24 Apr 2011

Arabian Nights Makeup

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This is a look that I have had in mind for a few days now - I wanted to do a modern spin on the Arab makeup style and incorporate some color without it being overbearing. I used cool toned brown and gray shades on the top lid, and teal on the bottom to create an interesting mix of neutrals and colors. The dramatic winged liner is off-set with white for contrast. Since the eyes are the dominant part of this look, I went for a natural shade on the lips, although you could combine this with a bright lip as well if you want to go for extra drama.

Lancome Teint Idole, Neutrogena Healthy Skin, Barry M Natural Dazzle bronzer, MAC Stereo Rose, MAC Shimpagne,

Urban Decay Primer Potion, MAC Greasepaint Stick Slick Black, Catrice eyeshadows in Gray's Philosophy 270, Go Charlie Brown 80, I am a Coal Girl 260, It's a Girl 240 and Petrol Keeps Me Running, Rimmel Jungle Green eyeliner, Catrice gel eyeliner in black, Sugarpill eyeshadow in Bulletproof, La Femme cake eyeliner in White, Maybelline kohl pencil in white, Essence Multiaction mascara, Lancome Maquicomplet concealer in Ivoire, Red Cherry lashes Nr. 203

Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Blush, Revlon lipgloss in Peach Petal

Catrice - Mona Lisa is Staring Back

Watch the tutorial on Youtube


  1. Gorgeous! love the look, am gonna try this one out over the weekend. will let u know how this one turned out.

  2. first comment! I absolutely love this look along with, well, all of your others. Please know that Hawaii loves you!

  3. Anonymous8:41 pm

    DU BIST SOOOO HÜBSCH!!! OMG!!! Die Diät hat dich sogar noch schöner gemacht! Deine Haut und deine Augen strahlen ja richtig! Und ach ja, mir ist im Video etwas aufgefallen: deine Stimme klingt irgendwie ungemein glücklich und selbstsicher in diesem Video! Find ich klasse! Mach weiter so!

  4. Wow - das ist unglaublich schön!!!! Und es lässt Deine Augen richtig leuchten - ich bin völlig hin und weg!!

  5. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Gefällt mir gut! :D

  6. Hi dear Julia, love your makeup. You could create a makeup homage to Spain for Flamenco dancing. Kisses.

  7. OMG! Super Nice - wish I had your talent <3

  8. WOW!!!!
    Das sieht soooooo wunderschön aus!
    Gefällt mir wirklich gut!

  9. Perfect like always....


  10. Anonymous11:15 pm

    hallo julia! wow, das ist eins der schönsten makeups, das ich je gesehen habe!
    dass deine technik ein traum ist, braucht man dir ja nicht mehr zu sagen, aber da ich deinen blog schon länger verfolge, staune ich über deine immer präsente kreativität! wie kommst du bloss immer auf diese aufregenden farben und techniken?! das geht natürlich weit über mein können und werkzeug hinaus, insofern als tutorial für mich ungeeignet, aber es ist wunderschön anzusehen!

    danke fürs posten,

    deine namensvetterin aus flensburg deutschland,

  11. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Julia, mich würde interessieren, ob du die Fotos digital nachbearbeitest? ...das wirkt ungemein perfekt, auch in der Nahaufnahme!
    Würde mich freuen, wenn du das kurz kommentiert.

    Danke (:

    Fortunate Girl

  12. Wow.. so stunning!

  13. I love what the white eyeliner does for the look. There are so many Arabic makeup looks on youtube, but the white touch on yours make it so unique!

  14. The second picture is probably the most beautiful sight i have had the pleasure of seeing in a while. You look breath taking!

  15. I've been following your tutorial channel on youtube for a little over a year now, just subscribed to your vlog and now your blog. This look is beautiful, and beautiful on you! Congrats on the successful weight drop (to me, LOSS indicates a chance of it returning, when you DROP your weight, its and active conscious elimination rather than an "accident" as loss assumes)

    Anyhow, thanks for your wonderful tutorials and keep them coming!

  16. this is fantastic. I'm going to try it with another color other than brown...because I am already brown...and see how it works. Thanks Julia,


  17. Beautiful as usual!!

  18. Das sieht richtig geil aus ♥

  19. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Very striking! I'm gonna even try it myself so here's hoping :-)

    I love your eyebrows!

    Amy x


  20. Anonymous4:21 am

    Please do nicki minaj pretty please!

  21. I'm totally in love with this look! It's flawless!

  22. Paola B.12:04 am

    i was waiting for the perfect moment to wear this look , and it arrive!
    i had a party this month , its arabiac style , so this look it perfect!!
    thanks very much i hope i can do it as nice as you!.

  23. Anonymous9:55 pm

    wie bekommst du das mit den augenbrauen hin..ich hab zwar selbst gut gezupft aber die sehen nicht so gut aus wie deine..
    welche sachen benutzt du dafür?

  24. hi julia, how are you doing :)?
    i have fun while watching your tutorials so thanx for sharing that whit us :D
    acutely i'm an Arabic girl and we do hate this kind of over looks !
    we are fighting to make them disappear :D
    cuz it's suitable for MASQUERADE party not as an every day or regular party look :/

    in arabic we used to call this kind of make up (emsah wa arbah)
    which means Scratch & Win :P

    btw yours was nice and lovely ,
    what am talking about is this kind of photos that reflect bad image about arabic women taste which is not fear :(
    like this
    ...... etc

    thanx again and i hope you do an original arabic make up based on black eyeliner and sandy shades without rainbow colors :D



    best wishes :rose:

  25. Anonymous12:03 am