19 Apr 2011

World Cities: Moscow

I'm back to making videos after a break (I got really sick for about a week and lost my voice, then I just got really busy and my mom visited for a few days.) This look is part of my World City Looks series, this time inspired by Moscow. At first I wanted to do something colorful inspired by the Red Square, but the more I thought about it, the more I was intrigued by the concept of long and cold Russian winter nights, stomping through the snow, fur hats and Dr. Zhivago. I decided to go for an intense, smoldering navy blue eye, and to not make it look gothic, paired it with juicy looking stained lips and in-from-the-cold cheeks.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin in Natural Ivory foundation, Lancome Blush Subtil in Highlighting Rose, Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector, Estee Lauder Shimmering face powder in Light Snow

Urban Decay Primer Potion, MAC Greasepaint stick in Slick Black, Lancome Ombre Absolu in Black Blue, Ben Nye Toast, Lancome Kohl pencil Gris Bleu, P2 Open Your Eyes eye brightener, NYX Aloha, MAX Factor False Lash Effect mascara

Nars Lip Lacquer in Diablo, MAC Lipglass in clear

Anny - Wicked

Click here to watch the video tutorial on Youtube!


  1. Du hast ein absolut bewundernswertes Blendetalent! Wahnsinn!

  2. Uau arrazou no make!

  3. Beautiful, your eyes are so green!

  4. OMG AWESOME, looks like you have cat eyes >.<

  5. Wow, your eyes are amazingly green! They contrast so well with the dark eyeshadow. They really stand out in this look. Beautiful!

  6. this is gorgeous!

  7. Anonymous10:18 pm

    you have the prettiest eyecolor i have ever seen!

  8. i like the eyemakeup an the lips :-) very very good:-)

  9. Anonymous12:13 am

    love the look!

  10. Anonymous7:19 am

    Great Makeup. I love Moscow :) Love, Alencia

  11. Anonymous7:20 am

    Great Make Up. I love Moscow! Love, Alencia

  12. Hi Julia,

    This is a bit irrelevant to this video, but I didnt know where to post. In one of your past videos you recommended a Nail Tek nailpolish for strengthening nails. I would like to know, if you meant Nail Tek Foundation(pinkish base coat) or Nail Tek Treatment?

    If foundation, then what's the difference between strength 2 and 3?


  13. I love the look! you should do a look based off of bangkok Thailand, or.... uhhh... hmm... greece, something colorful, golden and exotic :) Oh or even something polynesian!

  14. I love this look! It looks stunning! Perfect for a night out

  15. Julienne Andrade4:56 pm

    I will be waiting for the Rio de Janeiro's look.
    Success for you.

  16. Albane2:00 pm

    My fav is the one for Vegas, but in this tutorial, I found out that you may also speak french, don't you ? Because your accent is kinda perfect :) Love from France :))))

  17. Anonymous8:13 pm

    i would love to see a New Orleans or Mardi Gras inspired look.

  18. your looks for cities around the world are great!!
    can you do a look for Rio de Jaineiro
    and a caribbean look please... ex: jamaica ??

  19. Anonymous8:45 pm

    A few new city look ideas.
    - Osaka (nightlife, visual kei, overall modern Japanese pop culture... or Yakuza body art)
    - Kyoto, if you want to go more traditional (temples, shinto shrines, festivals, green tea-flavoured everything, geisha culture...)
    - Florence
    - Amsterdam
    - Angkor Wat (does that count as a world city?)

  20. Anonymous5:58 pm

    wooooow,phenomenal smoky eyes!
    Looove it honey!
    Kisses from Poland :*

  21. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Hi, I am really enjoying your world cities inspired make up tutorials. I have listed some suggestions that I think would be really intrested to see. Many thanks- Mona
    1)Mumbia (bombay)
    3)Rio de Janeiro
    4)Kuala Lumpur

  22. Anonymous11:33 am

    I love your World Cities tutorials! I can't wait to see what you'll do next!
    Here is a few suggestions...
    1) Bangkok
    2) Tokyo
    3) Madrid
    4) Venice
    5) Athens
    6) New York City
    7) Monte Carlo
    8) Rome
    9) Amsterdam
    10) Hollywood/L.A.

  23. what other eyeshadow can be used other than lancome one,any cheaper dupe??

  24. The ReadySetSPLAT Girls♥3:57 am

    You should try the Chicago City ♥ We would LOVE to see how that would come out to be :]

  25. I absolutely love the World cities series! I have loved them all so far!!

    I also have my suggestions, as other readers and followers. I suggest my home town, Barcelona: European and Mediterranean at the same time, excellent for a Summer look :)

    Good job!