25 Aug 2011

Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat Music Video look

If you haven't heard Alexandra Stan's song "Mr. Saxobeat" yet, then you probably don't live in Europe. This song has been playing like crazy on the radio here! It's very pop-y and catchy, you can watch the original music video here: link

I loved Alexandra's bold blue look in the video! It's very eye-catching and edgy.

Here is my take on this gorgeous look. Please excuse the huge watermarking, my images get stolen so frequently and used in other people's portfolios! Can you tell I bought some new lighting? What do you think of it for image quality?

Here's my tutorial for this look, and yes, the intro is quite "out there". I felt a bit funny filming it, but in the end I had a blast turning up the song really loud and dancing around a bit - I just wanted to try something different for this!

Lancome Teint Idole foundation, Ben Nye Natural Blush, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Shimpagne,

MAC Sea Me Shadestick, Cover Girl loose powder, Kryolan Night Blue L1125, Ben Nye Cosmic Blue, Sugarpill Bulletproof, Sleek Oh So Special palette (light cream color), NYX White, Sephora Keep Blue eyeliner, Lancome Artliner in black, random false eyelashes from ebay, Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara

MAC 15 Minutes lipstick, Margaret Astor Baby Pink lipgloss

Kiko Milano Nr. 336

Watch the video directly on Youtube here


  1. The new lights are awesome! but there's some shadows that hide the look. Love urs videos ur an inspiration!

  2. hehe she is from my country so I am proud that you like her.And the make up is great.I love love blue.

  3. yeah I'm soooo in for that blue look too! And wow how you nailed that one! I think blue tones, and especially this dark one, is soooo fantastic. And how lucky we blue-fans are since the autumn-color is..... blue tadaaa!
    And I must add, your blog is so much fun to read, and all your photos are so inspiring to watch!

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  5. OMG. This look is one of my favourites!

    Love from Argentina!


  6. blue is hard to pull of I think but it looks amazing on you

  7. I have actually heard this song on the radio here in the U.S. It's a great dance song and the makeup in the video is fantastic... you did such a great job recreating the look. Gorgeous as always!

  8. I love the whole lighting set up. You should do a video showing us your lights and everything! Love the look!

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  10. Anonymous9:49 am

    Alexandra Stan is a Romanian singer & I live in Romania.
    Like ur make up. ;)

  11. To remove the dark shadows from the photos... you can use a reflector on the other dark side which will reflect some of the light into the shadowy area...
    if you don't want to get a reflector you can just a big white piece of paper... that will do as well...
    Great look and good lighting...

  12. They play it in the US (Florida)! Just recently though, love it!

  13. I love this. You look sexy in this make up!

  14. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Love all your work!! Nice make-up :P I'm so proud of Alexandra ..she lives near my city and she has some pretty songs !

  15. Ich bin mal so faul und schreibe auf deutsch ^^ erstmal fand ich es toll, dich beim Event mal live gesehen zu haben! Und deinen Look finde ich noch viel schöner als aus dem Video =) toll!

  16. Anonymous1:00 pm

    sorry to say am not a fan of the new lighting..can't see your beautiful makeup because of the shadows :(
    i love the look though!

  17. wo kann ich sephora kaufen in der schweiz?

  18. Es precioso este look!! ♥

    I lovvvee!