26 Aug 2011

Clothes, Shoes and Purses Purge

Today I was going through my closet trying ot pick out outfits for Berlin this weekend, and I just had a moment of insanity! I was so frustrated that probably half or more of my closet was filled with clothes I never wear anymore because it's just not my style anymore, or they are just way too big on me now and just look rather unflattering.

So I had a bit of a purge...this is one of the piles of stuff I weeded out.

I don't know why it's so hard for us to get rid of old things. We always have this thought in the back of our head, "Oh I can't get rid of that, I might wear it someday!" Ladies - NO! If that shirt has been collecting dust in the back of your closet for over a year without being worn once, chances are you'll probably never wear it again so just part ways and be done with it. There's loads of charities you can donate your things to. I discovered some things I dragged around with me that I bought when I still lived in Montreal!

I filled up 3 bags of clothes, shoes and purses for charity. Some things were a bit hard for me to part with because they are clothes I purchased quite recently and are still in trend, but because of my weight loss, I now look like I'm swimming in them!

Goodbye stuff! I can't say I will miss you, but I hope someone else out there will find joy in something in there.

Now my closet is rather empty looking, and it's now at a point where I actually need to buy clothes, rather than just buy it for kicks. All my clothes from last fall/winter don't fit me anymore since I started my weight loss after that time, so I pretty much need to buy a new fall wardrobe. How exciting!

I also rediscovered a rather expensive camel colored winter coat I bought at Benetton a few years back, and last winter I couldn't wear it anymore because my arms looked like sausages in the sleeves and I could barely button the front. Now it fits again - even feels a bit loose! I'm so excited to wear that coat again this winter.

Well that's about it for me, have a great weekend everybody and I hope to see some of you at the meet-up in Berlin.


  1. Recently I got rid of some clothes too; clothes that I'm not wearing anymore, because I don't like them,they're old-fashioned or something like that.

  2. OMG!!! I know how you feel, I just realized that I needed to go through my closet, shoes and handbags too and start wearing that stuff, beacuse what I found is I wore the same things over and over. Well good luck. By teh way what charity did you donate your stuff to?

  3. Anonymous6:03 pm

    hey! u can send them to me... charity Also! :)

  4. I wish I could do that myself. I will, someday.

    Oh and I looooove that feeling you get when something that didn't fit you before, fits again!



  5. Aww! I remember your video when you bought that leather purse.

  6. Anonymous6:34 pm

    A great place for us ladies to donate clothes is to a woman's shelter. Many of the women are fleeing from domestic abuse and have just the clothes on their back.

  7. What a dream. My wardrobe is full too. I would really need to the same.

  8. I wish I could do that myself, but 'm struggling to have clothes for even myself. But its real nice to see how you are helping out! Great job sweetie!

  9. My sister, who left you a comment above, was very happy to inherit lots of clothes that were too big for me now. I wasn't that happy to part with them as I liked them very much and a few of them had been a bit pricey but they were sooo loose there was no other choice.

  10. "Some things were a bit hard for me to part with because they are clothes I purchased quite recently and are still in trend, but because of my weight loss, I now look like I'm swimming in them!"

    There is a person called "tailor" and can do wonderfull things when your clothes don't fit well. Although regarding the european prices, if your lovely H&M T-Shirt just costed 10EUR, better give it to charity than going to the tailor.


  11. Anonymous7:43 pm


    Good job.
    I highly recommend the blog www.unclutterer.com !
    They inspired me to do a *lot* of purging throughout our home. And I feel better than ever.

  12. Barbara: That's not the same purse, that one is leather and I bought it in Italy I would never just get rid of it. The one I threw away is a cheap faux leather one from ages ago.

  13. Paphiopedilum3:14 am

    Mir steht so ein Ausmisten gerade jetzt die nächsten Tage auch bevor. Allerdings ist es bei mir umgekehrt - ich muß ausmisten, weil ich ich mir kürzlich einige neue Herbst- und Wintersachen gekauft hab, die andernfalls in meinem Schrank keinen Platz finden würden. Aber sich was Neues kaufen zu MÜSSEN, weil man sich endlich mal ein Herz gefaßt, und sich von überflüssig gewordenem getrennt hat, das ist auch mal ziemlich geil! Leider liegt meinen Neuerwerbungen kein spektakulärer Gewichtsverlust zugrunde... Freut mich aber für Dich, daß das bei Dir der Fall ist. Ich kann navollziehen, was für ein Gefühl das ist, genieß es!

  14. It's always a good feeling to get rid of things you don't wear anymore and have more place for new ones. And that's great that you donate them to charity :)

  15. It's strange but just the mere thought of parting with stuff, especially clothing just seems to fill me with anxiety. I can't even bear to think about getting rid of them. I really should though because it's getting ridiculous in my bedroom these days, so cluttered and messy, clothes, makeup, toiletries, accessories etc just every bloomin where arrghh! Help!

    I'm the other way round towards you though. I have actually put a load of weight 'on' recently, :-( so all my size 8 & 10 (UK sizes) clothes don't go anywhere near me now and are all far too tight. I'm almost a size 16 now, i've gone from 8 stone to nearly 11 stone. :-O I really need to sort myself out. You have done so well losing all that weight and getting yourself fit Julia, you look amazing. My boyfriend has recently bought that P90x programme you do but he has yet to start it, he says he gets tired just looking at the instructions on the box lol. I won't be able to do that programme though due to having Rheumatoid Arthritis - it's definitely far to strenuous for me - swimming is all i can do really.

  16. I want that brown bag with the silver hardware, Please?! :)

    I did that recently because I'm currently packing & getting ready for my move to Switzerland in just two weeks!

    It does feel good to "cleanse" your closet for whatever reason!

  17. Anonymous8:54 pm

    I just did that this past week. I've lost 30 pounds and got rid of everything that was too big. I had 8 bags of clothes and 2 bags of shoes! I feel so liberated!