4 Apr 2011

Defined Natural Loose Waves Hair Tutorial

This hair style is so simple, elegant yet still laid-back that takes me about 10-15 minutes to accomplish - tops! I've worn my hair like this in a few videos now and I always got a lot of compliments from my viewers, and people asking me how I did my hair. It's so easy that I almost felt silly making a tutorial about it, but since I had many requests, I thought why not? I personally love hair styles that look effortless, especially when they are so quick and simple to do!

All you will need is a 1", 1 1/2" or a 2" barrel curling wand. I've tried it with different sizes, and the 2" one looks a lot looser but also quite nice. For this I used my 1" Enzo Milano, but you can also use a regular curling iron with the clip, and just ignore the clip and wind your hair around the whole barrel. For finishing product I used the KMS Head Wetter Shine and Define Spray. It's a very light gel-texture hair pomade that adds a lot of shine without making the hair crunchy or heavy.

Nailpolish I'm wearing: Illamasqua "Load"
Lipstick: MAC Impassioned

Link to the video on Youtube here


  1. Nice video and great hair style.

  2. you fit well with the curls. A very stylish hairdo, it is possible to achieve such great curls on extentions hair?

  3. OMG! luminescent glowing skin..soft curls & berry lips.. you look just like an elf absolutely like liv tyler straight out of lord of the rings..great look of the day

  4. Simple and nice.....


  5. That looks lovely. I really wish I could be my hair to cooperate like that.

  6. Is really easy, I'll try in my next make up tutorial!!!

  7. Hi Julia, viele Grüße aus Deutschland :)
    Du, ich hab mal nach dem KMS Head Wetter Shine and Define Spray geschaut, aber ich kann das Spray nirgends finden, auch nicht auf der KMS-Website (weder auf der deutschen, noch auf der amerikanischen). Hast du eine Idee, wo man es bekommen könnte??
    Lg Sandra