnt look like if you were! just because it is soooooo natural! Loved it! The other thing is, you probably will not spend like an hour to make it!!! Loved it!

  14. Tanisha3:39 am

    Very simple and beautiful, I like it.

  15. Anonymous3:54 am

    I just want to let you know I really appreciate you sharing your makeup teqniques and knowledge with us. I hope you continue in your success and dont let people bring you down because your the best guru on youtube by far!

  16. gorgeous! I don't usually wear a full-face everyday (or ever! i'm clueless when it comes to that), but I usually wear a bold eye look, whether it's colourful or dark, and a little lip balm and maybe some gloss. I LOVE lush's Lemony Flutter as lip balm! it's wonderful.

  17. Your blog and vids have inspired me to "Go for it" in regards to my Faire make-up.
    Day-to-day, I never step out of the house without make-up. I'm blessed with long, black lashes so I typically skip mascara and I'm bad about not wearing lipstick, but by God-everything else is a must! I usually wear browns or plums on the eye.

  18. You look very pretty!!! very nice make-up - i'll try to do something alike.

  19. My everyday makeup is much like yours, I don't like checking on the mirror every 20 minutes!! :)

  20. you look verry lovely! I usually wear make-up, a bit of blush and a lot of mascara cause i just hate my face without it.A light Lipgloss or/and lipbal(i LOVE lush "Honey Trap"!!) and I'm done. I normally don't wear eyeshadows, just on partys.

  21. I usually just put a lil highlighter on the browbone, eyeliner, mascara, and this gloss by Rimmel called Seduce. its a milk chocolate shade and it gives a sexy, glossy, nude look.