4 Aug 2011

My Fitness Diary (5)

I'm back from vacation and I've pretty much gained back those few kgs that took me about 2.5 weeks of hard work to get rid of. I knew I was going to gain weight in that week since I didn't exercise at all as we were staying at a friend's house and the environment was just not condusive to doing plyo, and I ate a bunch of unhealthy food.

Exhibit one, several servings of the famous Berlin Currywurst:

Exhibit two, several servings of Germknödel (yeast dough dumplings with sweet filling):

Way too many serving of cocktails:

A trip to the legendary Burgermeister in Berlin:

 A rather delicious Shawarma in Kreuzberg:

Combined with going out to dinner many times (Spanish, Greek, Vietnamese, Arab) and sugary breakfasts, the damage is done. I don't totally regret it, it was my vacation after all and food plays a huge part of my vacations since I want to try all the local specialties.

But now I wonder if it was really all worth it since I know how much work I have to put in to get back to where I was before. The weather was absolutely atrocious when we were there so I didn't even get to wear my cute mini skirt that I bought especially for clubbing, or some of my cute summer outfits I worked so hard to fit into again! Haha, oh well...

Back at home now and I'm seriously craving healthy food again in moderate portion sizes. I immediately felt how after gorging on way too much food that my body doesn't really need, I felt so sluggish and I noticed I had to go to the bathroom way more. I guess it's a fast way to see that your body is trying to get rid of the excess crap - literally. Blech.

I'm going to do a hardcore session of Plyometrics now and get back on healthy, lean food and plenty of vegetables. I feel like I've been drowning in sugar the past week, be it in the form of cocktails, condiments, sugary sauces, white bread and sweets.


  1. There's no need to beat yourself up at all! That weight you lost you'll lose again as long as you stick to making healthy decisions. Depriving yourself of something you really want will only need to failure in the end so indulge a little just not all day every day. We all need to treat ourselves some times and I'm jealous of the currywurst - it's major weakness of mine. I've been on my weight loss journey since January and while I've fallen off the wagon a few times and I'm not nearly as disciplined with my exercise regime as you I've still managed to lose 7kg and keep it off. Only 5 more to go! Bottom line, enjoy yourself whether that be with a cocktail or on a run :)

  2. Anonymous1:34 pm

    I totally get you, I've been 3 weeks on vacations. Today I'm going home and I'm looking forward to get back on track! Sonia

  3. It's ok since you're back in your program.
    I thinks it's fine to enjoy something different now and then.

  4. Its totally ok to splurge on vacations! you have to be able to enjoy yourself once and a while, you'll get it back off x

  5. Anonymous2:06 pm

    surely you cant have put on all the weight you lost....probably nowhere near...your allowed a treat. just so long as your gettin back on it.. ive had a bad week as had a few birthday meals out but it really isnt that bad for you once in a while...and some of that food you posted pics of look soooo goooooddddd!!! i nearly licked my computer screen lol anyway keep up the good work..and of course it was worth it..youll be back to where you were in no time!

  6. Anonymous2:07 pm

    OMG...i don't blame you..you can't stop living...and food is one of those joys in life. You would never stray long anyways...all you have is today. i have to tell myself this too. I love food, and I just can't resist a new taste or experience. : )

  7. I didn't put on ALL the weight I've lost cumulatively, but the couple of kgs I've lost in the last 2 weeks or so.

  8. Dying in this fast food world ...2:16 pm

    Food is not the joy, experiencing new things is a joy :P. Yeah and its hard to stay on your own routine when your in someone else's environment. Unless your lucky enough to be staying with people who have a similar lifestyle when it comes to fitness and eating habits.(very rarely does that happen ;-; ) . Cleanse your body and keep up the good work =)

  9. Ooh I'm in that situation now! I'm on holidays interstate in perth (australia) and I've lost 16.5 kilos, but the lovely people im staying with are insisting on eating out for lunch and dinner all the time! Im making sure im not eating too much, because I feel like I'll gain like 5kgs in a week haha!

  10. Ich denke im Urlaub darm man sich das durchaus mal erlauben, wenn man danach wieder in seinen Rhytmus zurückfindet, dann ist es okay ;)

    Schade, dass es nicht mit einem Treffen in Berlin geplappt hat, aber das Wetter war ja wirklich mies.

    Liebste Grüße


  11. ohh wie lecker, ich liebe germknoedel :)

  12. Anonymous3:52 pm

    I actually lost weight on my vacation. We had to walk a mile to get to the nearest restaurant, and then walk the mile back to our hotel. 2-3x a day for 4 days,...makes you very tired and skinny lol.

  13. Anonymous4:58 pm

    You'll be fine, Julia. I bet it won't take that long to lose it again as it is probably water retention from foods you are not used to eating. It's okay to splurge once in awhile. It's the long term that matters. You are doing great and congrats on getting right back in to it. I find that if I go off my eating plan, it is so hard to get back on track. You look great!

  14. Anonymous5:40 pm

    I can totally understand you. I was on vacation in vienna and ate a piece of the famous Sachertorte, some apple strudel and Schnitzel. All of this was so yummy!

  15. I think that it's normal that you feel that way but.. it's like you say you were on vacations and you were trying to enjoy it ... I know for sure that if you want to loose the weigth that you gained you are going to do it because it looks that you are a person that accomplish everything that you propose :)

  16. I think it's totally okay that you splurged a little! A friend of mine eats healthy throughout the work week and splurges a bit on the weekend. She loves eating healthy but feels that if you totally ween yourself from bad foods you will eventually crash and gain back a ton of weight. I think you are doing so great with your weight loss, keep up the great work!!

  17. Anonymous7:53 pm

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying your stay and the delicious food over there. The good thing is that you will be getting back on track into eating healthy again :)

  18. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Your pictures are soo vivid and wonderful in catching all details...very sharp. What kind of camera do you have? (brand and model)

  19. Paphiopedilum2:36 am

    Es ist halt auch so, daß man die Pfunde umso schneller drauf kriegt, wenn man sich vom Abnehmen - selbst wenns keine wirkliche Diät ist, sondern eher eine Ernährungsumstellung - eine Auszeit nimmt, während der man dann nicht, oder jedenfalls viel weniger auf sein Gewicht achtet. Jedenfalls ist das meine eigene häufige und leidvolle Erfahrung. Und sicher einer der Gründe für meine vielen erfolglosen Versuche abzunehmen. Denn auch für mich spielt Essen im Urlaub oder auch zu Feiertagen keine ganz untergeordnete Rolle. Außerdem hast Du ja insgesamt schon recht viel abgenommen, und je schlanker Du schon geworden bist, umso härter wirds natürlich auch, noch weiter Gewicht zu reduzieren. So oder so - auf jeden Fall viel Motivation und Erfolg weiterhin!

  20. These pictures are making me really hungry! Anyway, don't be discouraged. The increased sodium and yeast is probably also making you bloated and retain more water, so give it a few days and I'm sure you'll be fine. Great job on the weight loss so far, btw. You've been really glowing.

  21. The first one looks yummy the rest look odd XD

  22. Hey Julia!
    I´m from Brazil and i love your blog. I made my first trip to Europe a few months ago and I loved Berlin, I went to that market that you showed in the video and loved it as well. I lose about 8 kg after a break up, and on the last few weeks i´ve been a little lazy again and have to get back in the track. I admire you for your generosity and your skills, I alreay showed your video to my mom and we were so happy that you can wear your clothes from that suitcase again. I can say that you sometimes make my day being happy with your results. Congratulations and keep posting. What about some pictures showing your outfits on the holiday? Best wishes, Luiza.

  23. Hallo Julia,
    sei nicht so streng zu dir selbst! Du hast solche Erfolge beim Abnehmen erzielt, da hast du dir ein Wohlfühlen und Genießen redlich verdient. Die Balance ist wichtig und beides muss Spaß machen!
    Liebe Grüße

  24. Hi!
    This has nothing to do with your post, but I thought it might be relevant since you do videos in German: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r1FzLzgk3I&feature=feedu

  25. It was your vacation on your vacation you can eat what you want. You got a whole year to eat healthy and workout you can cheat on your vacation that calls living your life in a good way. I'm so proud of you and I love your food video's. I'm losing weight too over the past 2 years. I've lost 16 kg and I feel so good about losing weight. And your vids I love them. xxx

    Almost forgot to tell you my parents are on vacation in Grindelwald right now. I can't wait to see al the pictures and video's. I want to go back to Grindelwald too it has been to long. We always go to Grindelwald it's my second home.

    xxx Bar

  26. Anonymous11:09 pm

    I have a request:
    Since you have presented what you have done and buy in Germany, can you do the same with switzerland.

    I will go in Geneva and around in september. so I would like to know where to shop, which brand are only in switzerland, the good spot etc...

    Thank you.

  27. Anonymous2:44 pm

    YUMMMMMMM! Good Food