23 Sep 2010

Urban Decay haul and fall nails

I recently acquired the Urban Decay Naked Palette, thanks to a very nice Swiss subscriber of mine who offered to custom purchase one for me on her trip to London. (A custom purchase, aka CP, is when someone buys you something and sends you the product, and you pay them back for it. This is sometimes done for hard to find products.) Since Urban Decay isn't available in Switzerland, I was so happy to get my hands on this! (Thank you Fabienne!)

It comes with 12 neutral color eyeshadows, a mini Primer Potion, and a dual end 24/7 eyeliner in black (Zero) and brown (Whiskey). This palette has been much discussed in the beauty world, and I've heard from some it's a little bit hard to come by in the States now. For what it's worth, it's available at Sephora and Ulta in the USA, and House of Fraser, Debenham's and Boots in the UK. Ordering online through those sites might be your best bet.

For internationals, I contacted HQhair.com before I obtained this one, and was informed by a customer rep: "I can confirm that we will be stocking this item and it will be in stock at the end of this month." So fret not if you don't have it yet, and please don't pay exorbitant ebay prices for it! Don't quote me on this, but I think HQhair ships worldwide, hopefully that will count for this palette too.

Please don't expect any tutorials with this quite yet, I'm currently still ploughing through Halloween looks. Maybe I'll have time to do a look with this before Halloween is over but I can't promise anything.

Lastly I wanted to show you one of my favorite nailpolishes for fall. I give you China Glaze "Foxy".

It's a bit more brown toned in real life, but I absolutely love this shade for fall; the perfect blend of copper, brown and red. I do believe I'll be wearing this loads!

That's it for today. My mother is visiting this weekend for a few days, so I probably won't be around much. So wishing you an early happy weekend!



  1. That's great! :)

  2. Anonymous11:50 am

    Gorgeous! Enjoy your visit with Momma Misschievous ;)

  3. Anonymous12:25 pm


  4. Yes HqHair ship Urban Decay World wide..I alwys order UB from the website..and usually arrive in 15 days to Morocco.
    Thx for sharing =)

  5. I got it for $44 at Ulta in Oklahoma. I have a friend who works there and she let me know when the next shipment came in so I got it. Honestly, I'm kinda meh on it. The UD shadows are a little less pigmented than I'd like. I prefer MAC or MUFA shadows. But great colors.

  6. Glad to hear HQhair will be stocking Naked Palette! Foxy is one of my favourite colours from Vintage Vixen.

  7. Anonymous2:40 pm

    I <3 Urban Decay!

  8. Hi Julia,

    Even if it's way after halloween, I look forward to seeing looks with this palette. It's all over the blog world and I definitely want to get it, but need ideas for different ways to use it.


  9. Have a great time with your mother....Maybe you could get her to write down the recipe for her jalapenosjam she spoke about last time she visited.....I would just love to try it......

  10. I got mine just a few hours ago :) I'm so excited!!!

    Greets from Spain,

  11. I love my Naked palette! It is now a staple in my collection.

    Cosmetics Aficionado

  12. Hi, just wantto say that i love, love your youtube channel and your blog.
    And also that I learnt make up in a school because of you!!hahaha, I started watching your videos and then I thought that I would love to be like you some day...so, just wanna say thank you so much!!!

    I didnt write you earlier because my blog was only in spanish but now, Im trying to translate every blog post that i do in spanish

    Thank you again and xxx

  13. AAaahhh ich will auch diese Palette haben!
    Aber zum normalen Preis bekommt man die in Deutschland ja nicht *grummel* :(

  14. I already bought the Naked palette and I think it's really beautiful! I also love your nailpolish, great color!!!!

  15. I've been indecisive on the Naked palette, it's probably a great one to have but I haven't had the extra cash to grab it.
    I'm not normally a huge fan of red polishes but Foxy is my favorite to date. There is something about it that is just gorgeous!

  16. So glad you found the UD palette. Love your Halloween Tutorials.

  17. It's funny that HQhair gave you the information that they are going to stock the Naked palette as I asked the same question a few weeks back and got told that they WON'T stock it.
    Let's see what happens. But it would be the greatest thing for all of us who don't live in the USA or UK and want to get their hands on it (like me!!!!).

  18. Oh you're so lucky to get that palette! :) China Glaze Foxy looks so pretty and I love the name too! ;)

  19. I love the nails !! Light skin always looks great with thoe bold colors like that !!

    Love your tuts and have been trying a few myself.... even though I think I am alot older than you!! hahaha My 12 year old daughter is just learning make up as well though and she too has fallen in love with your looks, so we play together ! Keep up the good work !

  20. Anonymous4:03 pm

    I like your video, you are very talentet