13 Jun 2013

My New Studio + Make Up Room

You may know I moved into a brand new Penthouse last month, and I'm so excited to finally have a proper Studio and makeup room for myself! It has solved many of the bad lighting issues I had in my old apartment, and there's plenty of room to store all my inventory, and to set up professional lighting.

Here's an overview of what things look like so far. I plan to add some more wall decor in the coming months, but one white wall is always essential to leave blank for photography purposes - a perfect, neutral background for make-up close-ups, outfits, etc.

I will do another detailed post soon-ish on my lighting and camera equipment, because that's a whole other story!

Here's a detailed video, which also included an updated Makeup Collection part. You can view it also on Youtube here.

Above is the vanity where I film all my makeup tutorials. This is the discontinued IKEA Malm vanity in the large size. IKEA now carries a smaller version of this table (also called Malm) in their range which is more suitable for smaller collections or smaller rooms. The hanging curtains are from IKEA and are actually 3 partitions, which slide on my built-in curtain rods. They were a bit tricky to align, because when they are slid together they make one contiguous picture of purple orchids.

Then I also have the IKEA Alex drawer unit which is absolutely perfect for makeup storage. I have two at the moment, one which has faded in color over time (which I didn't even realize until I stood the two units next to each other. I store some of my chunky jewellery on there, magazines, and some decoration.

This is the collectible Ermine from the MAC Fafi collection. Isn't she adorable?

Here's a peek into some of the drawers of my Alex...

I needed more storage so I invested in the IKEA Expedit unit, and added some drawers which can be bought separately. I've left the bottom row empty for now and decorated with some shoes, but I can always add more drawers in the future there too! You can also see my area rug peaking out there, which is also from IKEA.

I have some fake flowers in a beautifully handmade porcelain vase, which I inherited from my grandmother...

And some real flowers - these pink orchids!

And these decorative reeds add something interesting to an empty corner. I also added some candles and a pretty lantern for a personal touch.

So, that's what I've got so far in my studio. I'm absolutely loving filming here, the lighting is so much better with both the natural daylight from the huge windows, which has a view onto the Swiss Alps no less, and the studio lamps on rainy days. I've already got some ideas for the one wall on the left, where I plan to make a DIY jewelry organizer to hang up in a large frame, but I need some time do invest in all those DIY projects first. Right now my next issue is the patio, where I want to get a beautiful garden going - though the horrible weather has not been on my side!

What does your makeup area look like? Do you get ready in the bathroom, or do you have a dedicated space?


  1. I love your studio....great place!! I really need something like that, hahaaaa...

  2. Oh my gosh it's so nice!

  3. Smashing and stunning studio! Love it!! :-)

  4. the orchids give a pretty look to the room and a splash of girlyness! love it :D

  5. Das sieht sooo super aus. Da fühlst du dich ganz sicher wohl.

  6. You are amazing and your studio is the best that I see never!! kisses

  7. omg ... wish i have your make up ... even those which are in boxes :)))) i am in love with make up

  8. I love it, I would love to have my own room to filming, that would be great! so love it, thanks for sharing

  9. lovely make up room! :)) so elegant!
    your such an inspiration!

  10. total tolles "studio"..wow!!

  11. So cool and chic!!!

  12. Gorgeous studio, only my main bedroom gets natural light so I struggle with mine.

    Carrieanne x


  13. Hi Julia! really nice studio you have there. Can I have more details of the camera and the studio lights you are using please? I am filming Thai language videos in Thaialnd. Now I am using very bad pocket camera and natural light from my window. Many thanks!

  14. Anonymous9:47 am

    Your new studio is so lovely!
    I love the idea with the Expedit unit and the shoes as part of the decor, very classy.


  15. WoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO i don't know what i said just Amazing...i LoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOve it so nice &salary you're genuis julia

  16. wow! it looks beautiful you have great taste!

  17. Anonymous4:01 am

    Hi Julia,
    What kind of Camera are you using for your pictures? Especially for these pictures. Beautiful Pictures

  18. Great please - calm and beautiful !

  19. Great place - beautiful and calm .